Thursday, August 13, 2009

Les Paul 1915 - 2009

The name of Les Paul will live as long as there are people who play electric guitar... his design and Gibson Guitar assures it.

He was a heckuva player as well.

A tip 'o the hat to an American icon.

Les Paul (1915-2009) Besides the solid-body electric guitar which defined the sound of rock and roll, his many recording innovations include overdubbing, looping, delay effects such as "sound on sound" and tape delay, phasing effects, and multitrack recording. Here, Les Paul and Mary Ford are hosted by Alistair Cooke on a 1953 broadcast of the legendary CBS show Omnibus.

There's No Place Like Home__1954

In an emergency which would you save first, your wife or your Les Paul guitar?

....Ok, give me a minute..... I'm thinking

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  1. Oh Nooooooooooo
    I did not know this. What an icon. His guitars are the best, can't think how many les paul's i've had, also like the old Gibson 335.

    I was in bands for many years. Although I played the odd fender stratocaster and telecaster, I found the gibsons were the best overall sound.

    Ah well, he was a great man and his guitars have been responsible for the worlds music