Friday, September 4, 2009

Gatekeeper Glenn Beck-Attacks 9/11 Truth Again

Zionist shill Beck once again diverts attention away from the most basic of the 9/11 questions. His 'let it happen on purpose' is a joke. Not very many 'truthers' give a damn about Van Jones who is now an Obama administration lackey.

Show Building 7 collapsing the next time you want to talk about 9/11 Beck. Ask your brain dead audience how this could have happened. Or show some clips from your own Fox News on the Israelis arrested filming the attacks and dancing around in glee over the Mossad successful contribution.

Won't happen, ever, will it Beck?


  1. I caught part of Beck's show where he was going apeshit over Jones.

    He had listed on a chalkboard all of Jones' sins and the one that was written with the largest letters was the 9/11 truther charge.

    Some of the MSM are going batty, trying desperately to connect 9/11 truth with anti-Semitism, holocaust denial and the holocaust museum shooter.

    Methinks they're starting to get scared that too much truth is coming out.

  2. I don't think that is correct Greg.

    Yes they are talking more about the 9/11 Truth movement, but NOT because "more truth" is coming out, but because they are going to start rounding up "dissenters" like they have in pretty much every other country that the neoliberal economic "miracle" has been dropped on.

    Take the Psychology Today piece that recently said that "conspiracy theorists" are dangerous...

    They have to start justifying the idea that they can and should lock people up for "preventative detention" for the safety of the American People. "Truthers" will certainly be included in that first wave of dissenters.

    There is no real "Truth" coming out now that wasn't already there. We haven't got them on the ropes... they are setting us up for something. Either scrubbing us off the net under Obama's new telecommunications bill or a trip to a "re-education" camp.

    "I got my mind right boss" "I got my mind right boss"