Thursday, July 16, 2009

Clinton: "Iran does not have a right to nuclear military capacity "
"But Israel does because they are our best friend and if I say anything against them they will come after me. Bill and I both learned our lesson. Blackmail, extortion and exposure work."


  1. In the name of the Jewish controlled Federal Reserve, AMEN.

    Wow, you never really realize what a great friend Israel and her Zionist agents are until you see it in writing, do you?

    Just think where we might be if not for Israel!!

  2. There is a serious danger.. that Israel will attack Iran in late October, with the consent of the U.S.

    We are in Depression II. Foreclosures are skyrocketing, real unemployment is above 20%, Obama's bailout is a bust.(to the delight of the Republicans)

    The Big losers are the American people.. who will be subjected to the aftermath of a nuclear exchange. They will know hardships never before seen.

    The Illuminati must do something soon and Hillary is at the ready.. helping to float the trial baloon.

  3. For posting this here, I bless thee. Love your site Kenny. Many MANY thanks, Rachel.