Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tennessee Senator and Traitor Lamar Alexander - On his knees to the Fed

“The audit? It’s a bad idea,” said Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander, head of the Republican Conference in the Senate. “It’s a sorry day when the Congress superimposes itself on the Fed, nosing around in monetary policy."
Geithner smiles at decrepit TN senator.


  1. Note the impending handshake with Geithner's hand on top and the shill's underneath (as deemed appropriate, no doubt)

  2. Christians Must Uphold Truth--Now More Than Ever
    (Apollonian, 20 Jun 09)

    Lamar Alexander is notorious member of the Council on Foeign Relations (CFR--see and for expo/ref.), practically the topmost "in-group" there is; these are the people directly behind the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) conspiracy--see,, and for expo/ref.

    So note it's precisely Alexander's VERY PURPOSE to promote and defend the Fed fraud.

    Thus we're witnesses to one of the greatest, most incredible mass-delusions ever perpetrated: for Fed is NOTHING but a COUNTERFEITING scam--LITERALLY, a criminal enterprise right in front of our very noses. Too bad the stupid shits who pretend to being "citizens" of USA can't figure it out--even to save their lives.

    So do such stupid puke even deserve to live?

    So what has happened to our "civilization"? Remember what reputedly happened in Biblical "Tower of Babel" days: people became so "sophisticated" and busy they began to speak in languages, and think in such terms, they couldn't understand--even though they imagined they could and did.

    Thus people throw around words--like children--they don't even understand. How does this "babel" syndrome happen?--note when words denote CONCRETES, actual things which we can directly perceive, it isn't difficult to understand. It's when words refer to ABSTRACTS that it begins to get difficult.

    "Information overload"--that's our present problem--and it's a problem well treated by present blogging heroes of the internet revolution.

    And note it's simply our task as citizens to help our fellows snap out of this sad mental complex they and we have fallen into.

    People have to start being HONEST--just that. Being "smart" and "sophisticated" is precisely what is the problem.

    Thus folks have to face simple fact Fed IS NOT "BANKING" at all--rather, Fed is a criminal enterprise, once again--counterfeiting.

    But how do people of civilization begin to discover they're horribly deluded?--too often only after disaster and catastrophe.

    CONCLUSION: Meantime, the true and real Christians have to emphasize Gosp. JOHN and necessity for KNOWING THE "TRUTH" by which they begin to having hope to achieving freedom. And who and what then are very ANTI-THESES of such truth, featuring lies and lying as their very program of Talmudic warfare against gentile people?--whoever they are (I wonder who?), I suspect there are too many of them, in too many positions of crucial influence among stupid gentile morons. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  3. Off your topic, but just something I thought you'd like to know:

    "Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor resigned yesterday from an elite all-women’s club...

    the Belizean Grove....

    The Belizean Grove bills itself as women’s answer to the 130-year-old all-male Bohemian Club in California....

    Somebody slip up at the editing desk?

  4. Maybe not a slip up. Could be an attempt to paint the Bohemian Club as 'normal.'

  5. Difficult for me to get my head around the word 'normal' when referring to those sickies. Nothing is 'normal' about our psychopathic 'leaders.'alit

  6. How sad is it.. this is what America has become.

    Alexander truly is a POS... but think how many more in CONgress are just like him?

    I think the Fat Lady is warming up back stage...