Thursday, July 16, 2009

The 10th Anniversary of the JFK Jr. Assassination John-John

John F. Kennedy Jr. was killed on July 16, 1999. The last Kennedy who possibly could have made a difference died in an accidental plane crash according to the official reports. Official reports seldom tell the truth but exist to cover up the crimes. The corporate media, the same then as today , whitewashes the story.

John Jr. was going to run for the New York Senate. He would have won. Hillary Clinton would have been delegated to the dust bin of history and the U.S. political scene could have been much different than it is today. Of course the argument could be made that if he had not died then, other attempts would have been made. The threat against the established order was too great . He had to die.

Essentially, the same cabal that killed his father killed him.

WRH has an account of why the official story is in doubt:
John F. Kennedy Jr. - Evidence of a Cover Up

Other accounts also question JFK Jr's death:
Official Investigative Report - JFK Jr. Murdered!

Was JFK Jr. Murdered?


The Assassination of JFK Jr.


  1. It's just amazing how his plane fell out of the sky after it was on a successful approach to Marth's Vinyard. He had the runway in sight and the runway lights were on.

    Rumor has it that an explosive device the size of a pack of cigarettes just happened to be on board. Can you imagine that?

    JFK JR. was set to go up against Hillary for N.Y Senator. Strange how these things happen?

  2. Thanks for posting stuff about JFK. as each day goes by it becomes painfully clear what an extraordinary slice of the aristocracy they were (dying Ted sold out long ago).

  3. Ted got to live a little longer by selling out. Chappaquiddick was his turning point.

    Assassinations of those who may slow down the demise of America works doesn't it. It scares the rest of them.

  4. You are correct, sir. The candidates are already bought and paid for, and the masters need only threaten them should they step out of line now. I guess 40-some years of reminders will do that.