Saturday, June 27, 2009

Once Again, Taxation Without Representation

The corrupt congress and the Obama administration are intent on sinking the U.S. and making us a third world country? The poorer we become, the easier it is to control us.

The concept of alternative energy originally, over thirty years ago, was decentralization. Sort of a power to the people idea, outside of the rich corporations. With traitors calling the shots, it will never be that way.

Some see the senate as unlikely to pass this cap and trade scam but with the bribes, blackmail and threats as standard operating procedure, we can't count on it.


The time for a nationwide protest against our “lawmakers” has come—I am no longer referring to them as our representatives as they have stopped representing We-the-People. The volume of calls placed on Friday to the US Capitol switchboard and our Congressional Reps again shut it down and voice mailboxes were full. The calls placed were reported to be 10-1 AGAINST Obama‘s and Pelosi’s plan to raise energy prices to we the consumers by at least 100% and in most cases 150-200%. Despite We-the-People (now We-the-Peons) telling the House of Representatives to vote “NO”, after reportedly being strong-armed and threatened by Pelosi and Obama House members voted “YES”. And, they voted on this bill that most of them admit they DID NOT READ!

So, here is reality. Cap and Trade is about money and power for the US’ now-ruling elite; a power elite class that has Dictator Obama-the-Usurper at the helm of a fast-sinking US ship. If passed by the Senate, Cap and Trade will remove our rights as US citizens to even have the ability to set our own thermostats. Obama appointee Rosa Brooks (who also worked for George Soros) wants each and every home in the US to have mandatory “smart meters” which can and will have the federal government regulating energy usage. And with the passage of Cap and Trade, you will soon pay through the nose for all of your energy needs. Obama and his feds will have officially entered and begun control of you and what you are allowed to do in your own homes.

We have now reached the time for Nationwide Protests against a government that no longer works for us but is now almost fully positioned to move against us. If we do not affect them now, there will never be a time in the future that we can do so. It will not be long before Obama will have his private police force (on Google look up the GIVE Act and AmeriCorps) in place. If we do not take National Days of Protest against this increasingly tyrannical government now, we will not be able to do so in the future. If we don’t act now, our country, our jobs, any freedoms and liberties left and our future may—make that will—be gone forever. {more} Local citizens at one of TN congressman Bart Gordon's offices protesting cap and trade legislation. It was to no avail. He doesn't represent his constituents. Pelosi owns him. Obama intimidates him. Another Tennessee clown, liar and globalist shill, Al Gore, will make untold millions from the 'climate change' scam. A pretty good payback for rolling over in the 2000 rigged presidential election.

Americans are too lazy and brainwashed to do anything about the continuing theft of not only what little they have left but the future of their children and future generations.

I suppose we are getting what we deserve.


  1. Two predictions if this monstrosity passes into law:

    One, a large chunk of money will be shipped to Israel to buy some Israeli made photovoltaic cells at hyper-inflated prices and Pelosi's home state will get a back door bailout thru chicanery.

    And the world's largest casino, Wall Street, will be swimming in profits from some of the 400 billion a year in cap and trade credits that are established thru the derivatives portion of this bill.

    The derivatives trading scheme is what brought the housing market to its knees and now it's poised to destroy the energy sector.

    A law/scheme that is due to remain in effect until 2050.

  2. I won't bet against your predictions.

    The schemes are reaching levels that are beyond the average citizen's comprehension.

  3. LOL... Gore holding Bag of Money...

    This bill went from 400 pages to over 1600 Pages. It has a "Homeland Security" component that no one even knows what is involved?

    BOHICA... (Bend Over Folks.. Here It COmes Again )

  4. Your blog is truly great. I am not an american. I am french living in Denmark.....
    I have followed your blog. Your news concern mostly USA. You shall know that overhere it is not better at all. I would even say, it is worse. People are fast asleep...
    Al Gore is a traitor as many others of his kind. He will be there in Copenhagen next Climate change conference in december.
    Thanks for the great job

  5. Thank you so much Carol.

    If you see Al in Copenhagen, please give him the middle finger wave for me.

    You are correct. Gore is a traitor, not only to the US but to the world.