Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nashville Right Wing Radio Shill Gets TV News Story Pulled? Rehov...mossad asset?

An Israel first, so called Christian, Nashville talk radio host promoted anti-Islamic 'documentaries' from a jewish filmmaker that were shown last night at the Belcourt Theater. A local NBC affiliate dared to air a short feature on the story that was fairly balanced and to the point without interjecting an opinion. Well, that didn't sit well with the radio shill who has often proposed the bombing of Iran and indiscriminate killing of Arabs while continuously praising the 'chosen ones' and the land that 'belongs' to them. He had a little tirade this morning saying he would never watch Channel 4 news again and wondered if there was any truth in any of their news reporting.

Channel 4 was obviously afraid that this charlatan radio mouthpiece for Israeli interests might affect their ratings and so pulled the story from their website. They may have even gotten a few calls from the bobble head talk radio listeners. See here where the story once was with the video. Maybe none of us should watch Channel 4 for rolling over to the right wing propagandists.

MSNBC picked up the story and reprinted it on their site where at this moment it still remains.
Belcourt Shows Controversial Religious Films

French Filmmaker Details Persecution of Jews, Christians By Muslims

Reported By Nancy Amons

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Uniformed police officers stood outside the Belcourt Theatre in Hillsboro Village on Wednesday night as two controversial religious documentaries were aired for the public.

Even though the documentaries were not advertised on the outside marquee, and there were no advertisements in papers, there was still a large line that stretched down the street and around the corner to see the films.

The screening included two documentaries concerning the persecution of Christians and Jews by Muslims, both films by French-Jewish filmmaker Pierre Rehov.

"Very few people know that in 1948, 1 million Jews were expelled from the Muslim world, from Arab countries. These million Jews lost everything they had. I happened to be one of them because my entire family was expelled from Algeria," said Rehov.

The Belcourt is not normally patrolled by uniformed officers, but the event was sponsored by the local chapter of Act for America, a controversial group known for its anti-Islamic views.

"Tonight's film is called 'First Comes Saturday, Then Comes Sunday.' That's an expression that means a lot in the Muslim world. It means first destroy Israel, the little Satan, then America, the great Satan," said Michael DelGiorno of Act for America.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington, D.C., calls Act for America an extremist group because of what its founder teaches.

Ibrahim Hooper with the Council on American-Islamic Relations said Act for America fosters a climate of intolerance. He said the group does not think Muslims should be able to seek public office and cannot serve loyally in the U.S. military.

Rehov has previously been on a number of television networks. He is well-known for a documentary on the psychopathology of suicide bombers.

Later this year, he will release a film titled "The Path to Darkness" in which his crews filmed the step-by-step brainwashing of a suicide terrorist.

Anti-Islamic films are apparently OK but I wonder what would happen if the Belcourt Theater, a non-profit venue, showed some anti-Israel or anti-jew films. How about an al-Nakba documentary or maybe The Ringworm Children? Being a non-profit organization it would only be fair if they did so. But that might not sit well with their jewish backers.


  1. I saw 09'11"01 (or whatever it was called) at the Belcourt. I'd say that was specifically anti-Jew in many segments. That said, they rent out their theater to anyone. Looks like that's what happened last night. And yeah, that guy DelGiorno guy is a prick.

  2. taco, If you remember what 9/11 film you saw there, I would be interested to know.

    I know they rent it out but have they ever turned anyone down? If a 9/11 'truth' group want to have a festival, would that be allowed?

    That said, I like to pick on the prick.
    Someone needs to.

  3. Mossad asset? I don't know.

    I think there are enough propagandists and organizations out there who would hire the likes of Rehov to spread their hate and vile nonsense.

    Coincidentally, a few days ago a Palestinian friend of mine showed me pictures of his family from 1948, including pictures of his mother and her Jewish friend and neighbor.

    The bottom line is, Palestinian Jews, Palestinian Muslims and Palestinian Christians lived among each other with each other just fine. And contrary to what Zionist propagandists often say, the "holy land" was better and more peaceful before Zionism.

    Zionism can best be equated to neo-conservationism; one segment of society decides to follow an evil ideology and in the process ends up bringing down with it the rest.

    Hertzel is to Zionism what Leo Strauss is to NeoConism.

  4. I agree anon. Very good points.

    Mossad may still have connections with any propaganda group just as the CIA has many connections.

  5. And who will profit and expand from keeping up this Christian vs. Muslim series of wars?