Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just trying to make a living

Some estimates are that in this county the unemployment/underemployment rate is over 25%. That leads some folks to go outside the law in order to survive.

The crime rate here is up and the police should be using their time to catch the real criminals. Until we address the legalization of marijuana, these photos ops and local news features will continue with no noticeable improvement in the lives of the county population.

As usual, the Nashville media is hyping the value of this crop at $2 million. Wow! Become a millionaire with only a basement, some equipment and a few seeds. Just don't get caught.

Sophisticated hydroponic marijuana operation found
A local husband and wife team were arrested Tuesday when a sophisticated hydroponic marijuana operation worth over a million dollars was found in the Liberty area of Cannon County.

Sheriff Billy Nichols along with the Cannon County Sheriff’s Department cooperated with the TBI in arresting the couple and confiscating the equipment, marijuana and 273 marijuana plants.

The TBI came to the Cannon County Sheriff’s Department stating they had an active marijuana drug case against Marilyn Greene, AKA Marilyn Campbell and requested assistance to locate the home on Bony Ridge Road and acquire a consent to search.

When officers arrived at the home, Gerry Lynn Campbell met officers at the door and after some conversation, produced a small amount of marijuana stating it was for personal use.

However, Detective Charlie Wilder noticed several stems that had been stripped of marijuana in the kitchen area. After that discovery, officers asked and were given permission to search the rest of the home and property.

Found in the bedroom was an ashtray with several marijuana roaches, glass pipe and rolling papers. In another room was four box trays with marijuana laid out to dry. In the kitchen was a set of digital scales along with a plastic bucket that contained a large amount of processed marijuana buds.

As the group were logging the items and photographing them, Deputy Fann noticed a trap door under a rug in the kitchen. He raised the door to reveal a set of steps leading under the house to the basement where they found a sophisticated hydroponic marijuana operation with 273 plants in various stages of growth.

The room had all the lights and starters, water pumps and a reservoir, fertilizers, written instructions and other paraphernalia needed to carry out the operation. There were three hydroponic tables in the basement, two were active and the other was ready to be set up. A freezer contained a large bag of processed marijuana.

Officers disassembled the operation and transported it to the evidence storage facility. The marijuana was bagged and transported to the TBI Crime Lab. {More}

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  1. With things getting tighter all the time, to spend money on this nonsense is itself criminal. The damn weed should have been made legal again long ago...

  2. No matter how broke the country is there will still be plenty of money to bust some victory garden growers. 273 indoor plants would yield a quarter to half ounce per plant dried properly. Sorry this is not 2million$ worth. Feds weigh everything including planters, water tables, grow lights. Anything with a leaf is considered dried ready to smoke product. Never mind "mother" plants which are used to make baby plants and have no thc or no intoxicating quality. They are always under light and thus never "bud". These people should have looked into the new LED light grow systems which some enterprising agricultural college students came up with.

  3. 273x14grams=3822grams

    3822 divided by 16(oz)=238.8pounds


    Notes:2000$ average street price for one pound dried and cured high potency marijuana.
    14grams average weight of half ounce of marijuana, full ounce is 28grams. Indoor plants yield only 7 to 14 grams. Outdoor plants can yield one pound per plant. 16ounces to a pound.

  4. Major error correction.






    3822 divided by 448=8.53125


  5. legalize it and stop making criminals out of people who aren't

  6. whoever put those figuers up top where way L.A. a pound of bud go for $4,000 minimum for some kush.....ya'll setup need to kum to kali

  7. This is a stumpworked leaf. I used to do quite a bit of stumpwork but haven't for a while because it is quite fiddley and the prep time is a pain.

    LED Grow Light