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Tennesseans up in arms over new gun laws

The Tennessee legislature obviously thinks it is voting for what the public wants regarding 2nd amendment rights. It's too bad that they, and the US Congress, don't listen to the people in every law making effort.
Bar owners have the right to ban patrons from carrying in their establishment.

Senate overrides veto of bill allowing guns where alcohol served
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The Senate has joined the House in overriding Governor Phil Bredesen's veto of a bill to allow handgun permit holders to carry their weapons into places that serve alcohol.

Any such establishment still has the authority to forbid permit holders to carry in their weapons by posting a sign that says no guns are allowed.

Currently, 37 states have similar legislation.

In a statement released Wednesday, Governor Bredesen's press secretary said, "Governor Bredesen said last week when he vetoed this bill that he expected an override. He's disappointed with this action but that doesn't change his belief that we can exercise our second amendment rights and common sense at the same time. He believes guns and bars simply don't mix, and this legislation doesn't provide the proper safeguards to ensure public safety. Governor Bredesen stands by his decision to veto the bill." {more}

Handgun permits are up in Tennessee
In July, many Tennesseans will be allowed to carry their guns into restaurants and bars, but numbers show more and more people are already getting gun permits.

The Tennessee Department of Safety says there were 191,000 permitted gun owners in the state by January 2008.

One year later, it rose to 218,000.

The latest number from April of this year, shows 222,000 are allowed to carry guns in the state. {more}

Gov. Bredesen is still sitting on a passed bill that allows any resident who has a valid handgun carry permit to possess a handgun while within the boundaries of any state park.
HB0716 which will allow handgun permit holders in Tennessee to carry in state and federal parks (well as of 2/10) passes the Senate and the House. One HUGE downside to the new law, unless vetoed, is that local governments can vote by RESOLUTION (not an ordinance) to close an entire local park. It will now be up to local citizens to contact their local government officials to demand that the parks stay open.

Tennessee Proposes New Gun Law Similar to Montana New Gun Law

Introduction - Tennessee legislators have started a bill that would exempt all firearms made in Tennessee from federal gun laws if the weapons were intended to remain in Tennessee. This is extremely similar to the new gun law already signed into law in Montana. Utah and other states intend to follow with a similar bill. This is a way to stop the Federal government from doing any more gun control.

Implications – The media is saying this is a challenge for the Federal Supreme Court to get involved. Think this is the media intending to soft peddle it. This type of legislation is intended to severely limit the powers of the Federal government. So the media would have us believe that the Supreme Court will say sorry states you can’t do this and the states will say ok come take our guns away. Childish attempt on the part of the media to deceive us. The states would tell the Supreme Court what powers the constitution allows for the Fed and then go to secession if the court tries to expand these powers contrary to the constitution. The states joined the union many years ago based on the powers the constitution affords to the Fed and all the other powers belong to the states. This was the contract and it had no specific expiration date after which the Fed could do what it wanted. The Fed according to the constitution has no power to regulate firearms; the contrary is the case in that the right to bear arms is guaranteed. The Fed can regulate interstate commerce that crosses state lines but has no power to control commerce within a state. These powers are quite cut and dried and above and beyond some judges twisted deceitful interpretation that meets their goals.{more}

Tennessee prohibits the micro stamping of ammo and weapons from being sold within the state boundary... Senate Bill 1908, the “Second Amendment Protection Act,” sponsored by State Senator Doug Jackson (R- 25), would prohibit the sale of micro-stamped firearms or ammunition in Tennessee.
House Bill 70:
Sponsored by State Representative Henry Fincher (D-42), would remove the prohibition against using deadly force in protection of personal property. It also expands your right to self defense to a business. SIGNED and becomes LAW on JULY 1, 2009.

Here is a law that every state should have:

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen Signed HB1778 Into Law!!! "No Gun or Ammo Confication From Government During Martial Law"

A person who legally possesses a gun would not have it seized during periods of martial rule under a proposal that has been signed into law by the governor.

The measure was signed by Gov. Phil Bredesen on Thursday and takes effect immediately.

