Thursday, June 18, 2009


After tripping over her lies for so long, Hillary Clinton is reported to have physically tripped and fell, breaking her elbow while on the way to the White House.
Unconfirmed rumors are she fell off of her broom.

Shouldn't her bodyguards or secret service escorts be holding her arm as she walks? She has so much on her mind.

Like meeting with CFR member Angelina Jolie on World Refugee Day which unfortunately she has had to cancel.

I'm sure Bill would be glad to fill in for her. They can talk tattoos.

The merging of politics, the media and entertainment. The dumb star struck public loves it.

Hurry and get well Hillary, you might miss something.


  1. Karma rules the universe (Gates also fell and broke his arm).

  2. It's reported that Sotomayor broke her ankle.

    Clumsy people....

  3. She probably tripped on that ugly blue pant suit she wears...

    Matches her personality...