Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Live Tonight! Obama and Your Health

Trying to convince the American public that the gov has your best interests in mind is a time consuming job.

The Peoples Voice comments on Obama faces 'Wateloo'

Barack Obama will tonight make a televised appeal to the Americans to save his floundering health reform plan in what Republicans are describing as the US president's Waterloo. Health reform has been one of Mr Obama's top priorities, but Congress is baulking at the trillion-dollar cost of providing universal health coverage to all Americans.
"That’s funny, congress didn’t balk at giving ten trillion dollars for a war based on lies and another ten trillion to the banks who promptly absconded with it."

Republicans say failure to force through legislation in time for the president's August deadline may cripple his presidency. "If we're able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo," said Republican Senator Jim De Mint. "It will break him."
Let’s be honest here about the republicans and many democrats. They are a gang of despots who would sell out their country and probably their own family members for a corporate lobbyist buck. This government of millionaires and billionaires can’t stand the idea that their low wage slaves, the American people, might go to a doctor and receive treatment or worse, preventative care.

The Republican Party and American government unabashedly serves: HMOs, Insurance companies, hospital corporations, and drug companies. The insurance companies actually profit by denying policyholders the care and treatments they need to stay alive and recover, essentially killing untold numbers of innocent trusting Americans each year.

The American medical system is a monstrosity built entirely on profit and greed, but not health care. And now we see the republicans boasting that they will be successful at continuing to ram this murderous system down the American peoples throats.

Speaking of 'live tonight,' last night, the Obama's hosted Charlie Pride and Allison Krauss at the White House. Royalty gets a show in the East Room.


Health care common sense from Ron Paul. Only the profiteers and the ignorant would disagree.

End Wars to Fund Health Care
“You don’t want to cut under these [economic] conditions medical care from poor people who have been dependent, or the elderly.

“Even though I have my ideal system I would like to see, with the government out completely — because that would be a much better system — that’s not going to happen. I’m realistic.”

But, the House rep said, “one thing we shouldn’t do is pay for it with money out of thin air,” referring to the federal government’s ballooning deficit.

“So what i would do in a transition … is cut spending somewhere and take care of the people we’re talking about.”

And to finance health reform, Paul would like to see the US end its overseas military engagements. “I would cut from overseas spending, I would cut from these trillions and trillions of dollars that we have spent over the years and bring our troops home so that we can finance it [health care].” {more} {thanks to WRH}

Barack Obama is a Flat Out Liar: Says Medicare and Medicaid are Causing the Deficit

What was the lie? President Obama, the president of “CHANGEand the so-called Greatest Man of Our Generation“, said that Medicaid and Medicare are the cause of the federal deficit.

That’s right; he’s blaming the deficit… on the elderly and the poor.

He (Obama) said Medicare and Medicaid, government health care programs for the elderly and the poor, are the “biggest driving force behind our federal deficit.“ MSNBC

Is he joking? I’m afraid not. He’s lying. Through his teeth.
{more - Scott Creighton}

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  1. It's pretty simple.

    We can either keep funding the 'Wars for Empire and Israel' or we can use that money to take care of our selves.

    There isn't enough for both.