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Thoughts for the 4th
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Barbecuing Iraqis on the 4th of July
By Gary Corseri

Our present disjunctive world system could be compared to the “bizarro world,” of the classic Superman comics where good is bad, up is down—the world is a cube and all is backwards. But that, at least, would imply some kind of order. Maybe so. … The Chaos Theorists tell us that even chaos in extremis has a feedback loop of information and order is reasserting itself. Yin and yang, Shiva and Vishnu bound together like two suns exchanging star stuff. All well and good for the metaphysicians among us. For the rest: “Man that is born or woman is of few days, and full of trouble.”

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It's the Inequality, Stupid
By Vi Ransel

Our government, composed, ostensibly, of the people’s own representatives has refused to take the banks – merely corporations initially created to serve the needs of the people – in hand and deal with them. The tail has become the dog. The Federal Reserve and Rubin’s sorcerer’s apprentices of deregulation have unleashed the hounds of economic hell and allowed the few who rule from behind the curtains of the financial system to sit upon the rest of the American people as if on a throne. And by that I mean toilet. They’ve plundered and pillaged the United States of America into a reasonable facsimile of a banana republic after financial gang rape by NAFTA, the IMF and the World Bank.

As the financial aristocracy which holds the reins of the banks settles ever more comfortably into the driver’s seat of the rest of the American people’s lives, they strangle the entire economy, squeezing out every last drop of profit at the people’s expense. The level of inequality is staggering, and it’s being ratcheted up even further on the ski lift of excess to the summit of the sheer cliff overlooking the abyss of total economic collapse.

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Good Child Rearing Ends Wars

"Do we really want to have massive armies and jails and emotionally crippled adults forever?

"Must each generation continue to torture and neglect its children so they repeat the violence and economic exploitation of previous generations?

"Why not achieve meaningful political and social revolution by first achieving a parenting revolution?

"If war, social violence, class domination and economic destruction of wealth are really revenge rituals for childhood trauma, how else can we remove the source of these rituals? How else end child abuse and neglect? How else increase the real wealth of nations, our next generation? How else achieve a world of love and laughter of which we are truly capable?"

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50 things wrong with Cap and Tax: A Garden of Piggish Delights

Waxman-Markey is part power-grab, part enviro-fantasy. Here are 50 reasons to stop it.

By Stephen Spruiell & Kevin Williamson

he stimulus bill was the legislative equivalent of the famous cantina scene from Star Wars, an eye-popping collection of the freakish and exotic, gathered for dubious purposes. The Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill, known as ACES (the American Clean Energy and Security Act), is more like the third panel in Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights — a hellscape that disturbs the sleep of anybody who contemplates it carefully.

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How Can I Not Be Angry

Lately, as a woman living in Gaza, as a wife and more importantly as a mother, I faced many critical situations where I can no longer have the space, or the willingness, and the capacity to deal with it in a normal and calm way, especially when these situations are happened to be with my children, which make it even worse. Angriness occurred too quickly, patience is no longer available, and tolerance is a far beyond dream.

Of course all of these symptoms appeared after the cast lead operation, and after the continued blockade on Gaza. A state of loss, emptiness and anger overwhelmed not only me but for sure other mothers and wives but also the rest of the Palestinian people living under such in human circumstances in Gaza. A common complaints can show how both mothers and wives in particular are dealing with sever states of continues worry ness, anger, frustration and despair. The effect of such an endless struggle affects not only our relations with our children but also with our husbands and more importantly with our acceptance of what and how we became.

We are no longer the loving mothers, no longer the source of love, and security to our children, and no longer the source of support to our husbands, which widen the gab of emptiness and helplessness inside each one of us.

more: Najwa Sheikh Ahmed at The Peoples Voice

The Perfect Child

Sepracor hopes to market its insomnia treatment, Lunesta, for use by children.
Sepracor hopes to market its insomnia treatment, Lunesta, for use by children.

more sordid details: MSM Monitor

On the 2nd Amendment:

Let freedom ring...ALL Freedoms

Brady Campaign observes Independence Day by lobbying against liberty

Independence requires the will and means to preserve it

First, read the Declaration of Independence. When was the last time you read it in full, and reflected on its meaning, for the men who signed it, for the generation guided by it, and for yourself?
We will not disarm.

Joy in Mudville!

Now if all corrupt politicians would resign, we would really have reason to celebrate.

Sarah Palin resigning, political scandal
Sarah Palin looking into her future and seeing trouble?

Sarah Palin may be resigning due to criminal indictments or for the money.

This is clearly a political drama yet to explode. Somewhere is a scandal waiting to be uncovered. So much for Palin's righteous Christian integrity and belief in public service.

After almost eight years of the fraud of the 'War on Terror,' Homeland Security finally decides to re-open the Statue of Liberty. What... Did the Mossad/CIA promise not to attack it?

Independence and Liberty

The U.S. government intrudes into our financial lives in every conceivable way. Every industry is regulated by thousands of bureaucrats and millions of pages of federal regulations.

We have a welfare state only slightly less socialistic than that of most other Western democracies. We have the largest budget, the largest government program – social security – the largest military and the largest prison system on the planet.

And now we are facing a welfare-warfare state crisis that boggles the mind. The Obama administration has continued and built upon the foreign interventionism of Bush, expanding the war in Afghanistan and into Pakistan. On civil liberties, he has solidified most of the worst legal positions and policies of the Bush administration.

Independence from out-of-control government might seem like a dream now. But the ideas of liberty can be the most powerful thing on earth. To do your part, declare your own independence from the dominant statist zeitgeist, and spread the message of freedom to people you care about today.

Happy Fourth of July.

more: Anthony Gregory

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