Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"9/11 Truth" and its role in the game

By Matthew D. Jarvie
July 14, 2009
Dissecting the New Age

In April of last year I wrote an article that questioned the motives of a UN official who went public calling for a new investigation into the "neocons' role in 9/11." The person I am referring to is Richard Falk, who, as I stated in the aforementioned article, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations as well as the World Federalist Society. Richard Falk was also a leading contributor to the globalist World Order Models Project, financed by the Rockefeller Foundation and Carnegie Endowment in the 1970's, which was a report that suggested "strategies of transition" into a new global era. On top of this, Falk has published numerous books with titles such as Toward a Just World Order (1982) and The United Nations and a Just World Order (1991), calling for global governance.

Falk is perhaps best known to some for having written the foreword to David Ray Griffin's 2004 book, The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11. This book played a crucial role in the rise of the 9/11 Truth Movement, and is perhaps the most widely sold book on the subject. The book quickly made its way on to the shelves of every major bookstore and even most libraries across the US and much of the world. Following the publication of Griffin's book, he was given a 90-minute time slot on C-SPAN in April of '05 to air his findings and promote his book.

While I have found much of Griffin's information on 9/11 to be quite good, I found it suspicious that he was so adamant on placing the blame for an inside job almost entirely on the Bush administration. Certainly anyone who has even slight knowledge regarding government black-ops knows they go much higher than the puppetocracy of the White House.

My suspicions about Griffin were further confirmed when I stumbled upon this YouTube clip of him saying we need global governance to solve our problems.

Globalists for "9/11 Truth"

In the past year and a half, other UN officials have come forward calling for a "new investigation" into 9/11. In March, 2008, Japanese Member of Parliament, Yukihisa Fujita, stated on a nationally syndicated radio show that a new investigation into 9/11 could be lead by global parliamentarians or the United Nations itself, according to people he has been in contact with. This came less than a month after the EU parliament in Brussels held a "9/11 Truth" conference. As you can see from this video, New World Order minion David Ray Griffin sat on the panel at this conference.

Clearly the globalists have a stake in the 9/11 Truth Movement and are using it to further an agenda that is apparently unbeknownst to the majority of the movement.

You would think that what I mentioned above would warrant enough suspicion from people to attract more attention to this issue than it's receiving, which is almost no attention at all. Why is this? Part of it is because many who claim to have "woken up" still have their heads buried in the sand. They don't think because they depend on their authorized "leaders" to tell them everything, and certainly the big names in this so-called "movement" (which I do NOT belong to) are not talking about it. This makes them no better than the sheeple they condemn, who make a steady diet of CNN and FOX News, relying on these corporate news outlets to provide them all their information, never taking the time and effort to think for themselves and ask if maybe they're being duped.

It is quite obvious that the powers that be, who engineered the attacks of September 11th, are not afraid of "the truth" getting out, as long as it's the authorized version of the truth peddled by people like David Ray Griffin and the charlatans in the "alternative" media that give them airtime. No, they control the 9/11 "Truth" Movement, "Patriot" Movement, and the sorry excuses for "leaders" they have leading people back into the sheep pen from which they emerged. If these so-called leaders are not being controlled directly, they are certainly being promoted for a reason that has nothing to do with "defeating the New World Order."

Corporate media whores for "9/11 Truth"

Does anyone ever stop to ask themselves why the media is so willing to give coverage to the conspiratorial version of events surrounding 9/11? Yeah, there definitely is substance to the notion that they bring the truth out in to the open so they can marginalize and discredit it. After all, the truth is always much safer for the PTB when it's in plain sight than lurking in the shadows. But like all things under this system, the media, too, works according to the Hegelian dialectic. While on one hand they will attack and ridicule any alternative views on 9/11, they also will give airtime to very prominent and "credible" people who will give legitimacy to this version of events in certain people's eyes. This way they can bring it out into the public view in a way that will draw people in, while at the same time associating it with kookery, so they can play one side (the believers, aka "conspiracy theorists") off the other side (the non-believers), so there is never any true awakening on a mass scale.

There is no doubt that 9/11 Truth would not be nearly as big as it is without the mainstream-corporate media's help. The Truth Movement seems to really have gained momentum since sitcom actor Charlie Sheen appeared on The Alex Jones Show to share his views regarding what happened on 9/11 back in 2006. This triggered a firestorm of mainstream media attention to Sheen's comments and landed Jones an appearance on CNN's Showbiz Tonight, marking the first widespread coverage of 9/11 Truth in the televised media. A few months after this, in June, 2006, the American Scholars Symposium was held in Los Angeles. Its panel consisted of 9/11 researchers, hosted by Alex Jones and featuring names like Webster Tarpley, Stephen Jones, Jim Fetzer and Col. Bob Bowman. Charlie Sheen also spoke at this event. This event, too, was given hours of airtime by C-SPAN. C-SPAN's companion news website, Capital News, later stated that the conference was their most popular program ever aired. C-SPAN touts itself as being independent from the corporate media monopoly and therefore a source of unbiased news and information. Its founder, Brian Lamb, in an interview, states that C-SPAN "in effect is not owned by anybody, but is controlled by a board of directors made up of some 21 people." However, once you look at the list of these 21 people, you see it consists of names from Time-Warner, Comcast Communications, Adelphia Communications, Columbia Partners and others. Ultimately it's these people who decide what gets aired and what doesn't. The notion that C-SPAN is an independent media outlet is a crock.

