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Is allowing the continued cost of Israel to the U.S. treason?

   There are good arguments that it is.....

Appeasing Israel: At What Cost?

Any objective assessment of this presidency would reveal its disproportionate pro-Israeli composition. Democrat Harry Truman, a Christian-Zionist, extended nation-state recognition to this Zionist enclave. Republican G.W. Bush, another Christian-Zionist, staffed his presidency virtually the same as Democrat Obama—with a vast cadre of pro-Israelis. With so little difference in perspective, it is little wonder there is so little difference in Israeli behavior. Or in the risks that this relationship imposes on the U.S.

This trans-partisan “insider” operation shares an allegiance neither to party nor president. Its only loyalty is to a shared covenant whose obligations to an expansive Greater Israel take precedence over U.S. interests. The scope and scale of this shared bias suggest that the only way for the U.S. to restore its security is to withhold funding for Israel, withdraw its diplomats and reshape its foreign policy around U.S. interests.
Should this latest occupant of the White House continue to act inconsistent with U.S. interests, this young Commander in Chief must be reminded why the Framers set such a low evidentiary standard for proving treason. As a former professor of constitutional law, surely he knows that a conviction for that capital offense requires only proof of “adhering” (or granting “aid and comfort”) to an enemy—whether domestic or foreign. {more - Jeff Gates}

Here's What Israel Is Really Costing American Taxpayers
By John Tiffany -  IT IS OFTEN REPORTED THAT ISRAEL receives about $9.2 billion every year in the form of economic aid from the U.S. government, but there are many billions of dollars more in hidden costs and economic losses lurking beneath the surface. A recently published economic analysis concluded that U.S. support for the state of Israel has cost U.S. taxpayers nearly $3 trillion. About 60 percent of those costs (about $1.7 trillion) arose from the U.S. defense of the ever-expanding Israeli empire.

Support for the empire comes to $1.8 trillion, including special trade  advantages, preferential contracts, or aid buried in other accounts.

In addition to the financial outlay, U.S. aid to Israel costs some 275,000 American jobs each year. The trade-aid imbalance with Israel is between $6 billion and $10 billion. The largest single element in the costs has been the series of oil-supply crises that have accompanied the Israeli-Arab wars and the construction of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. These have cost the U.S. $1.5 trillion, excluding the additional costs incurred since 2001.

The cost of supporting Israel increased drastically after the 1973 Israeli-Arab war. U.S. support for Israel during that war resulted in additional costs for the American taxpayer of between $750 billion and $1 trillion. When Israel was losing the war, President Richard Nixon stepped in to supply the Jewish state with U.S. weapons. Nixon’s intervention triggered the Arab oil embargo, which cost the U.S. as much as $600 billion in lost GDP and another $450 billion in higher oil import costs.

The 1973 oil crisis cost the U.S. economy no less than $900 billion, and probably as much as $1.2 trillion. As a result of the oil embargo the U.S. government created the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to “insulate Israel and the U.S. against the wielding of a future Arab “oil weapon.”

The billion-barrel SPR has cost taxpayers more than $134 billion so far. Making things worse, Israel gets “first call” on any oil available to the U.S. if Israel’s oil supply is stopped, according to an oil supply guarantee, which former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger provided Israel in 1975. The $3 trillion figure is actually too low, as it does not include the increased costs incurred during the year-long buildup to the ongoing wars against Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, in which Israel plays a significant covert role.
The higher  oil prices incurred as a result of the Anglo-American campaign against Iraq were absorbed by taxpayers. Israel also has many hidden costs to the taxpayer. “Loans” made to Israel by the U.S. government invariably wind up being paid by the American taxpayer as does the interest on the money to Israel. Thus, it is reasonable to consider all government loans to Israel the same as grants. Israel has received over $42 billion in waived loans. {source - AFP}

Israel has been often called the 51st American State, yet Israel does not pay income tax, property tax, sales tax or gasoline tax to America as U.S. CITIZENS do, in fact, just the opposite. Using one state as an example: Florida has a population three times greater than Israel, yet Israel receives millions more from Florida's tax dollars than the people of Florida do. Israel takes $1,800 US Federal Assistance Per Capita, while the people of Florida for example receive $900 U.S. Federal Assistance Per Capita. Since 1973, Israel has cost the United States about $1.6 trillion. If divided by today's population here in America, it would amount to more than $5,700 per person in current TAX DOLLARS. We need our TAX DOLLARS more than ever for our schools, roads, medical and social services, natural disasters (floods, tornados, wild fires hurricanes), and most of all, for our own state's security for each of our towns and cities across United States. America needs to be protected from both NATURAL and MAN MADE disasters, let the Israelis raise their own taxes to pay for their own actions, don't raise our taxes so we can give more to Israel.

There are nearlywhile our tax dollars are going to build homes in illegal settlements in Arab deserts, nearly 13 million children in America are starving, while we give away billions of dollars each year to Israelis who ritually throw away food at alters. Save American lives and your tax dollars, stop throwing away money to Israel.

According to the Christian science monitor, Since 1973, Israel has cost the United States about $1.6 trillion. Top Jewish senators and Jewish congressmen in the U.S. are voting to detour tax payer's money to Israel.

Contact your Congressmen and The President, demand that the money you pay from your taxes is intended to fix our roads,bridges, schools, medicare, social security, disaster relief and Americas defense against terrorism; "instead of going to Israel, Stop giving our TAX DOLLARS to Israel".
Israel does not help us in the so called war against terrrorists as witnessed by the Dancing JEW MOSSAD AGENTS of 911. We need patriotic leaders who will keep America's money in America and care more about American lives than non-Americans! {source}

The ascent of a minority of ambitious power-driven political operatives acting first and foremost for a militarist colonial power in a strategic region of the world economy represents the biggest threat to world peace and to US democratic values in recent history.

Think about it: Not only do the Zionists and their embedded clones rule the White House, they also have the political apparatus (left, liberal, center and right) to silence, insult, witch hunt and isolate any critic of their agenda, their organizations and of the State of Israel.

When confronted by a critic the entire apparatus brays in unison about ‘anti-Semitism’ and follows up with severe civil sanctions.

The Obama experience illustrates how a small, close knit, well-organized and well financed minority operating through prestigious professional posts and powerful economic enterprises can penetrate major political institutions, capture upwardly mobile politicians and ‘turn’ them into willing accomplices in promoting wars on behalf of a foreign colonial militarist power. {more}

Fully 13% of the entire US House of Representatives, 56 members, traveled to Israel in the largest AIPAC-sponsored fact-finding visit by American politicians ever conducted.

 The August congressional junkets were paid for by the American Israel Education Foundation, which is a non-profit foundation that is part of AIPAC.  The non-profit foundation part means that the trip to convince already acquiescent congressmen that Israel needs more aid and special treatment was more-or-less subsidized by the US taxpayer.  Taking congressmen to Israel to make sure they understand the issues properly is not exactly new, but the scale and seniority of the recent visits sent a clear message to President Barack Obama that he should not pressure Israel in any way or he will face bipartisan opposition, opposition that he will not be able to overcome.

Words like "disloyalty" come to mind immediately, but the AIPAC trips targeting congress are signs of a deeper problem.  Many congressmen undoubtedly display knee-jerk support for Israel either because it is career enhancing or because they are afraid not to.
{more - Philip Giraldi...The Best Congress AIPAC Can Buy}

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  1. Add in all that Wall Street money that MADOFF to Israel and what the Fed gave to Ziostan and you could easily add another couple trillion to the actual cost.