Thursday, August 13, 2009

Al Gore opens new 'Cap & Trade Scheme' office in Nashville
"Send me your money and I'll change the way the Earth has been for the past BILLIONS of YEARS and the next billion years."

Volunteers to lobby for cap-and-trade
The activist arm of former Vice President Al Gore's nonprofit Alliance for Climate Protection has opened a Nashville office as part of a growing ripple of volunteers nationwide advocating a limit on greenhouse gases.

Called Repower America-Tennessee, the local branch says it's out to show the public that a clean energy economy will help solve the problem of climate change, among other things.

The Alliance for Climate Protection just started a television advertising campaign with a spot called "Family Values," talking about benefits of clean energy.The Tennessee group, which says it has 25,000 volunteers, is part of a grass-roots lobbying effort to try to pass the American Clean Energy and Security Act. It includes a cap-and-trade system for carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that come from coal-fired power plants, vehicles and other sources. {more - The Tennessean}

'Clean energy.' That's a buzzword phrase that's hard to argue with. It's what we all want.
But why should a handful of people make tens of millions, potentially billions, of dollars off of 'cap and trade' schemes. Altruism is not what it used to be. Save the world but make Gore a billionaire. His message is worth it 'eh.
Al Gore's personal worth when he left office was approximately $2 million. Today, with his cap and trade investments {along with other perks from rolling over in the 2000 election} he's worth $100 million. Wait till this rape of the American consumer is in full swing, Gore will make billions to further his ideals. {that is if the American people can afford it}

What!! Now there's a potential for tons of money to be made from controlling the .eco domain?
Al Gore and Mikhail Gorbachev battle for control of .eco domain

Al Gore, the former American vice-president, is at loggerheads with Mikhail Gorbachev, the Russian ex-president, over the rights to control a new “green” internet domain that could be worth billions.

The right to operate .eco — the green equivalent to or .com — could become available as early as next year after efforts to extend the web’s reach by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann), the body that oversees the internet’s structure.

The potential awarding of the coveted domain — a right that comes with a $100,000-plus (£60,700) price tag — has sparked a landgrab that has the two former statesmen pitted against each other.

Mr Gore has lent his support to an alliance called Dot Eco LLC, while Mr Gorbachev is indirectly linked to Big Room, a Canadian alliance, through the support of Green Cross International, the Swiss-based ethical and social causes charity that he founded.

In an attempt to secure the moral high ground, Big Room promises that, if it wins the contest, it will donate a quarter of the sales that it generates selling domain names to environmental and social causes.

Big Room is also pledging to ensure that it will award a domain name only to groups that provide proof of their green credentials, thus making .eco into a cyber environmental kitemark.

Trevor Bowden, a co-founder of Big Room, said: “Domain names are uniquely able to fight for our planet because they are global, accessible from any web browers, anytime, anywhere and already used by millions.

“.eco will open up a whole new suite of domains that will make it easier for ecofriendly businesses, organisations, and people to find each other and brand themselves online.”

He declined to say how much he would charge companies to use a .eco domain name if Big Room was successful, but added that the price would be “competitive with other internet names that are on the market”.

Last month Mr Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection released a green paper containing its pitch for ownership of the domain. The group said that it was “committed to operating .eco as a tight, customer-focused, well-run business in order to use our revenues to help the environment”.{more - Times Online}

The UN's Ban Ki-moon is riding the Gore train with statements of 'do it or die.'
"As we move toward Copenhagen in December, we must “Seal a Deal” on climate change that secures our common future.

We have just four months. Four months to secure the future of our planet." {more}
Four months to save the world...just in time for winter and those high utility bills. We'll be cutting about you Al?

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  1. Why do the sheeple in this country love this guy, I cant even stand looking at his ugly face. Excuse me but all this bullshit green crap is just pure propaganda, don't get me wrong I want a clean planet for me and my children. But this is not a static planet that we live on and climate changes is just that, it changes all the time. With or without us it changes . If you study this subject for just a short time you will learn about people scientist that study ice cores and can read our planets climates history dating back 100s of thousands of years, man that a long time. And this Al Gore band wagon is out of control. Greedy bastard he sickens me. I don't mean to ramble but this fucker even has a college level professor in my town pushing his crap at a local college. Making is students watch his movie and then talking about how fortunate this country is to have Al Gore. Dumb sheeple.