Thursday, September 17, 2009

Missile Defense - Keeping the War Machine Happy

Who Benefits?

The contractors who always need 'enemies' to keep the taxpayer's money flowing to them.

Russia, by selling missile defense systems to Iran.

Israel, who will want the U.S to supply them the same technology. Free of charge of course and maybe then even sell our technology to they won't feel left out.

Obama and Gates addressed the issue. I'll summarize.
Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran...

Fact Sheet on U.S. Missile Defense System

No matter what the economic problems are in this country; joblessness, homelessness, poverty, hunger, there's always plenty of 'cost effective' ways to keep the war machine moving along at full speed.

The insane costs of war and the 'threat' of war will kill us long before our 'enemies' will.

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  1. Israel has been selling US military technology to China for years now even though it's against the agreement between the US and Israel.