Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A True Believer...

I think all of us are proud Americans. Some of us are just not proud of our government, as is, or how it has been for a long while.

Below is part of a continuing series from a local young lady 'serving' in Iraq, from the most gracious Cannon Wire.

I hope that this lady makes it back safe and sound and lives a wonderful life in the American dream.

At the same time I'm disturbed. Jennifer sees Iraq as "heartbreaking, and a reality check," and "sad that there really are people living this way." What some of the youth don't see is that we are the cause of it. And why is Jennifer putting her life on the line for the deceptions and lies of war?

Oh yeah, she is a true believer.

True believers fight the wars for the rich. True believers sometimes don't come home as they left. Many true believers have died in vain.

Please stay healthy Jennifer. The whole county loves you.

And please teach the children that I hope you have and love....."Never Again."

From the Sandbox: Lucky to be an American

Hello from the Sandbox
It's 9:30 pm on Monday June 22nd, remember, I am 8 hours ahead of Woodbury, TN time.

Things are going well here, it's just really HOT and the part of Iraq I am in is Humid. Everyone that I know of who has ever been deployed said they have never known it to be humid.

I got all settled in, I share a CHU (Compact Housing Unit, I think that's what it stands for?) with one other female, the same roommate I had in Ft. Sill, OK. On The FOB (Forward Operating Base) where I live it's pretty quiet, just lots of helicopters, obviously because I am in an aviation Unit.

I got the chance to fly today, and see parts of Iraq that I have only seen on television. To say the least, it was interesting, heartbreaking, and a reality check all in one.

I realized today, that we as American's have no idea just how lucky we are to live the way we do. To have the privilege to just drive to the store for food, not have to walk, or raise our own animals to eat. We as Americans can just go buy new clothes whenever we want, these people wear our old tattered clothes proudly. I do know this is their culture, but to me, as an American living the American Dream, I find it sad that there really are people living this way. WE, the American military really are doing good things here, and for the most part it is appreciated by the people of this country.

So the next time you go out and eat, and you want to complain about the food, the service or something else, just remember how lucky you are to have the privilege, the money, nice clothes and a car to get you to that restaurant. If I learn nothing from this deployment, I will have learned just how lucky I am to be an AMERICAN!

I have received many emails from many people thanking me for my service, and in return I want to say thank you for the emails, thoughts, prayers, and packages to come.

Mail, yes you know the kind we hardly use anymore, is one of the best things a soldier can receive. Whether it be a letter, card, or a package of needed items, or just because we care items, this is what keeps us going.

Many of the Soldiers in my Unit NEVER receive any sort of mail, if you or anyone you know would like to adopt a soldier from my Unit please let me know and I will provide you with names, or you can just mail to me and I will share among them.

I hope everyone is happy and healthy, and enjoying this summer weather. I love and miss each of you.

Until Next Time.

Jennifer Duggin

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  1. gee, I am glad to be an american, but I don't live in a handsome hall, I don't have food to eat.I am lucky to have power and warm water.I also was in the military and seen the poor people in third world countries. But believe it or not Jenny we have poverty in the good old usa also. Our president just stated that the MIC is much more important than the poor. we are just useless eaters to the rich.the good old usa, you need to do some research darling. Peace