Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Congressional Traitors to Fund More Killing and Waste

Signing death and debt warrants.

The only way to stop the lies of wars is for Congress to not fund them. The last war funding needed is to bring all of our troops home.

And WTF is a military appropriations bill, HR 2346. doing containing money for the International Monetary Fund and flu pandemic preparedness, among other things?
Liberal members of Congress, acting at President Obama's request, have attached a $108 billion credit line for the IMF. This will permanently increase by ten fold the IMF's ability to borrow from the U.S. Treasury. And this comes at a time when our own national resources have been so depleted by the Obama Administration's spending spree, that we would have to borrow the money ourselves in order to make it available to the IMF. {source}

$1.85 billion for the Public Health and Social Services Emergency fund to prepare for an influenza pandemic, including tools to assist international efforts to respond to H1N1 influenza (swine flu). Of the funds made available, $350 million would be earmarked for state and local government preparation and $200 million would be set aside for international disease surveillance through the CDC. An additional $200 million is made available for pandemic preparedness through the State Department’s Global Health and Child Survival program. {source}
See the list of pork and death here.

Blackmailing members of one's own party to keep the killing and spending going is standard operating procedure.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi Pressures Antiwar Democrats to Approve $106 Billion War Funding Bill

Congress is expected to vote today on a $106 billion supplemental war funding bill. The White House and Democratic leadership have been trying to muscle through the bill, which would support escalating the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In May, fifty-one antiwar Democrats opposed an earlier version of the bill. Now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been trying to pressure some of those Democrats to switch their votes in order to get the necessary votes to pass the bill.

California Democratic Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey says the White House has also threatened to pull support from freshman anti-war Democrats who vote no on the bill.

In addition to funding military escalation in Iraq and Afghanistan, the bill also includes money for the International Monetary Fund as well as flu pandemic preparedness.

{source - Democracy Now}

Will 39 Democrats Stand Up to Stop the War Funding?

The White House and the Democratic Congressional Leadership are playing a very dirty game in their effort to ram through supplemental funding for the escalating US war in Afghanistan and continued occupation of Iraq. In the crosshairs of the big guns at the White House and on Capitol Hill are anti-war freshmen legislators and the movement to hold those responsible for torture accountable.

In funding the wars, the White House has been able to rely on strong GOP support to marginalize the anti-war Democrats who have pledged to vote against continued funding (as 51 Democrats did in May when the supplemental was first voted on). But the White House is running into trouble now because of Republican opposition to some of the provisions added to the bill (and one removed), meaning the pro-war Democrats actually need a fair number of anti-war Democrats to switch sides. In short, the current battle will clearly reveal exactly how many Democrats actually oppose these wars. And, according to reports, the White House and Democratic Leadership have the gloves off in the fight:

Rep. Lynn Woolsey of California, a leader of the antiwar Democrats, said the White House is threatening to withdraw support from freshmen who oppose the bill, saying “you’ll never hear from us again.”

She said the House leadership also is targeting the freshmen.

“It’s really hard for the freshmen,” she said. “Nancy’s pretty powerful.” {more}

House Republicans are expected to vote as a block against the bill but not because they have suddenly found a conscience. Most are guilty of war crimes for their past funding of the wars. It is only to look as if they are doing something against the pork and even if they succeed this time, the bill will come back, they'll vote yes for more killing of Arabs, Americans and others and the wars will roll on and on.

Traitors do not change their ways. To hell with all of them.


Update 6-16-09
Obama wins war funds

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