Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pimpin' the Demise of America

The Outstanding Public Debt as of 09 Aug 2009 is:

$ 1 1 , 6 7 1 , 8 7 6 , 3 6 9 , 4 5 3 . 8 2

The estimated population of the United States is 306,704,639
so each citizen's share of this debt is $38,055.75.

Who Owns the Debt
As you can see, the largest slice of the pie, over 40%, is owed to the Federal Reserve.
The above numbers are probably the low end of estimates and there's much more debt to come.

This is where a chunk of our debt has gone.
See here for some 'official' numbers of US causalities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We know the death numbers are suppressed. It doesn't include suicides and the after the fact deaths of those who come home and die prematurely for reasons related to their war zone experience. The lessons of the returning Vietnam war vets, hundreds of thousands dying before their time because of physical and mental problems, will be repeated with the new wars.

More to come. Analysts Expect Long-Term, Costly U.S. Campaign in Afghanistan.

It's very common knowledge that the middle east wars are for control of oil, water, pipelines, opium and the zionist dream of a greater israel as the center of a world criminal enterprise. The 'Balkanization' of the middle east would go a long way toward achieving these goals and the amount of American lives and theft of the working class money is insignificant to the psychopathic, sociopathic criminals who are attempting to pull the strings.

The health care debate is nothing but a diversion to the real thefts going on. Provocateur enhanced 'town hall meetings' are not doing a thing to stop the bottom line stealing by the bankers and killing by the military corporate complex.

There seems to be one more big diversion coming. We can't worry about the crime scams if we are sick or scared. Not a single local TV news show at any hour of the day or night is not pimpin' the opening of school and the coming H1N1 'pandemic.' Gotta get that shot and up the debt by who knows how many more billions. Is this a criminally engineered bioweapon that even if it doesn't kill a lot of us, will keep us distracted for a long time.? Long enough for the thieves and killers to do more damage without a lot of attention focused their way?

Throw our money around like you are coke addled pimp Obama. It's what you are tasked to do. You are rivaling the Bush/Clinton/Bush corruption in deaths and destruction of our economy, lifestyles and rights.

"Good job Barack," I can hear your handlers saying. And to think that some folks thought you wouldn't bring 'change.'

Your controllers will let you live as long as you keep this up.


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  2. I've been thinking how this big health care hoopla is curiously timed with their upcoming faux pandemic swindle.

  3. Plus, Treasury Sec Geithner wants to raise the legal debt limit.

    Throw in the 23 TRILLION the Fed has handed out to their buddies and you're talking real money.

    All of this can't be chalked up to shear incompetence.

  4. Jaysus, Mary and Joseph and the wee Donkey too!

    "The estimated population of the United States is 306,704,639
    so each citizen's share of this debt is $38,055.75."

    I can never afford to move to America, my 38p bank account would be overdrawn immediately:)

  5. And those of us here can't afford to move away. Not that we would anyway.
    We have to stand our ground somewhere.

  6. "And to think that some folks thought you wouldn't bring 'change.'" What people failed to grasp with this catchy phrase is that the term "change," like the term "quality" is subjective. The promise of change or quality does not necessarily denote change for the better or good quality. Both terms can have very negative definitions. I do not recall Obama promising change for the better so technically he didn't lie and is in fact keeping his promise.

  7. USA Is Being Systematically DESTROYED: People Must Wake-Up, Most Urgently
    (Apollonian, 11 Aug 09)

    Saladin: comrade, u need to get a clue. Who do u think u're kidding with ur absurd lecturing about "subjectivity"?

    Ck out Alex Jones's "The Obama Deception." Obama HAS LIED ABOUT PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING he promised during the campaign--like about leaving Iraq, getting rid of Patriot Act, stopping illegal wire-tapping, etc.--practically everything, again.

    There has been NO "CHANGE" at all fm previous Bush policies which served purposes of CFR-Bilderberg and NWO (new world order) world dictatorship under United Nations (UN).

