Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Fed Trades Counterfeit Money for POWER!

If you could COUNTERFEIT would you try to keep that power? Would you become tyrannic? The FEDeral Reserve trades counterfeit money for power.
How much corruption could you cause if you could legally counterfeit? Could you make and break politicians? Could you buy up Media conglomerates? Direct talking heads to omit certain subjects? Fund Non-profit Institutions? Fund the Communist and Fascist leaders for eventual war profiteering and tyrannic domestic control. Hype terrorist threats to foment war and police state control?

From: “Secrets of the Federal Reserve” by Eustace Mullins

“Our financial system is a false one and a huge burden on the people . . . This Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth.” — Congressman Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Sr.

The shareholders of these banks which own the stock of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York are the people who have controlled our political and economic destinies since 1914.

They are the Rothschilds of Europe, Lazard Freres (Eugene Meyer), Kuhn Loeb Company, Warburg Company, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, the Rockefeller family, and the J.P. Morgan interests. {more}

So the criminal banks that get the bailouts and are making profits from the economic destruction are the owners of the Federal Reserve?

The problem with a return to the gold standard is "who is in possession of the vast majority of the gold reserves?" Maybe the same banks that are committing the fraud today? Since all of the power and money were stolen, I suppose the only option is to take it back.
Easier said than done.


  1. While the MSM was going gaga over Michael Jackson, the Senate was killing the bill to audit the Fed.

    Neraly 12 Trillion has been given away by the Fed to its buddies and no one in Congress will utter a word about where in the hell thaty money MADOFF to.

  2. Jew Counterfeiting--And How It Has Bought, Traduced, And Utterly Mis-Represented People's Christianity
    (Apollonian, 15 Jul 09)

    Another important corollary to this COUNTERFEITING theme is how, by means of which, Judeo-conspirators (see and for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) LITERALLY BUY EVERYTHING of topmost importance for people's culture.

    Most important is to subvert the very institution of education, invocation, and information which explicitly, most pointedly warns the people against their absolute worst enemies, the anti-Christ Jew-Talmudic murderers of Christ, who glory and gloat in their status as deicides. See,, and for best Talmudic expo.

    First, of course, to be bought and monopolized was the mass-corporate "Jews-media," along with bribed and extorted politicians and judges, then the bureacracy, public education, military, and police. Literally EVERYTHING is then affected and bought by such COUNTERFEITED FUNDING--which now is the very essence of the basic money-supply, now forced upon the people by "Legal Tender" laws.

    And one of those most important things bought by counterfeiters is the Christian establishments which were originally designed as literally INSTITUTES OF ANTI-SEMITISM, to keep the volk reminded, warned, and informed of endless and infinite perfidy of Jew liars and murderers of Christ. But look what has actually happened.

    Pt. regarding gold is that it is a COMMODITY standard--which cannot be counterfeited like paper money can--note other commodities can also be used as a standard. Remember gold then just streamlines a general BARTER economy which is real basis for trade in first place--money is just an economy (efficiency) upon that basic Barter process.

    Paper money was then an ADDITIONAL efficiency, a further step, upon that original commodity money efficiency--as long as the paper was instantly convertible to the commodity standard--such then is the "slippery slope" nature of sublime process of fraud, step by step by incremental step.

    Once convertibility of paper for the commodity was removed, the counterfeit nature/essence was and is next, logical, necessary, inevitable step. In fact, lack of convertibility IS COUNTERFEITING ipso facto.

    [-------see part two, below-------A.]

  3. [-----here's part two---------A.]

    * * * * *

    If Jews now insist upon hoarding all their gold, never using it, never letting it circulate as money, then some other precious metal, like silver, can be used--it doesn't too much matter for whatever commodity people decide to use. Gold is mere detail; the principle is the solid commodity standard which cannot be counterfeited like paper is.

    Most important pt. to emphasize for the broad people is that simple COUNTERFEITING nature of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) and all such central banks--which remember, EVEN CHILDREN CAN UNDERSTAND.

    Once this COUNTERFEITING scam is widely understood--it's all over for Jews, masters of the lie (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

    Problem for counterfeiters is eventually, everyone wants in on the scam--and there gets to being too many accomplices who require being paid-off. Thus, the counterfeiters must become proficient at starting wars to keep people distracted (and expended): Orwellian "perpetual war for perp. peace," as presently in Iraq/Afgan, soon to spread--perhaps to Pakistan, or Iran, or N. Korea--or all of them.

    Note then Jews and counterfeit conspirators are so proficient with teaching and preaching "MORALITY" by which people are kept self-righteous, thematically Pharisaic, and willing to kill people who disagree and dissent. Thus "HATRED" is taught by Jews who slander the Germans as "murderers" and "genocides." See,, and for expo/ref.

    Thus Jews have BOUGHT UP all the Christian establishment "churches" and denominations--all of them. There isn't a single one left that has retained its thematic anti-semitism. Even the newest "Christian" entities are all emphatically Jew-friendly.

    Thus nowadays, "Christianity," originally founded as official institute of anti-semitism, is now rendered, by means of COUNTERFEITING, the foremost institute of gentile guilt, corruption, perversion, and literal, downright WORSHIP of Jews who are deified and idolized by these false "Christian" institutions as "victims" of "persecution" on part of gentiles and esp. Christians.

    So obviously the necessary revolution must take place by way of Christian institutions regaining, restoring, and reviving their necessary ANTI-SEMITIC character, veritable BEACONS of anti-semitism for the rallying and encouragement of gentile volk.

    For "Christianity" is necessarily anti-semitism, and cannot be anything else or anything but--ANTI-SEMITISM--just as in Gosp JOHN, the very theme is TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy, confirmed at 14:6 and 18:37. "For ye shall know the truth, and that truth shall make u free" (8:32).

    CONCLUSION: Christianity is necessarily anti-semitic, and if it isn't anti-semitic, it's nothing--which is precisely what Jews have rendered it to being (if u notice)--which must change, PRONTO. If u're NOT anti-semitic, u're NOT Christian, pilgrim. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  4. Let it collapse. In the end it'll be two potatoes selling for three joints. A chicken will fetch you a case of homebrew. A zippo and flints, one teepee.