Thursday, August 6, 2009

Levon Helm - "Tennessee Jed"

A national music treasure, Levon Helm is still going strong at age 69.

Other great new songs are at his myspace page. Check out "Growing Trade" there.


  1. I saw part of that Levon Helm PBS show and Levon wasn't looking too healthy.

    He seemed to be having a good time, which is natural when 'pickin and grinning' but his facial features were ghastly.

  2. Cancer, surgery and radiation will do that to you.

    Here's to Levon.. who I hope continues making music for a long, long time.

  3. How come your "Blogs I like to Visit" are so recent? Oddly, every since you went down for a few days these have changed? What happened to the 'old' ones you liked? There's only one that is six months old.

  4. What are you getting at anon?

    Nothing has changed.

    Google updates the feeds on those links when google is working correctly.

    School yourself.