Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Slight of Hand


$80,000 for a 100 day gig in Afghanistan?

That's what we heard today from an ex-military/private contractor lady who says she was offered a job to transition the contracts of KBR employees to what she said was DynCorp. 5,000 KBR contractors have to sign a new one. She would get to travel all over Afghanistan.

This story is unconfirmed and details seem to be hidden fairly well if you search the internet but it falls in line with recent investigations of KBR.

Switch the ownership of the contracts to a new company, basically the same as the old company, under the guise of competitive bidding and so it can be seen as 'change.' The money just moves around a little between the criminal war profiteers.

DynCorp has long sordid history so there's not much hope for improvement.

There are always at least two winners in 'war.' Bankers and corporate contractors.

The lady who told us her tale has been to Afghanistan before and said that one of the most beautiful sights she has ever seen was the massive opium poppy fields in full bloom.



  1. hello Kenny

    Off topic.
    Thanks for your comment on my little blog.
    Here some goood sites about the chemtrails issue. There are more outthere. See google, Rense.com, youtube...
    Contrails are no chemtrails. The difference lies between the type of condensation. Contrails are water droplets disapearing few seconds later. Chemtrails stay and take over the entire sky. Transforming our beautiful blue sky and creating more and more
    strange clouds patterns.
    Kindly - Carol

    I admire the energy in your blog.








  2. Hey Kenny, off the topic also, thanks for your help and support. Hopefully we can reciprocate soon. Oh...and the poppy fields do look lovely.

  3. Poppies in bloom are a beautiful sight, I can say with first hand knowledge and the dried bulbs make an excellent tea that soothes aches and pains much better than Tylenol, which destroys your liver and Advil, which eats away your stomach lining.

    Since more and more doctors are getting scared by the DEA of losing their license to practice if they prescribe too many pain killers, look for more of these fields of dreams to start popping up.

    And who gets to determine if your doc is handing out too many painkillers?

    Why the DEA, of course.

    P.S. The Papaver somniferum poppy makes the most beautiful flowers!!

  4. A few years back the state of TN spent a lot of money planting poppies on the right of way of a stretch of I-24. They were indeed beautiful. The plan was that they would re-seed themselves and come back every year. Unfortunately, this didn't happen.