9/11 Truth to futher the NWO agenda

I believe that the cover will be blown off 9/11 eventually, and probably sooner than later. However, it will not be blown in a way that exposes the true criminals or exposes the New World Order for what it truly is. Instead it will be used to usher in the New World Order by creating the pretext to offer an "international solution" to a demoralized and disillusioned public, under the guise that the American government is broken and cannot be fixed. This is why people from the UN and EU have taken such an interest in 9/11. It's all about creating a pretext for increased internationalism to solve the problems the internationalists themselves created. Bush and Cheney -- who are no doubt criminals and mass-murderers of the worst kind, but still low-level frontmen -- will be used as the scapegoats, while the real criminals not only remain unpunished but will reap the rewards of the atrocity they were responsible for.

Just last week it was announced that Barack Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder, is considering appointing a criminal prosecutor to investigate abuses involving torture during the Bush administration's tenure. There has been much talk in recent months of Bush and Cheney being put on trial before an international tribunal. Could this possibly evolve into an exposé of Bush and Cheney for their role in the 9/11 attacks? I think this is not only possible, but probable.

As Barack Obama continues to become less and less popular, as he works to gut what's left of the US economy and move us ever closer toward unabashed socialism, it is only a matter of time before he experiences a backlash from the public once they realize they've been sold up the river. I believe it is possible that the Obama administration, with help from the international community, could pull a trick out of the bag and expose Bush, Cheney and others in the Bush administration for their involvement in 9/11 (and therefore the collapse of the economy and everything else that has happened since then). This would not only redirect the public's anger away from Obama, but it would give him impetus to further push his sovereignty-eroding agenda and bring the United States fully into the hands of global governance.

"We need a new investigation into 9/11" = sheeplike group-think

Those reading this who believe a "new investigation" into 9/11 is needed must realize that there can be no such thing. The people who carried out these attacks at the highest levels control this system lock, stock and barrel. Any investigation into 9/11, no matter how independent it appears to be, will still be controlled and steered by "them," for an agenda that is to their benefit only.

The amount of group-think and lack of critical thought prevalent among people who claim to be "awake" frightens me. These people will get behind their sellout leaders and shout slogans all day about how there needs to be a new investigation into 9/11, never asking themselves what that really means or would entail.

It is obvious to anyone who has researched 9/11 that it was a massive hoax perpetrated on the people of the world. I know what happened that day isn't what the "official story" would have us believe and I can accept that. I don't need a new investigation to tell me what I already know, and the notion that it will bring those responsible for this atrocity to justice is a pipe dream.

What people should be questioning are those big names in the "Truth" Movement, who claim to be against the New World Order, yet promote and give credence to people who clearly want to use 9/11 to forward a globalist agenda.


  1. I developed a theory about 3 years ago that 9/11 truth would eventually be used to bring the final downfall of the US to fruition and officially usher in the NWO. What better reason could they have then to expose the corruption of a nation and it's sovereignty then to expose the whole ugly truth for the world to see thereby proving how hopeless and evil national sovereignty actually is? What a perfect plan and once people learn the truth they will of course go right along with it.

  2. You make excellent points. And I too know that the whole "truth" movement as created its version of follow don't think leaders. These new leaders appeal to peoples frustrations because the tell people want they want to hear.

    BUT, I have to place the same level of suspicion on your article for the phrase "unabashed socialism." This smacks of an agenda and ideology. A knee-jerk reaction to a commonly misunderstood "ism" that to some degree contradicts your thesis. Obama is moving us towards open fascism, NOT socialism. The merger between corporate and state power.

  3. Dude, the whole "truth movement" was Zionist damage control. Professor Jones began to release his findings round 05, the mainstream media couldn't ignore it. The truth movement promoted anyone who left Zionism alone. Who came off as unstable (ie AJ).

    Judging from public sentiment, I doubt that those who pulled off and are you covering up for the crimes of 9-11 intended for any of
    this stuff to really get out.

  4. If someone has any actual proof - one piece of scientifically proven piece of evidence - they have not to date produced anything. Theories that have more holes than Swiss cheese being proffered by weak minds like democrats - there is more physical artefacts to prove Jesus was god or that UFOs are landing i.e. ZERO!

    Get jobs people - Pray that we can defeat the evil of terror like we are destroying drugs!

    let us not quibble over details and some discrepancies with the Executive office - these things happen in War. Let us rather huddle together and pray that if we join and increase our efforts the War on Terror will become even half as successful as our War on Drugs.