    Obama is pure psychopath, exactly as he's most recently made out to be as "the Joker." Obama is mere front-man/flunky who reads fm the teleprompter for purposes of disinfo and terror.

    Further, Obama is pure, crass USURPER who's NOT "natural born" citizen--perhaps not even a citizen at all--see So everything Obama has enacted is NULL AND VOID as matter of law.

    Note we're not merely in a "depression"--which has hardly even begun--WE'RE BEING DESTROYED steadily and systematically. Observe the real un-employment is 20% and growing--and with the increasing inflation, interest rates, now at artificial 0%, must go up, perhaps to double digits--we're headed for absolute, total catastrophe.

    On top of the impending economic disaster, Obama wants to destroy the health-care system and vaccinate everyone as means of birth-control, and further, threatening various nations with war, esp. in case of Iran. Meantime the construction of concentration camps continues.

    CONCLUSION: So people of the states' rights movement must accelerate their efforts. USA is finished, over, kaput--but US Constitution can and must be resuscitated, revived, and resurrected, along with Christianity, hence most intensive, necessary anti-semitism--to save our lives. For that's one large thing so many people forgot about Christianity--it's nothing if not anti-semitic, first, last, and always. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  8. I'm not lecturing, I'm stating a fact about the definition of a word. Coming from someone who either can't spell or is too lazy your accusation of me being absurd is laughable. And, I will thank you not to call me "comrade", a term I find most offensive, especially coming from someone who doesn't know me yet thinks I need to get a clue. Absurd indeed. Here's a clue for you, your perception of the term "Semite" is dead wrong.

  9. Saladin,

    You may not be familiar with A. He has been banned and deleted from here several times as well as across the internet including Visible's site. If one doesn't delete him or moderate comments, he just continues to come back over and over with basically the same rhetoric.

    He wants to start up 'debate' or whatever he calls it and to keep it going as if this is actually going to make some kind of difference in the world.

    Don't take it personal. He made derogatory comments towards someone else on another post already today. This is what he likes to do, although no one is interested.

    Others have called him a paid troll and accused him of getting their blogs removed. I don't know if that's true or he just gets some kind of strange kicks from stirring up shit.

    If you go a little hard at him, he responds with name calling, as if that hurts.

    He will most likely respond to my comment with...something or the other. are really unwanted here when you talk down to my friends.

    Take a hint. Find somewhere else to go.

  10. Kenny Only Needs Be Patient A Little While Longer
    (Apollonian, 11 Aug 09)

    Ken: it's called "DIALECTIC." Regarding "making difference," I consider dialectic useful for production of info. Observe I got great reaction fm "Saladin"--are u jealous or what?

    For example, note I'm "informed" by "Saladin" (incompetently, I think) about the word, "semite," my use of which I think is perfectly correct--so why couldn't u say something about that, eh?--but that's okay--I know it's not ur style for that sort of commentary. U're more a "political" -type blogger, most keen for socializing and "feel-good."

    Why would ur blog be removed for my commentary?--doesn't that tell u anything?--or confirm thereto? For if then what I say is not true, why does the blog have to be removed? Thought police only remove stuff for being truth and genuine information.

    U're unfair when u say I resort to "name-calling," which I consider I do only in retaliation. It's not too easy for a dedicated anti-semite like myself, u know.

    Don't get me wrong, I agree w. u so far as not being needlessly obnoxious, but if u ck, I only criticise for substantial, good reason.

    Ck it out Kenny: 20% un-employment, the worst depression since 30s--and interest rates MUST GO UP as there's nowhere else. We're being deliberately destroyed, and u want to knock me for rhetoric? Kenny--think, brother.

    Believe me, I agree w. u (to a great extent) about rhetoric--it's all for purposes of that dialectic, hence info. If the rhetoric isn't just right, u (we) lose for dialectic--it is the way I get info. So I freely acknowledge there's merit to ur method(s).

