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Response to Hungary Rejecting a Holocaust Denial Law to Their Constitution - Good

By My Hate Speech

With Hungary rejecting a proposed constitutional "Holocaust Denial" law we thought we would clarify a few points. The Mainstream Media always uses negative catch phrases such as "Holocaust Denial" or "Holocaust Deniers". This label is used by those who control the MSM so they can keep reminding us that there is no need to question it, even though history is not a science, and those who would question it are supposedly crazy, and therefore we do not need to engage them in open debate or conversation.

In reality what the mainstream media refers to as "Holocaust Denial" or "Holocaust Deniers", would be correctly termed, if you want to add a category, as Revisionist Historians. We at My Hate Speech refer to them as historians. Why? Because all history is revised, from the Civil War, to the Slave Trade, to Ancient Rome, and Ancient Greece. As new documents come to lite, through historical research, scientific research, or by pure accident, history is always open to revision because History, unlike Mathematics, is not a science.

In Math you do not need to ask why 2+2 equals 4. You just need to know that is what it is. You do not need to know why A squared x B squared = C squared, you just need to memorize it and apply it. But the Study of History requires its students to always ask the question why, so that we may come closer to, but never reaching a historical fact.

So what do Historians who doubt the "Official Version" of the Holocaust believe?

Claims about "Holocaust Deniers" Fact
They deny that Jews were persecuted WRONG. They do NOT deny this
They deny that Jews were deprived of civil rights WRONG. They do NOT deny this
They deny that Jews were deported WRONG. They do NOT deny this
They deny the Jews were herded into ghettos WRONG. They do NOT deny this
They deny the existence of concentration camps WRONG. They do NOT deny this
They deny that Jews were put to forced labor WRONG. They do NOT deny this
They deny the existence of crematoria in concentration camps WRONG. They do NOT deny this
They deny that Jews died for a great number of reasons: epidemics, malnutrition, diseases, mistreatment WRONG. They do NOT deny this
They deny that other minorities were also persecuted as well, such as gypsies and political dissenters WRONG. They do NOT deny this
They deny that the treatment of the Jews was unjust WRONG. They do NOT deny this
They deny the victims their dignity WRONG. They do NOT deny this
They deny the victims to be remembered WRONG. They do NOT deny this
They deny to show compassion for the victims WRONG. They do NOT deny this
They deny that there was a plan to murder all Jews This is what they claim
They deny that Jews were murdered systematically This is what they claim
They deny the existence of gas chambers for mass murder This is what they claim
They deny that six million Jews died in the Holocaust This is what they claim

Learn more about it here

It is amazing to us that in today's age, when you look back on all the persecution that has gone on throughout European History, such as persecutions against scientists like Galileo, religious persecutions by all sides, and witch trials, that such events are still more than alive in Democracies today. In countries Like Germany, Austria, and France, just to name the main culprits, you can be sent to Jail or have your life completely ruined if you question or present evidence of a contradictory nature regarding historical events.

We have all heard the saying that "It is the victor who writes history." This why history is always being revised. Only in places like the former Soviet Union, Communist China, and North Korea has history been so extremely legislated, just to name the big ones. But these governments were and are not Democracies. So why then would Democracies attempt to legislate history. Possibly because when you realize that it is "the Victor who writes history," they need to demonize an enemy so that the eyes of future generations will not see their own crimes and culpability in those events.

Another reason could be, regarding the Holocaust, is that it is a major industry worth billions of dollars. Jewish Professor Norman Finkelstien writes of this in his book, "The Holocaust Industry." Which we highly recommend you read. Take for instance the recent Holocaust Book to come out, "Angel Girl," which even Oprah jumped on the bandwagon with. Despite it being revealed that the account was fake, and it being practically pulled from the shelves, there is still a possible movie deal in the works.

Much of the Holocaust has already been revised to some extent, but most people are not aware of it and still continue to report wartime propaganda as fact, confuse several facts as if they were the same incident, or just twist them around. Just watch a skit of Jay Leno's "Man on The Street" and you can see how that is done with history that is actually closer to home. Even the famous Nazi Hunter Simon Weisenthal said that no extermination camps existed in Germany. Jewish Professor Deborah Lipstadt, Professor of Modern Jewish and Holocaust Studies at Emory University has also stated this. It is only in the East, which happen to be in the Soviet occupied zones, See Map, where extermination camps are said to have existed. Yet most people believe they were all over Germany. Despite this, year after year, gullible people leaving Dachau always seem to explain how awful it was that people were exterminated in gas chambers there, even though there is a sign to the left of the gas chambers, which were used to fumigate typhus carrying lice from bedding and clothing, that states no one was ever gassed there.

Despite the revision done on the subject, every year in Germany, France and Austria, people are fined and jailed for simply discussing an aspect of history.

So a BIG thumbs up and kudos to countries like Hungary and Spain, who have rejected such laws, because they realize Freedom of Speech, Thought and Expression are what truly makes democratic nations democratic. Who also realize that laws forbidding such expression, found in Draconian Holocaust Denial Laws, not only violate their own constitutions, but also violate article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, of which all Western Nations are bound by. It states;

"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers." - Article 19

Believe in what you choose to believe in. Some people regardless of the facts will still cling to their beliefs, and good for them as well. As Voltaire so aptly put it, "Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too."

Source: My Hate Speech

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