Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Competition to the Afghan Opium Trade.....In Oregon?

Trying to cut in on the CIA and globalist bankers money making activities?

Yamhill Drug Cops Take Out Another Opium Poppy Grow Site

(McMinnville, Ore.) - A crop normally grown in places like Afghanistan and China, the fabled opium poppy, has been making a showing lately in Oregon Willamette Valley farm country.

The Yamhill County Interagency Narcotics Team raided an illegal poppy plant grow site in rural Yamhill County, On July 17th, 2009.

Sgt. Dwayne Willis with the Yamhill County Interagency Narcotics Team, says the plants were reportedly discovered on private timber lands northwest of Grand Ronde. Willis says the plants were growing in multiple plots in a clear cut area and ranged in size from a few inches to 4 feet in height.

"A total of 24,045 plants were seized by detectives. The estimated street value of the opium contained in the plants was approximately $90,000."

He says this is the second opium poppy plant seizure the drug team has made this month.

The previous grow site was eradicated on July 2nd where a total of 12,056 plants were seized. Investigators believe the two are connected. {source with more photos}

"Everybody hears about marijuana growth but you don't hear a lot about poppy growth.

Sheriff raids poppy fields in Lebanon, Oregon


  1. Enough mindrape. Try giving minding your own business a try.
    Poppies, for fucks sake.
    Ban government. Dogfucking hosers, get a real job, losers.
    Stasi Hunters

  2. I always thought that the plant could be grown, just not harvested.

    The DEA has been trying to convince legit seed dealers that Papaver Somniferum plants are completely and totally off limits, and warning against their sales, but the fact is that many of the poppy seeds you buy at the grocery store as a condiment are viable.

    More examples of Gub'mint nonsense. We didn't have anywhere near the amount of crime in this country as we have after making this stuff illegal. More damned Hegelianism at work...

  3. Several years ago, I met a guy who moved here from Oregon and he said that it was a hotbed for amateur poppy growers. The 'rumor' was that he brought seeds with him and planted a few, just to see how the pretty plants would grow in TN.

    After a visit from the local sheriff who told him it would be in everyone's best interests if he went back to where he came from, he did just that.