Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tools don't last forever

I seem to have heard that little Michael was controlled for profit by his father from a very early age. Maybe he thought he was in control later on but not so. He was a tool of the jewish entertainment industry until his death.

Jackson made a lot of money, but he had lost most of it at the end. Bankers and others took it back.

Just now on Fox 'News,' Uri Geller, an israeli freak, was interviewed and attempted to burnish Jackson's legacy. "Not a pedophile" says the 'friend' and insider and although not perfect, he was just often misunderstood and used by others.

The media is loving this death of Michael Jackson shit. They don't have to pretend to be bringing us some some other real 'news.'

Yes, he was willingly used for an agenda of diversity and acceptance of bizarre behavior. Not exactly traditional values at play with Michael.

But hey, Billie Jean was a pretty catchy tune and it did reflect/reinforce a certain aspect of the destruction of our society.

'Talented' tools taking it to the extreme. Making money for the handlers and instigating a contrived social engineering program for the masses.

This is America folks. And we wonder why 'they' hate us for our freedoms.


  1. I was moderately annoyed to hear he died.

    Not for anything he did, especially. For SOME of us, those of us old enough to vote for Ronnie Reagan and come to regret it almost immediately, Mikey was the epitome of the 80s (And why we graduated and became non-voters.)

    Michael Jackson, who once posed with Ron himself, honestly believed the bilge about being anything you wanted to be, including or maybe especially if what you wanted was physically impossible, morally disgusting or just plain nutters.

    In the end he was a tool, yes, a bit of a victim, indeed, but mostly he was a believer. He really figured it was all true.

    In his final lucidity, did reality barge into his cognitive Wonderland? One doubts even as one can hope.

  2. Jackson was a pedophile who lost a lot of his fortune paying off families so they wouldn't press charges for rape and sodomy.

    But that will be tossed into the trashbin as the country eulogizes MJ and turns him into some sort of folk hero, rising from a poor black family, blah, blah, blah.

    No wonder Jackson called his place "Never-Never Land."

    Too bad the MSM doesn't spend as much time portraying our sons and daughters getting killed each week in the ME and SW Asia fighting wars for the Jews.

    He was kinda young for heart attack material. Wonder what they'll find in his blood during the autopsy?

  3. No he wasn't a paedophile. Those were 100% setups. Can you point to a conviction or proof? No, you can't. It was a Zionist campaign against him, because he came out against the Zionists.

  4. "No convictions and no proof."

    We'll really never know about this. He did leave himself open for blackmail even if he didn't do it.

    I saw your post on this anarchore.

    In tapes aired yesterday on ABC's "Good Morning America," Mr. Jackson was heard saying of Jews, "They suck … They're like leeches. … I'm so tired of it … It is a conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose."

    Jackson also backed down under pressure from the ADL and re-recorded a song.

    Jackson infuriated Jewish groups in 1995 when his song "They Don't Care About Us" included the lyrics "Jew me, sue me, everybody do me, kick me, kike me." Jackson apologized, saying the lyrics were meant to demonstrate the hatefulness of racism, anti-Semitism and stereotyping. He then changed the lyrics.

    Being surrounded by Jews in the industry all of his life certainly did put him in the position of seeing how they manipulate but I don't think he ever escaped their oppression.

    Whether he was killed or not, he is worth more dead than alive.