    Move on folks .....

    Let us move on from these mean spirited attacks against what historians will no doubt call a hero of the state. Mr. Rove and the Presidents need our Support in these trying times. Huddling together in prayer will go a long way to healing Amerika.

  5. Like we are destroying drugs...LOL
    Get jobs...Where? the NSA? LOL
    Rove...Hero of the state?...LOL
    Huddling together in prayer?...LOL
    Hug your children and apologize profusely lest ye be slapped around in old age.

  6. I second the first anonymous' comment. The whole "NWO done it" shtick is Alex Jones' bread and butter and is designed to send truthseekers on a wild goose chase, and to make them look like fools to your average Joe. 9/11 was pretty obviously a Zionist-inspired fals flag attack to make tehir enemies the world's enemies. Simple as that. While David Ray Griffin does seem too ready to lay blame for 9/11 at Bush's feet, he is the only "9/11 truth leader" in whom I have much trust. Whether he chooses to avoid the ultimate truth (Zionism behind 9/11) out of ignorance or pragmatism is his business--with his help the truth will out anyway.

  7. Biped,

    I see no difference between socialism and fascism. Socialism is the road to fascism, as it consolidates power and control in the hands of the state, which is, in turn, controlled by the bankers. It is monopoly capitalism controlled by an elite few in order to have monopoly control over a society and its people.

    If you want to get technical, fsscism is run by the corporations, while socialism is run by unelected bureaucrats. However, if you follow the money all the way to the top, you see it does not really matter as both are controlled by the same people. It is THEY who run the show and administer socialism, communism, fascism, etc.

    Obama IS using what could best be described as socialism to consolidate corporate wealth in the hands of the state. The same people are still in control, it's just the the state is being used to consolidate that control. The same people who control the big corporations control the state as well. So arguing over -isms is really kind of pointless, because once you peel away the labels you see it's all the same.


  8. Zionists will infiltrate and exploit any organization, movement, government or religion to further their goal of a New World Order. No global government could succeed without zionist approval, because they control the banks and the UN.

    Hopefully, the 9/11 truth movement will make joe public realize that Washington is Israeli-occupied territory.

    Why have all the anti-zionist orthodox jewish groups been so silent on 9/11?

  9. oh guys, the yids are all getting ready for the heavy duty repercussions of their pending ATTACK ON IRAN at the END OF THIS MONTH, to coincide with NLE09 (fema word for jackbooted thugs from other countries to shoot you down in the street where you stand for opposing the false flag that justifies their attack on Iran).

    hey, but the latest garbage on the blogs being floated by the guvmint shills is this tripe: "9/11 truth people want to give up U.S. sovereignty if we have a true investigation into what took place on Sept. 11, 2001.." (translated, it means; "we're fucking freaking out and running out of excuses to block this inquiry.....and our jewish handlers aren't giving us any more 'anti zionist' bullshit cries and excuses to blame every person who questions Israel's involvement in 9/11.."

    isn't that speshul? another war foisted on America, including a CIVIL WAR here when they declare MARTIAL LAW???? how wonderful!!!

  10. To Anonymous who said...
    If someone has any actual proof - one piece of scientifically proven piece of evidence - they have not to date produced anything...

    The Gov recycled the evidence! The 85K ton steel from WTC was shipped to India and China as scrap.

    The vehicles which carried these evidence to ports were GPSed to track them.

    The surviellance video from gas station near Pentagon were siezed by FBI.

    The Air Traffic communication record is yet to be released, maybe destroyed in some fire.

    What else scientific proof are you looking for? Oh yes! You've got that downloaded video of Osama sitting with his stoogs thousands of miles away, patting his back on 9/11, and that half-burnt passport photo of Atta found some distance from ground zero.

  11. I have found just the opposite.. the MSM (main stream media) is unwilling to provide anything more than a superficial coverage of 911.

    I think all Americans will agree that something smells fishy when it coms to 911.

    However..America CAN NOT handle the truth. ala Jack Nicholson.

    If Americans knew for sure that their own elected leaders sent planes into a building in order to start a war of conquest and oil in Iraq.. they would curl up in a fetal ball.

    I, however, am quite able to believe that Dick Cheney and the CIA would do whatever it takes to protect the American Bankster/Gangsters. GOLDMAN SACHS!

  12. Can we be truthful? Any zionist jew, or stooge thereof, is always incapable of telling any real truth to goys. The official 9/11 Truth movement has been full of said tribesmen from the start, inluding the makers of Loose Change, and Alex Jones himself, who is married to a well connected jewess, and is surrounded by professional yids for all sorts of financial backing. So let the 1% "chosen people" BS themselves, we need to listen to PROVEN anti-zionists that are risking their lives with their commentary. And I bet at least 90% of what is said will be true, although not one word of it will be shown on the MSM.