Monday, June 29, 2009

Terrorists...High and Low
Low level terrorist

The US front man for the high level terrorists has a short but ever ongoing history that should be of concern to all Americans.

A few Obama war crime and unconstitutional actions have been:
Escalated the war against Afghanistan by ordering an additional 21,000 troops deployed there;

Announced that the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq would be delayed until the end of 2011 (with plenty of loopholes available to extend the occupation indefinitely);

Requested that Congress authorize a new supplemental expenditure of $83 billion to finance the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, after having repeatedly promised not to ask for such supplemental spending;

Intensified the drone bombings of Pakistan resulting in many more civilian deaths;

Publicized plans to enlarge U.S. armed forces by 100,000;

Proposed a budget for the Pentagon that exceeds what Bush was proposing by $23 billion;

Engineered a plan to bail out Wall Street and the banks to the tune of over a trillion dollars while refusing to take decisive measures to bail out workers and low income people, such as a moratorium on all foreclosures;

Endorsed the "race to the bottom" by pressuring UAW autoworkers employed by General Motors and Chrysler to agree to even greater concessions so that their income matches the lower wages and benefits paid by auto company competitors;

Directed government attorneys to oppose habeas corpus rights for detainees, the same as Bush did;

Directed government attorneys to oppose prosecutions and civil suits against those companies and individuals who violated wire tapping laws, the same as Bush did;

Promised not to hold criminally responsible those guilty of committing barbaric acts of torture against detainees, in effect invoking the discredited and rejected
Nuremberg defense, "We were only following orders;" {more}

The catalyst for the high level terrorists was 9/11.

Les Visible continues his analysis of 9/11. It's basic and still not wanted or understood by those who need it the most.
Hardly a day goes by when I don’t think about 9/11 and the mountain of hard, cold facts that prove beyond question that the official story is a lie. Lately we’ve been treated to a particular insidious morphing of perception. From demagogue Glenn Beck to any number of government and corporate shills we are now hearing that 9/11 truthers are “low level terrorists” and that they would be willing to work with Al Qaeda or any other terror organization that came along. We’ve even got Howdy Doody weighing in on the matter.

I’ve looked for reasons why the whole world isn’t convinced of what actually took place on that day. There are a number of possibilities and when they are combined it’s not hard to see how chicken salad can be turned into chicken shit and served as a global lunch. There is the progressive dumbing down of the population through a violated education system; there’s the junkie fixation on mass media reports, there’s the steroidal entertainment industry and strange compounds in the air, food and water. But,

…the evidence is so damning and comprehensive that even a borderline intellect should be able to see through a plot that is more gossamer than a reality starlets dress. The endless looping of three massive buildings coming down at freefall into their own footprint tells more than enough. It defies the laws of physics. It goes against irrevocable laws of nature and yet… and yet…… mystifying.

It’s not a question of whether there is a conspiracy about the matter. That is a given. It’s not a matter of who was involved. That is a given. All that we lack are the actual details of how and when.

Someone has been directing a heat source at Howdy Doody’s ass. It must be serious because he appears to have gotten a skin graft from Pinocchio. It’s all falling apart though. They are scrambling. When they have to rush through myriad hate legislations whose intent is to curb free speech and …when they have to describe people looking for the truth as terrorists then… there’s trouble behind closed doors.

The majority of truthers just want to focus on a basic conspiracy on the part of the Bush administration. The truth has limits even among truthers. The unfortunate reality though is that when you go looking for the truth you often discover things that carry a heavy price tag for their exposure. I’m in the minority crew who has made the connection to Israel and has no reservations about saying so. {Read the entire essay}

High level terrorism owes much to Israel. They pretty much wrote the book.
State Terrorism

High level economic terrorism finds the intelligence services and Israel intertwined.
Madoff tied to intelligence agencies

State and intelligence services are linked to the Honduran coup. A form of terrorism against a sovereign nation.
CIA Topples Honduran President to Protect Drugs Trade?

Pathetic Progressives Ignore Coup

Domestic 'terrorist' organizations are actually state run or sanctioned. Their goal...silence free speech and imprison those who won't comply.
ADL, DHS & DOJ Form "Thought Criminal" Squad

Congress is a big part of the terrorism against the American people and still there are those who believe in the two party system and justify our 'representatives' traitorous actions. The corporate media, left and right, enables the terrorists within our midst.
How Can These Rat-Bastards Get Away With This?
The Mainstream Media is Worthless

So while the security apparatus looks for and tries to label Americans who still value free speech as 'low level terrorists,' the terrorists on high continue their rape and plunder.


  1. Tear a wrist! Tear a wrist! Jeebus.
    Those two phallic towers had one hell of an impact on the American psyche. Please appreciate the fact that the average IQ of those screaming tear a wrist is only 90, give your heads a shake.

  2. And the Fed prints up over 10 trillion, gives it away to its buddies then says we don't knopw what happened to the money as they dump the debt on our backs.

    Wonder where all those trillions MADOFF to?

    Funny, but of all the Western countries going broke and banks failing and people losing their homes and businesses shuttering up, I haven't seen any economic tales of horror coming out of Israel.

    Wonder why?