Monday, September 21, 2009

The Price of Pain - The real million dollar bust - The Gerry and Marilyn Greene Campbell Story

This is a follow up to a local story from August, Sophisticated hydroponic marijuana operation found and my own post on it. Thanks to Kim Davenport for this and giving us a perspective that the MSM rarely does.

The real million dollar bust

A CannonWire exclusive, as told by Barbara Broads.

It's the secret no one talks about.

“If you say it, everyone thinks you do it. That if you think it’s ok to legalize marijuana, you must want to buy marijuana. That’s just not so,” says Barbara Broads.

Barbara Broads, owner of Suprema Pizza in Woodbury, is Marilyn Greene Campbell’s daughter, Gerry Campbell’s stepdaughter. She stated that most people have been supportive of her mother and stepfather long before they knew the real story about the marijuana bust.

Even when they thought they were “just drug dealers,” because that’s only what the news has reported so far.

Anyone who has ever had or has a debilitating accident, disease or illness knows that the price of pain is high, both in money spent and lifetimes wasted, a thinly, shattered glass, often never recovered.

It’s the secret that no one really wants to talk about, that is, how your perspective changes when you or someone you love is in chronic pain. You will do nearly anything to make it go away.

That’s one of the many reasons hospice is so popular, because sometimes in the final part of the final days of life, your loved one is comforted with as much morphine as they can stand to ease their pain and suffering.

Shattered glass.

Gerry Campbell had a horrible accident in 1999. He ran off the Auburntown Road and his truck wrapped like a horseshoe around a tree. Responders thought he was dead when they arrived on the scene. He was immediately transported to a trauma unit. Usually if you’re there, you either die or spend a day or two at the most and transfer out, but he stayed ten days. Then he was moved to ICU for a couple of weeks, with a “turkey timer” stuck in his shaved head to monitor brain swelling. Then he moved down to a regular hospital room, then on to rehab for three months.

By all rights he should have died.

His is not an uncommon story, but what happened later, as you know, is.

When Gerry got out of the hospital, he was taking mega pain pills and his quality of life was poor. A lot of pain medications destroy the liver plus he had the additional complication of Hepatitis C, a liver disease.

If he had been taking the heavy pain drugs all the time compounding the liver issues with Hepatitis C, no question he would have died with liver failure years ago.

His liver is said to be 70% compromised. Of course when your liver goes, you’re dead.

So what does an old hippie in pain do?

The recreational user turned to what he knew would work, marijuana, to mitigate the pain and make it more bearable. He starts making his own medicine, which meant growing his own, for survival.

It was said he was able to cut down on some of the other harmful medication by substituting some of it with the marijuana.

To this day, he’s on prescription drugs, not morphine, but something similar, for the times when the pain is nearly unbearable. If he can get by with just medicating with marijuana, then that’s a bonus day for his liver.

Medicating illegally, of course, since that marijuana has not been approved for medical use in the state of Tennessee.

People know people.

Marilyn Greene has been a practicing midwife for over 30 years. A midwife and alternative healer, she found herself helping people when mainstream ways were often unsuccessful. She found Gerry Campbell, a kindred spirit, and they married.

Gerry’s wife Marilyn had a lot of contacts and they had a lot of friends. She ran upon people, and people who knew other people, that were dying of cancer or had other debilitating illnesses, or rather, they found her.

Next thing you know, they were growing enough for other people to use, too.

Barbara stated, “They were not selling the drugs to people who were sick, they were giving it away.”

Barbara stated, “I have an inkling that I know even back then, I knew who some of these people were, because there were people around when I was growing up that now I know had cancer or have died from cancer in recent years. I am sure it started with some of the people I knew growing up that were sick.”

“It’s a given that one cancer patient will know at least ten more cancer patients, and those people know people. All these people are desperate. They are all broke, and they are all hurting. And if they can get any relief, they’re going to take it. And if you’re dying, you really don’t even care what it is. Especially if it helps you live longer, and helps you not be as miserable.

“It mushrooms on you. You try and help one person, so they say, ‘you’re helping me and it’s helping, and I know you, and I know you’re having…AIDS problems or hepatitis problems, or whatever, maybe not the same problem as me…and I’m going to say, ‘I’ve got this friend, can you give them some too?’

“And they were giving it to these people.

“Even if the government’s paying, you’re paying, if you’re that sick.

“So here’s an alternative. It’s healthier, it can make you feel better, and someone is willing to give it to you.”

The cost of sickness.

Unless you live under a rock, you know that the health system needs overhauled, there’s no question. The question is how to get it done.

A medical emergency can often mean the loss of your home and your way of life because of a heartbeat that went astray.

People who once had nice home, cars, “stuff,” can lose it all in the blink of an eye when a catastrophic event occurs, in that the hospitals that helped you with their right hand come along with their left hand and take what you have when you can’t pay your bills. But the worst part of it, when your home, cars and things are gone, the illness and pain is sometimes still there.

“I can tell you. There’s a lot of people right here at home that are suffering now, and they’re messed up. It’s not like I can run down the road and find, (a.) someone who will sell it to me, and (b.) someone who would give it to me…more importantly.


“About a week after it had happened, I talked to her [Marilyn], and she said that they had talked, I didn’t know this, about moving to California, because there you can grow it legally, he can smoke it there himself, but they decided that would defeat the purpose.

“Because in California, the sick people can get it. In Tennessee, these people who they are helping, cannot. So if they moved to California, it would be safer for them but they would be leaving everybody here high and dry, which is actually what just happened now.

And with it, chronic pain, which never sleeps or takes a vacation.

Cancer, AIDS, MS, ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), and other chronic diseases where quality of life is sometimes questionable with mainstream medication find their quality of live improved in the alternative means of treatment, medical marijuana.

How it works.

“With cancer patients, it is a nausea issue and lack of appetite. You take the leaves, that may normally be thrown away, you dry them, pulverize them into a fine material, then mix with flour and water into a paste, bake it until it becomes “crackers.” What it does is quell the nausea and stimulate the appetite at the same time, and you don’t get the “high-high” that you get from smoking.

She stated that smoking it and eating it via the crackers are the two ways she knows about, and that is what she got from her two week medical marijuana crash education course.

What is was.

It was hydroponic marijuana, which reportedly looks different. The crop will be potent (if you started with good seeds) and clean.(1)

Hydroponics is an indoor growing method usually using an ebb/flow table which allows the grower to disperse water and fertilizer evenly throughout all the plants. On average, the type gown this way indoors has more dense buds of a higher THC rating because you can control everything from the light to the wind to the watering cycles.

THC is the chemical that makes you “high” and is concentrated in the buds of the plant.

There are male and female plants and indoor plants are usually started from clones (stem cuttings taken from the original and transplanted) which guarantee female plants that produce buds and also guarantees the strain.

On average, indoor plants grow shorter and bushier with dense buds, and outdoor plants grow taller and narrower with lighter fluffier buds. But it all depends on what type of marijuana you are growing and how you grow it. There are outdoor strains that are capable of yielding much more bud per plant than indoors, but indoors on average will give you a better harvest due to the control issue (light, water, etc.)

Also there are different varieties people have found that are best for different illnesses and not all varieties are the same.

The Million Dollar Bust.

When her mother teaches at Kaplan University, she stays in Nashville and plays free poker with some friends. So Barbara woke up to a phone call from the Davidson County Jail and said she thought, “I’ll be a son of a gun, I knew she would have too many beers at free poker one night.”

Barbara says her mother may have a beer or two on poker night, but she stays at a time share in Nashville, and she just knew she had been pulled over for a DUI. Maybe, she thought, she went over her limit and had three.

Marilyn tells her daughter she had gotten stopped with 4 oz. of marijuana. Barbara said, “You mean you don’t have DUI?” She asked her daughter to come and get her out. Barbara then called Gerry and she found that the TBI and Sheriff’s Department were already up at the house searching, which Gerry did give permission for them to do.

Barbara stated she didn’t have a clue as to the magnitude until she read the Courier report first, which stated it was a million dollar bust and 100+ plants. Broads stated, she didn’t have $150 three days ago, what is the deal? The next day she reads the Wire, and it says 273 plants, a million dollars, and some processed marijuana also.

The most amazing thing was the first night when she saw the picture in the Courier. She stated she “looked at the picture, and thought, oh my goodness, the whole underneath the house is hollow and it was huge, that it went on and on, and she thought, “How could I not have known?”

Barbara stated it was a masterful shot. When she went to look at the room the first time, it was a big letdown, because the room was probably 10x14 and not a mile long, like it looked in the photo.

She stated that in the corner there were some aluminum or other material that reflected light, so the person who took the photo positioned themselves in front of one table that had the tallest plants, with the reflection in the back that mirrored the plants. The plants are in a container, on a table and Captain Charlie Wilder was kneeling down. Those were the biggest plants in the photo. Her mom said the rest of the plants are just small ones that he’d just set out, and that you didn’t see a picture of those in the photo.

Also 8.7 pounds of the processed marijuana was leaves.

“It is what it is. They caught her in Davidson County selling a little bit, that’s when they couldn’t make the bills meet, and that wasn’t to one of the sick people. It was a stupid thing.

“If they’d just never done that.

So where’s the money?

Three days before the bust, Barbara asked her mother if she could borrow $150 and she didn’t have it.

“When the sheriff’s department and TBI made the bust, they kept asking Gerry, ‘Where’s the money?’ My stepdad says, ‘There’s a jar over there by the microwave, I think I’ve got about $20 in change, and I’ve got $80 or $100 right here in my money clip. That is the money. That’s all the money I have…”

“They have two mortgages on their house; she has a list of credit card debt that literally is a notebook page written out each month so she doesn’t forget anybody. At the first of the year when all that credit card stuff went around, they really started getting in a bind.

“Their newest car is a ’97, they live in a house they built themselves over several years that started out as one little room…well…two little rooms…and grew from there.

Barbara stated what happened is they were giving it away. She stated because that #1, they are hippies, and #2, they wanted to help people.

She stated they didn’t have any money, “Because they did, they wouldn’t have been ‘hocking stuff’ for lawyer money.”

“What they were doing is illegal. I’m not arguing that. It’s the same concept of trying to help someone else without needing some gratuity yourself.

“Some people can’t conceive it [that there’s no money there]. The cops really couldn’t believe it. I’ve had people say, ‘Have you been out there digging in the woods?’ Ok, first of all, they own 70 acres. If there was money there, I could dig the rest of my life and not find it.

“But I know how they lived, I know what they have, I know what their debts are, I’ve got boxes of bills that keep coming in to show it, I know they have three jobs between them, and can’t make ends meet. So I know they weren’t selling a bunch of dope. They don’t go on a lot of vacations; blow a lot of money, so they couldn’t have been having a ‘million dollar operation’ because they wouldn’t be $300,000 dollars in debt. They would have at least, even if you wanted to live off the radar, your stuff paid for. You wouldn’t have $100,000 in student loans and credit card debts. You might not live ‘real high on the hog,’ if you were smart, but you wouldn’t live that far in debt, that you couldn’t make the payments.

“The police really had a problem with that. I don’t think they do now.


“It’s the funniest thing. They built the house from scratch, and when first they went there, it was all woods. They cut a mile right-of-way for the electric, by hand, by themselves. They milled the oak and made the paneling that’s on the inside walls of the house. They plumbed it, wired it, and built every part of that house. I didn’t get to see them build all of it (obviously) and by the time I saw the house, the room was already covered up. I have stood in kitchen, on the rug, on top of the trapdoor, about a thousand times in 14 years, with no clue.”

Marilyn has been a midwife and healer for over 30 years, has a master’s degree, and teaches at Kaplan University. Gerry is an e-Bay Power Seller and has lived in Cannon County his entire life.

She stated Gerry is a genus.

“The more people they found who were sick, that needed help, they wanted to help them and give them some, so the operation kept getting bigger.

She stated, “Gerry designed every aspect of it, and bought a little at a time, piece by piece, until he got it together. He got it up and running. It’s a newly efficient, maximized, expensive system, and they got it up and running.”

Gerry’s degree is in engineering. She stated that he could have sold the plans and a book and made money, and they wouldn’t be in debt.

What Barbara knew.

“It happened Tuesday morning, and Saturday morning, I went to a business here in town to get breakfast. I sat down with my food to eat, I heard the owner say to his employees, ‘Hey, did you guys hear about that big hydroponic bust in Liberty?’ I said, ‘Hey. That was my mom and stepdad.’ He ran over to my table and said, ‘What did you say?’ I said, ‘That was my mom and stepdad.’ He said, ‘Aren’t you embarrassed?’ I said, ‘No…I’m not on the front page.’

“I’m just amazed and blown away that we’ve made the news twice…Then someone saw me at the post office, and said, ‘I just want you to know I don’t think any less of you.’ Why would you think less of me? I didn’t do it! But that’s two people out of everyone I’ve talked to for three weeks. And about 97% didn’t know it was my mom until I said so.

“I’m not ashamed she’s my mom.

“Everybody thinks because it’s a small town, if you go to the bathroom, they know it before you flush.”

Barbara stated her whole life, she knew they smoked. She assumed there was some “out in the woods” for their own personal use. She never walked the woods because she didn’t care, and because they were adults.

At one time, she was mad at her stepdad and they fell out, so she moved out and got her own place.

After they built the new house, she stated when she came to visit, they would say they were going out to eat or whatever, and would ask her to leave. She honestly thought they thought she was going to steal something, and were still holding a grudge. She started not feeling welcome after a few years, even though she still went there some. What she didn’t understand then, but does now, that it was a small house, and if she’s watching TV or something, and if Gerry needed to go downstairs before the lights turned off, that he couldn’t. So they would tell her they were going to dinner so that she would leave. But they never did go out to dinner, it was just an excuse.

She found all that out a day or so before her mother turned herself in on Tuesday.

She stated that they have since had words about how she thought they didn’t trust her and told them that she had resented them treating her that way, because she got where she didn’t go for many family things, unless her brother came to visit.

Barbara’s now taking care of the house, the dogs, if something is sold, whatever. She states that anyone can put her on a polygraph, take a sample of her hair, because she doesn’t smoke, search her stuff, but she’s as clean as it can get.

That’s why they protected her and why they gave her their power of attorney. But for 14 years, she thought that they thought she was a thief that couldn’t be trusted in their house.

She stated that there are some things she knew and some things she didn’t but she’s had a crash course in the past few weeks. She stated that she guessed she thought that you smoked the whole plant, but learned since that’s not so. The buds are what the drug dealers want because it has the most THC (the chemical that makes you high).

Gerry’s arrested: Marilyn turns herself in.

Barbara stated that Tuesday, Gerry was in custody. Barbara and Marilyn were talking to a lawyer, and Marilyn was getting ready to turn herself in. Barbara stated that she called Captain Charlie Wilder of the Cannon County Sheriff’s Department and asked him if they were looking for her mom, because they didn’t know if they were or not, and he said they were.

So her lawyer and Marilyn then went to turn themselves in at the jail.

A few minutes later, Marilyn and her lawyer came back, and the lawyer asked, “Can you call up your friend again, tell him we went to the jail, and they didn’t know why we were there?”

When Barbara called, Charlie explained that one of the deputies was there but that one didn’t have the warrant. The one that had the warrant was on another call. So Marilyn went to the jail first and the jail had no idea they were there.

It’s a small town.

She had been friends with Charlie Wilder and Charlie had ordered pizzas there, but the rumor mill was saying he thought she was upset. So she was going to text him, as he had helped her with advice professionally and she considered him a friend.

She stated that before she could text, that Charlie called her, because the TBI had asked him to.

Among other things, she told him, “That’s your job, that’s what you get paid for and I’m paying you to do it [as a taxpayer].

Is she sad he caught her mom? Yes. Is she mad? No.

Most people have been very supportive of her.

She closed the pizza place for a little while and everybody thought she was on vacation. When she reopened, they asked where she had been, if she’d had a good time. Unfortunately, she spent more time there when she was closed, moving Gerry’s eBay store in and moving things around so she could get a handle on it.

On the run.

“Mom said they knew the risks, but they felt the risk was worth it. And now they’re on the run. Frankly I figure that they’ve watched too much TV.

When they were released, they went to visit Barbara’s brother and sister, taking a trek to Gatlinburg then around to Las Vegas.

“When they left here, they had their car, which books for like $2,000, and $1,500. They also had some lighters they could pawn if they ran out of money before they got home, five or six of them, from his eBay store.”

(He traded in lighters, she states she is doing her best maintaining his eBay listings, and right now has about 500 active listings. She stays Gerry made around $30,000 last year from his eBay store. He buys and sells antique lighters, ashtrays, and art deco.)

She stated, “They did not show up on the court date and it is what it is.

“Charlie called me and he said, ‘The TBI is afraid that they’re getting ready to run.’ And I said, ‘Charlie, when I called John and he told me that they didn’t show up for court, I really didn’t figure ‘getting ready’ even figures in anymore.’ When they didn’t show up for court, I knew right then they made a bad decision not to come home from Vegas.

“I was already getting a clue beforehand because they hadn’t talked to anybody in a week or a week and a half since they left my sister’s. It doesn’t take a week and a half to drive back from Vegas. They threw away the cell phones. I’m already getting a clue that this isn’t good. But I was still giving them the benefit of a doubt until the court date. So the court date comes and they’re not here, they’re probably not ‘getting ready’ to do anything, you know.

“And then they’re like, ‘Well, if anybody can contact them, he’s got to turn himself in.’

Guilt by association.

“I was always brought up to say the pledge, I believe in this country, I love my friend Jennifer for defending us, I love our soldiers…I have a friend that’s a veteran, and he asked, ‘how did you come by these ideas?’ Because my mom is about as hippie as you can get and they don’t think like that. And I said, ‘I don’t know.’ But somewhere, I’ve absorbed something else and I love this country.

“I was also raised to believe that you were innocent until proven guilty. And that the constitution really did protect your rights.

“But let me tell you, that’s a lie. A flat out lie. I am a registered Democrat, I vote Independent, and after yesterday, I’m pretty sure I’ll be a solid Republican from now on.

“I found out yesterday, that even though there’s not a whisper of a hint of suspicion against me for anything, they now have the power to tap my phones, check my mail, watch my movements, listen to every noise I make in my house that they want to.

“And I’m not under any suspicion of anything.

“Just in case that my mom may call me. It hasn’t happened, and I haven’t done anything, but they can trample my rights into the mud and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. I’ve been almost numb trying to keep up the business, and my farm, and subbing [substitute teaching], taking care of their house, and taking care of the eBay store.

“Yesterday when I found that out, that’s the first raw emotion I’ve actually had, in probably two weeks.

“This is not that I’m going to make a drug deal or launder some money in the business…it's the principle. If I need to doctor my horse, it’s none of their business. If I want to talk to Michael, it’s none of their business. And this is going to go on indefinitely. It’s not like that they can tap my phones for a day or a week, they can tap them until my mom is found. If she’s not found, they can be tapping my phones forever.

“And you are guilty by association whether you have done anything or not, and once that happens, you don’t have rights anymore, apparently. And that blows me away. It’s one thing if you tell me I was under suspicion, or I was accused of something, or anything.

“But if you tell me I have done nothing, and you can trample my rights, right into the dirt? I have no rights. Basically, they can drive up beside my car and monitor my cell phone communications, they can tap Suprema’s phone, or the house phone.

Let me tell you, once you start thinking that, your phone starts making weird noises. Then you just don’t know. Then you have to think, why is everybody who’s called today, why are they all sounding like they’re in a well?

“I literally called my sister up when I was out yesterday. I said, ‘Look, don’t have any phone sex, because your twosome will be a threesome. Because anything you say is subject to be recorded. ‘

“So now my sister and I have determined that we’re going to start saying random things into the phone. You’ve got to have some humor somewhere.


“When generally honest people…get caught…they don’t have a clue how the system works.

“First of all, they’re hippies. It’s automatically in their mind; big brother is out to get them. I will point out that my mom’s big brother got elected president…I’m not sure how big brother is out to get them because her big brother is running the country.

“All the information that my mom and stepdad got from, I don’t know where, was wrong…they had in their head when they left on vacation, and if we could have talked to this man before they left, we would not be in the position that we are in today.

“Mom and Gerry thought their lawyer told them it could go Federal. That scared them because that would mean Federal prison. Then someone, maybe they watched too much TV…because they had some plants, and because they had some legally bought registered guns, some were antiques…that the Fed’s were going to come in the middle of the night, and this was after they had already bonded out. His bond was $1,300 and hers was $2,600.

“Hard time criminals here. Neither one of them had any record; Gerry had two DUI’s I think. My mom had nothing except for speeding tickets, most on her way delivering babies. That’s it. So this million dollar operation, $3,900 total bond for both of them. If this is really this big, I don’t see you bonding out for $3,900.

“They also thought that the Feds wouldn’t wait for the hearing, that they could come in the middle of the night, they would arrest them, take them to prison, and they would not get bond and would have to stay in prison until the trial.

“They thought they were automatically going to lose because they’re fighting the whole United States government who has an unlimited budget, and they’re broke. They would never get out of prison, not ever going to see each other or be able to talk to each other again.

“Part of this was hype because when Gerry was arrested that morning, Tuesday morning, Mom turned herself in Tuesday afternoon. They didn’t bond out for three days, I think. Mom said every time somebody opened the door, one of the officers, any of the officers, she said, ‘Please tell my husband that I love him. She told every single person.

“The morning of the hearing, Gerry called and left a message on Mom’s cell phone, ‘Would she please go get his prescription medicine.’ He had no idea she had been arrested. So, that panicked both of them.

“And they’re just in the county jail, and no one would even tell him that she loved him.

“I know they probably have policies on that, but you’re dealing with a 59 year old and a 53 year old who have never done anything and are now in this position and he didn’t even know that she was arrested.

“So now someone’s telling them that they’re going to the Federal pen and have to stay there until the trial, whenever that he is, and they’re going to lose, because that’s the government. You know, big brother is out to get them.

“That was the maximum sentence because the quantity, or something, I’m not exactly sure.

“The drug cops said the guns weren’t used in the commission of marijuana so they did not count.

“The thing is I found out yesterday…they were under the impression just because they had the guns, and it was over 100 plants, automatically that made it mandatory sentencing, twenty years in prison, and Gerry’s going to die in prison. This is what they left on vacation believing. That at any second, the feds were going to come, take them out of their house, take them to prison, no bond until the date, they’re going to lose, mandatory twenty years, Gerry’s going to die, and they’re never going to see each other again.

“That’s when they decided they’re going to visit my brother my sisters, and that way, at least the fed’s couldn’t get them until they came back for court. They went up to Gatlinburg first then to see my brother.

“And they were so paranoid at this point that when they left, the day after they bonded out, they left me their cell phones. They thought they would triangulate their cell phone coordinates and swoop them up from vacation when they were legally bonded and take them to prison. They were already in this mindset of full blown panic.

“And I don’t know where they were getting all this information because yesterday, when I met this guy who is our kinfolk, and told him what was going on, he said, ‘They’re nothing. We’re looking for pipelines. We’re looking for the guys that are bringing it up in eighteen wheelers and sending it on. This was in the basement. And there’s no pipeline. Once they realize there was no money, and no pipeline, and no big thing, they cease to exist. We send out a thousand BOLOS a day and this is nothing.

A knowledgeable friend of Barbara’s said the Feds don’t routinely kick in doors unless they think that they’re going to have a gunfight. What they usually do is call your lawyer and tell them to have you at a certain place at a certain time.

Everything they were upset about was wrong. Unfortunately they were already gone when everyone finally remembered there were cousins and others who would actually know instead of listening to all the misinformation.

Actually, according to Barbara, Gerry’s charge would be misdemeanor manufacturing and he would probably have gotten probation. Most likely he would not have even gone to jail. She said they had a great lawyer but they didn’t communicate, because she felt they couldn’t calm down enough to talk to her.

Barbara says Gerry’s first cousin is a drug cop, officer, detective, and has been doing that his whole career and has even dealt with the cartel when he was in the military, and his wife is a bail bondsman.

Free at Last, the Friendly Bounty Hunter Dog

It seems you are given a list of bonding companies when you’re arrested. Marilyn ran her finger down the list given to her at the Davidson County jail and chose one because she liked the name. It was called, “Free at Last.”

Barbara’s sister called the bail bondsman, at Free At Last, who has been nice up to this point, until he found out Gerry and Marilyn didn’t show, then his tone changed.

“My sister calls and tells them within a few hours, ‘This is what happened, they have not shown up.’ He said, ‘You got 48 hours to get my money, $46,500 in my office, in full, or I will hunt your parents down, I don’t care if I have to go to Cuba, Tahiti, wherever, I don’t care if I have to spend $300,000, it’s the principle, I do what it takes and then I’ll go after your little brother, too.

“My sister calls me, frantic, throwing up, in tears. And here we’re thinking, we called him, just a few hours after court. We’re saying, ‘Hey, they’ve done this, but we’re going to stand behind this.’ Because my little brother’s not going to lose his house. And this is the response we got from him.

Barbara’s brother put his house up on the bond, her sister paid more than half the lawyer, John and Marion, Gerry’s dad and mom paid the 10%, and Barbara’s dealing with their stuff on the ground.

Gerry’s cousin who is a bail bondsman, called the guy at Free At Last, just to talk with him. He stated that if he didn’t have his money in 48 hours, he’s going to go over in the middle of the night, kick their doors in, and seize their stuff, and then he’s going to hunt Marilyn and Gerry down if it takes him $500,000, and he didn’t care where he had to go to do it.

They plan on filing a formal complaint against him.

They found out later, that by law , they have eight months to pay the bond, so that means they have eight months to get them to come home, not two days like he said. Also whether they come home in two months or take the full time, it doesn’t tack on any more time.

Barbara states that if the bounty hunters finds them, at this point in time she doesn’t care how they come back just as long as they do. She just wants them home.

Just come home.

She’s worried about them because she thinks they didn’t think it though. You’ve got to have money when you’re running and you can’t run with a bad disease like Gerry has.

Barbara has found out though the knowledgeable cousins, even with all the charges, with even the felony (it was then a felony when they didn’t show up for court), that it’s all related to the same reason, that this is the first time they’ve ever done anything, and they just panicked.

She wants them to know it’s not what they thought it was and it’s going to be ok.

And she wants them to just come home.


Thanks to Barbara Broads for trusting me to tell the story.

Let it be noted that the writer of this article has never partaken of marijuana in any form, medical or otherwise, and never even smoked a cigarette, but understands chronic pain and is so very thankful to be, at the present time, free from it.

“But for the grace of God, go I.”

-Kim Davenport

Source: Cannon Wire


  1. great read, but very disturbing.
    And, btw, so the hell what if the writer did, has, or does smoke pot? So what??

  2. Consider this,

    United Nations' crime and drug watchdog has indications that money made in illicit drug trade has been used to keep banks afloat in the global financial crisis, its head was quoted as saying on Sunday.

    Vienna-based UNODC Executive Director Antonio Maria Costa said in an interview released by Austrian weekly Profil that drug money often became the only available capital when the crisis spiralled out of control last year.

    "In many instances, drug money is currently the only liquid investment capital," Costa was quoted as saying by Profil. "In the second half of 2008 [that is, when Pelosi, Obama, Reid, Bush, and Paulson got TARP passed] liquidity was the banking system's main problem and hence liquid capital became an important factor."*

    The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime had found evidence that "interbank loans were funded by money that originated from drug trade and other illegal activities," Costa was quoted as saying. There were "signs that some banks were rescued in that way."

    Profil said Costa declined to identify countries or banks which may have received drug money and gave no indication how much cash might be involved. He only said Austria was not on top of his list, Profil said.

    Makes you think, doesn't it?

    Because if hundreds of billions of drug money were used to rescue the banks, that would make the bailout the largest money laundering operation in the history of the world. Although not without precedent. (Somebody who really knows how this stuff works would have to tell me whether this would be in addition to TARP and the rest of the two trillion, or if the banks got a "short term loan" from the drug lords, later repaid by taxpayer dollars, or what. I guess we have to assume that "financial innovation" is just as prevalent in the drug world as it is in on Wall Street, so for all I know there were tranches, hedges, computer models, and everything else.)

    But make the assumption -- which seems instantly plausible to me, and I can't believe I wasn't cynical enough to think of it -- that cash from the drug lords was (and is?) a huge part of the bailout.

    Drug money involvement would explain why Afghanistan is "the real war" -- and why the Afghans are growing as much opium as ever (and that ring road is useful for other commodities than oil, I bet). Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Whoooooo!

    And now we know why legalizing marijuana, though passionately, and rightly, advocated by Obama's base, isn't on the table, next to the table, in the same room as the table, or in the same hemisphere as the table. I mean, not even a worthless, Beltway-style commission? But drug lords need their cash flow, too -- as do we.

    Hmm. Would that be why LIBOR, the privatized and opaque rate for interbank loans, suddenly spiked? Because the risk -- to the, er, health of the bankers -- really did increase? (And to think I put that down to market manipulation. I guess I'm not cynical enough.)

    As a friend put it to me in 1967, "The Revolution is over. The Mafia won."

  3. The reason why...

    The reason why the writer proclaimed up front to have never smoked marijuana is that the story was written for a small-town, mainstream, online newspaper.

    The writer was adamant that the story be taken seriously by the small, Southern, Bible-belt community for which it was directed.

    The point of the story was not about the writer's intent to push for legalization for any perceived selfish purpose, but to make people think.

    Therefore, the disclaimer.

    It was a disturbing story on several points.

    I cried when I wrote it.

    Kenny, thank you.


  4. Kenny, do you know anything about 'A. Peasant's' blogs, Twelve Bough and After Armageddon?

    Can't access either one???

  5. Same thing here Greg. "Blog not found." Hopefully it's a temporary google glitch.

  6. Nope, it wasn't a Blogger censor attack. Was able to contact 'Ms. Peasant' and found out that she was needing a break, but it looks like she might of changed her mind.


  7. Kim,

    I see from the comments on your site that you have indeed caused a few people to think. Perhaps even many more who are not inclined to put their thoughts in writing.

    Much kudos to you for the story.

    This is the kind of thing that can set the Wire apart from other local news sites.

    But now the pressure is on. We'll expect more of the investigative and human interest stories with an edge. I'm sure there will be, you're just getting started :)

  8. Thank you for sharing this. Marilyn is a good friend of mine and we were partners in our midwifery practice for three years. I had no idea about the grow operation, but Barbara's report matches 100% of what I know of Marilyn and Gerry. They had big hearts and struggled to make ends meet. Thank you for posting this.

    They turned themselves in yesterday. You can read the details at