Friday, July 3, 2009

Replay - The 4th of July

from July 4, 2008

You Must Be Mistaken Son

The 4th of July has been canceled due to lack of independence.


The 4th has always been the quintessential all-American holiday. Fireworks and the flag. Fitting symbols for our great ability to blow things up.

It seems more and more that's all we're good at. Destroying places and lives in far away lands. Creating havoc in in the name of independence and freedom while at the same time giving it up here at home.

I asked my grandson what the 4th of July and the Declaration of Independence was. He said "It was where George Washington signed something for all eternity". I guess eternity is just not what it used to be.

The kids all want the fireworks but the parents may be balking a little more this year. It takes a lot of pocket change to get the Chinese made bang. The stands have sprung up all over but business seems a little slow. I guess everyone is waiting until the last minute and get that "Buy one get five free" deal. Even our local fireworks display is on hiatus due to a lack of sponsors so we'll see the "bombs bursting in air" only on the tube.

The "Star Spangled Banner", now that's still my favorite song of all time. Hard to dance to but when sung properly it still sends chills down the spine of those who actually care. I've heard some people want to replace it as our anthem with something a little less war like but until we quit our war mongering behavior, I think it suits us just fine.

American independence is waning. Soon the globalists , if successful, will chunk it to the dustbin of history and probably replace our 4th of July holiday with something along the lines of "World Slavery Day". The burgers and beer will probably be in short supply by then but not too many will notice. Giving up our old way of life for the good of the world (and the rich) will be enough for the brain dead masses who long ago forgot the words "
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave".

I'm going to toss a few bottle rockets into the sky this 4th and wonder what next year's will be like. Maybe sing an old Beck, Bogart & Appice song;
"I've Got the Black Cat Moan".


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