Friday, August 7, 2009

The Hidden Hand of the Internet

Find out about it Here

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  1. The Jew Function: Jews Solve Problem Of Over-Population, You See
    (Apollonian, 7 Aug 09)

    Indeed, so we see and CONFIRM Jews have control of internet and associated communications--no less than money and banking--this isn't something we didn't already know. For control of money gives control of EVERYTHING ELSE--and I mean everything--except for ur own most private thoughts, of course (so we hope and presume, anyway).

    So that's why I've said over and over and over u gotta be able to get out and talk--speak--w. people on a person-to-person -type basis with that religious-type conviction and bearing.

    And basically then, what would u say? And it would have to be there's reality that exists all by itself--an OBJECTIVE reality--it's what Christians mean when they say "God-given," because we (humans) didn't create it--it's NOT just something we dreamed up or imagine within our heads.

    This objectivity then is what's meant by Gosp. JOHN's thematic TRUTH VS. LIES. For truth then is necessarily founded upon this objective reality, objectivity the necessary criterion to truth.

    Jews say, on the contrary, that reality is what they say is true. "God," according to Jews, exists for Jews, as God is their slave, God not able to resist Jews; he just luuuuuuuuuuuuuuvs them sooooooooooo much, u see. It's really Jews that are God.

    And this big Jew lie works--that is, it works when u have enough stupid, over-populated gentiles who believe these Jew lies.

    Jews then proceed to expending these over-populated gentiles till there's less and less over-population, u see. Thus one sees the CYCLIC character of such population and socio-biology.

    I could go on with the further mechanics of this CYCLIC relation/process, next step being how Jews determine nature of reality in accord w. what's "GOOD" (Pelagian heresy)--but that would be superfluous.

    CONCLUSION: For us gentiles to survive, we only now have to get out the idea among fellows reality is objective, the basis of TRUTH. For note if there is no truth, then NOTHING MATTERS. And if nothing matters then why bother? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian