Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obese DOD Needs a Crash Diet

While most of the talk has been on health care 'reform,' there is the annual budget vote "Making appropriations for the Department of Defense for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 201o, and for other purposes" that really exemplifies what our country is all about.

Death, destruction, theft of land and big contracts for the killing machine.
Washington Watch puts the cost on a more personal level.
Cost per average family: $6,268.24
Over $640 billion dedicated to perpetual war.

I don't think this even includes the interest on the debt that will be paid to the Federal Reserve.

That's only the monetary costs. For the average family that will lose a son, daughter, father or mother the costs cannot be measured. No one measures the costs of broken spirit and heart for those that survive.

For the sake of transparency, I suggest we rename the DOD to the Department of Offense.
There's no defense in fighting wars of aggression and empire that are more for Israel than for us.

Also for the support of our troops, I suggest we bring them all home where they belong.

Let's hope Jennifer makes it home. Not all will be so lucky.

And we continue to pay for the damn lies.

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  1. A weel oiled mob, when planning a bank heist, will create a diversion on the other side of town to draw away the public's attention and the cops so they can rob the bank.

    And that's what's happening now, with the Department of War being used to create diversions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and soon, Iran so the Wall Street mob and the Fed gangsters can continue to rob us blind.