Sunday, August 30, 2009

WTC Demolition Slideshow

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  1. Amazing collection of shots, just amazing. I was on a conference call with two other women and we all had our televisions on.

    Both women were in good health but they were each highly psychic and about 20 minutes before they had both run to the washroom to be violently sick to their stomachs for no reason at all. Well, the one had had a feeling of impending doom for about a week before but could not trace it.

    Since the time of the Old Testament, there is one culture who has constantly kept up with their old traditions. One of those is the offering of burning victims to their Luciferian god, although back then he was Baal or Molok.

    Since 911 the world has become at an alarmingly accelerated pace, evil, as if there were more demons and satanic entities among us, I tender the suggestion that that blast not only knocked down buildings and offered many lives to Lucifer, it also weakened the walls between this and the unseen, giving hordes of anxious servants of hell the opportunity to escape into our world.

    We did get hit on a lot of levels. And despair, horror, and fear are a delicious meal for these creature.