Thursday, July 2, 2009

The silence is deafening
Quiet now, we mustn't offend our 'friends.'

ynet is reporting that the Gaza relief ship passengers heading to Gaza and detained by the Israelis will be deported.
Israel is planning to deport within the next few days the 21 peace activists who arrived on a boat from Cyprus with the intention of entering the Gaza Strip. An Israeli Navy unit boarded their boat and escorted it to Ashdod port. Immigration police will transport the detained activists to Ben Gurion Airport, and from there they will be deported out of the country.

Eight immigration police arrived at Ashdod police and performed a search of the activists' belongings. The detainees will then be transferred to the Immigration Administration in Holon. The police will take their fingerprints, and then send them to Ben Gurion Airport, where each one will face a hearing before the Interior Ministry before being deported.

Obama will get a pass on this one without saying a word and the story will die as the zionist run corporate media will remain quiet and if not totally silent will marginalize Cynthia McKinney again.

Paul Craig Roberts is not silent.

The US talks a good “human rights” game, but never delivers--especially if the human rights abuser is Israel. After all, Israel owns the US Congress and President Obama. Israel even has an Israeli citizen and former member of the Israeli Defense Forces as the Chief-of-Staff in Obama’s White House. Israel owns millions of American “Christian Zionists” and “rapture evangelicans.” When it comes to Israel, the American government is a puppet state. It does what it is told.

Macho Americans might stand tall, but not when Israel snaps its fingers.

Israel, of course, will get away with a mere act of piracy. After all, Israel has been getting away with its war crimes and violations of international law for 60 years. If the UN tries to do anything, the US will veto it, as the US has done for decades.

Meanwhile, California, which has become a failed state, has been denied bailout money from Washington. Israel, which has been a failed state for 60 years, can, unlike the American state of California, always count of Washington to deliver the money and the weapons to keep Israel going.

The same week that “our” government in Washington told the Governor of California “not one red cent,” President Barak Obama handed over $2.775 billion to Israel.

And so it goes. There’s no money for California, or for Americans’ health care, or for the several million Americans who have lost their homes and are homeless, because Israel needs it. Israel needs the American taxpayers’ money to that it can create even more enemies, and, therefore, need more American money to spend with the American armament industries to oppress more Palestinians and to make more enemies, requiring more American money to protect Israel from its folly and its evil.

And the brainwashed American public goes along year after year. {more}

And while California is bankrupt, Philip Weiss reports:
California's broke? State official leads panel urging investment in...Israel

Here's an invitation from the vice chair of California's state Board of Equalization (which collects $53 billion in sales tax and other fees), inviting people to an "Investing in Israel" discussion with Israeli consulate officials next week. It's in West Hollywood. And it looks like the official, Judy Chu, is elected to the board.

Les Visible is never silent, although there is an effort to make him so.
Let’s see now… The Israelis invade Gaza and murder 1500 people in cold blood using banned weapons and destroying the infrastructure so that the people are now living in the rubble and… Obama says nothing. Cynthia McKinney along with a Nobel Peace Prize winner and 20 or so other people get kidnapped on the high seas, while trying to deliver aid to these people and this same psychopathic, thug nation or… should I call it a repug-nation? Well… this same murderous collection of international criminals hijacks their boat and arrests them and… Obama says nothing. {more}

Will we ever be free from the influence of the criminal state of Israel?

The WSJ and their shill Alan Dershowitz pretend that Obama may do just that in Has Obama Turned on Israel?
There may be coming changes in the Obama administration's policies that do weaken the security of the Jewish state. {more}
I'm not betting the farm on that happening.


  1. Also no word on Tristan Anderson, the young American that was hit by an Israeli tear gas shell during a protest back in March.

    Obama's silence on this and the seizure of the ship screams volumes.

  2. Am assuming the Green party is the enemy of both Democrats and Republicans. Am noticing a large percentile of commentary saying "Cynthia McKinney? leave her there." Am beginning to wonder if the U.S. gentry is even human. Reptilian at best.

  3. Jews own the USA and all banking industry. You are Goyim to them (less than animals) Obama, it is the opinion of many, is "on the down low" bisexual. The US Media is criminal and all Jew owned. People better wake up fast.

  4. She was just a U.S. presidential candidate, and now squirms in an Iskraylee prison..with nary a peep from the Vichy media. I can hkchardlee believe it!!! {Please excuse the goy attempt at chutzpah}
    God bless what was Andrew Jacksons America.