Sponsors say martial rule is the same as martial law at the federal level. They say the law is necessary after law enforcement in New Orleans went door to door seizing weapons in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Republican Sen. Jack Johnson of Brentwood, 1 of the sponsors, has said he doesn't expect such behavior in Tennessee, but believes legislation should be in place just in case.

Not everyone is a staunch 2nd amendment supporter and the local media has given plenty of coverage to their views.

Gun bill advocates support legislation to keep public in dark.

Nashville councilmem want to thwart Tennessee gun law

One man's defense is another's fear

Why Not?...
Now that the state lawmakers have voted to overrule Gov. Bredesen’s veto, let’s move on to the next bill — allowing those with state-issued handgun carry permits to bring their weapons in the state House.

After all, the House members that voted for this bill should be allowed to experience first hand the result of their own laws.

Granted, there are a world of problems to be addressed. The states have little effect on the crimes and wars of the federal government, Congress and the laws that they pass, the Federal Reserve and Wall Street thefts; but they can take steps to attempt to ensure that the states have the rights guaranteed by the U.S. constitution.

All states should solidify their rights. It's unfortunate that it takes legislative time and money to prevent the federal government from increasing their police state ambitions but it needs to be done.

One opinion on states rights vs. the feds:

What About Secession – If the Federal courts try to void out the states right concerning firearms or otherwise, the states will resort to secession. At some point the states may have to grab a gun to enforce their rights. The Federal government is always out there first with guns offering a violent unilateral solution to problems. Try telling them to practice gun control and see how many guns they point at you fast. I would say Montana would be right there armed and ready to stick up for their rights. Obama is not one to stand up to those standing up to him. Montana will win hands down if they as the saying goes “stick to their Guns”. Obama would never do what Lincoln did and attack those states seceding from the Union. The states that secede will probably join together making new nations, eventually.

So the states are finally holding the feet of the federal government to the fire. Either the fed quits and behaves constitutionally (only in your dreams will this ever happen), or they ignore the states and let them do as they please (most probable outcome) or they go nuts like Lincoln and show their war monger nature and attack using police and/or military to force compliance upon the states trying to free themselves. The last alternative is very unlikely. This would let the cat out of the bag and people would see how evil they can get when they want something. The people in the USA would never forgive this and the military would probably never fight such a fight. Very unlikely. Secession is also what the states are relying on the counter martial law. Martial law would basically shut down the state legislatures and government. They do not want to be irrelevant. The states rights legislation allows for them to declare the federal government illegal and irrelevant in the event of martial law. They would then reorganize themselves and/or the other states under the constitution thus seceding. This could be accomplished in a few days unless the feds sent agents to prevent the legislature from meeting. This of course moves the USA into a full illegal dictatorship role, which I doubt they would want to assume. Again look to them to do nothing since they do not have any good options.

Let’s Talk Taxes and Secession – How this would play is interesting. If the states secede for sure they are not going to assume their portion of the debt to the private bankers called the Federal Reserve Bank. This means the Federal Reserve Bank loses face. Their debt would be considered to be illegal gains as a result of their ponzi scheme called the Federal Reserve Bank, which is also a tax haven as well. The states that secede will of course start banks and rest assured there will be bank secrecy and numbered accounts. Further believe they will not share information with the USA who will probably be trying to collect back taxes from their constituents. More fun and games. New secret banking system and of course a new currency. You think that Obama and Hillary can deal with this? Name one thing that they were right about so far? See what I mean.

Other Things to Look For

Money - The states will start to “coin” their own money in Gold and Silver. This is constitutional money. This is another fight the fed will not want because it will illuminate the unconstitutional nature of their money and of course its worthlessness. Obama will look the other way on this. He is a supporter of fiat money and as long as the states do not go to fiat money he will not care.

Drugs – States will begin to legalize drugs. The legalization will vary from state to state. Generally expect personal use of “soft” drugs only. The Fed will not like this. Fights will ensue similar to California and their legal medical marijuana.

Health Care – States will assert their right to alternative health care and begin to license all sorts of alternative health care providers. Much more than what is seen today.

Banks – States will begin to open banks that do not have FDIC and are not subject to any Federal rules and regulations.

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