    I do pay attention to u and ur "standards"--u just refuse to appreciate. I think u have a certain style--or something--that works (to an extent), and I try to take due advantage. And I try to take note for what u leave up, and what u delete I try to do less of, etc., so u should give me credit.

    Thus I can tell u: Jew activity is extremely intense--as always--it really is the "only game in town," literally, as they're top criminals. But one thing they're especially most heavy with lately is "good-Jew" vs. "bad-Jew"--as if there are good psychopaths (Talmudists--Jews by definition).

    Visible, for example, obviously pretends to "good-Jew," along w. Rivero of there's even more of it on the "pro-white" blogs, like, and James Edwards at,, and all play the same basic game as English BNP, legitimizing Jews, pretending they're "white" (and again, that there are "good Jews"). (VNN) is also heavily into a funny game too, playing along with the previous-mentioned, though VNN always tries to pretend to anti-semitism too. VNN shows its subversive, destructive hand however, with intensive and thorough-going anti-Christianity and anti-reason--the anti-reason not so much noted by patriots.

    [----------see below for part two to above entry-----------A.]

  11. [--------below is part two to above entry---------A.]

    * * * * *

    U ask, "what's the use"?--but there will be use when excrement really hits fan, very shortly--have patience, comrade Ken--it won't be long now. Next step is intense inflation. Jews try to keep in topmost positions--ESPECIALLY in "pro-white" movement, VNN playing significant role.

    Two of the better people (even though erratic) now have gotten thrown in jail--Hal Turner and Bill White--they produced good info. Of course they (White and Turner) were too challenging to ZOG-Mammon, but u should appreciate them. U're too lackadaisical Kenny--I do good work for all my provocations which u fail to appreciate.

    My kind of movement has yet to take really effective root: a rationalist, militantly anti-semitic Christianity--thus a Christianity which appeals sufficiently to the sentiment of folk, but which then makes sense with reason and hence, anti-semitism.

    Ron Paul, for example, does well (well as can be expected, given circumstances), but he's weak on the Jews, and he tends to keep too intellectual and abstract. But we're actually doing better and getting closer--if u're for white Christians.

    My techniques and methods work: I have the enemy perfectly plotted and targeted; we only need more people to be less lackadaisical, more militantly Christian, meaning then anti-semitic.

    Kenny: u don't need "friends" like "Saladin"--and u shouldn't be just blogging to "make friends." U should have confidence as u produce INFO, and Apollonian dialectic is the way to doing it.

    All Jews gotta go, comrade Ken--that's the only real "revolution."

    U should consider difficult position I'm in: a dedicated anti-semite has it tough, esp. among those who are only out to make "friends"--esp. on blogspot blogs, the enemy's territory. But I heroically carry on nonetheless--u should be proud of me, comrade.

    After Jews have slaughtered scads and hordes of ur friends and family, comrade Ken--then u'll appreciate Apollonian "kill-em-all" anti-semitic strategy with distinct and detailed method and reasoning. Note how careful I really am--unlike Turner and White.

    But FIRST on the list to be exterminated are the leaders of the "Judeo-Christian" (JC) faction, though the rank-and-file of JCs are mostly just dupes and suckers.

    Note then lots of good work can be done prior to the shooting and slaughtering--as in way of demonstrating in front of the churches--as Pastor Carlson of

    So u can see comrade Ken--I give u all the good information, in detail, and backed-up with all references u need. Go ahead and roll-ur-eyes and commiserate petulantly with ur Jewwy friends--it won't be long now when "something has to give."

    CONCLUSION: Serious inflation is about to take off, interest rates MUST GO UP. That's how long we've got for this present, fleeting peace-time. Enjoy it while it lasts. Mighty Apollonian, heroic Christian soldier and future saint will fight doughtily onwards, little thanks to feel-good, "political-types" like u. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian