Thursday, September 17, 2009

Racial Insinuations

A well worn technique to divide and conquer.

Diverting attention away from the real enemies who are right in in our face.

art by Brad Kendall

Using people from Joe Wilson to Jimmy Carter to 'Pills' Limbaugh, the spin machine injects racism into everything they possibly can in order to distract us. We're being beat, banged and stolen from but racism is the root of the evil of why we all just can't get along?

Anti-semitism is the other rallying cry. If you even mention the criminal activity and war crimes of a certain extreme and very small minority that has disproportionate influence on the policies of many powerful nations, you are labeled.

It is not racist or anti-semitic or what's next, anti-human, to point out the crimes of our time. From the black thug or the white redneck meth-head to the Wall Street, corporation and banker establishment working with corrupt politicians, criminals who destroy lives and steal should be the focus of our attention.

Name calling doesn't work anymore. It's been used so much that we have become immune.


  1. In Buckminster-Fuller's 'No More 2nd hand God' he writes:

    'You can't kill god by calling people names'


  2. "Racism" Is Legitimate Theme Marking Basic Alternative Loyalties, Ideals
    (Apollonian, 18 Sep 09)

    Racism is surely a diversion, I agree regarding whether Obama/Soetoro is lying about health-care (he is)--but still, it's excellent, most brilliant move on the part of the powers-that-be to keep the host people diverted and divided amongst one another, much as possible--and it works brilliantly, doesn't it?--but now, how and why?

    For it's a matter of being honest and willing to face-up to the basic meaning of words. And the proper answer then, to charges of racism or anti-semitism, is "YES, BUT SO WHAT?"

    For regarding racism, it simply means LOYALTY, that's all--and loyalty is a virtue, no matter what. And remember, u cannot help but to being racist one way or the other--in favor of mixed or non-mixed race--it's either-or.

    Regarding anti-semitism, it's mere simple matter of Christianity and loyalty to humanity or not. Jews are Talmudists, hence psychopathic monsters--and if not, then they aren't "Jews," right? And of course Jews can't just say yes or no--they have to start lying, esp. to themselves, evidently--thus we see they worship lies and lying, as per Talmud.

    Of course then, next, for many folks is racism for the connotation of "superiority"--which then only needs a premise. I think Western culture is superior, but I'm willing to admit that's subjective on my part--so what?

    So u see, it really is a brilliant and very useful move on the part of the powers--who really are quite clever and sublime. For observe, they (like Jimmy Carter, who does so at behest of Trilaterals [see and for expo/ref.], no doubt) make the raw charges--and then Barry Soetoro can sit back and play "mighty-white," so to speak, and pass it off as he does. Note how Obama/Soetoro always so carefully follows his script, a consummate actor.

    And it's a major, sustaining theme for these folks behind Obama, this "racism" business, designed to patronize a certain minority of people--not just a racial minority, but including all races who believe in "non-racism" as virtue--especially bolsheviks of the lower-levels, these bolsheviks seeming to make up a significant core group of "faithful" for the followers of Obama/Soetoro.

    "Name-calling" has always worked, and will always work as long as humanity remains human, for it's a legitimate attempt at characterization, accurate or not--it's like a game, but more, it's a trick and tactic of propaganda and war.

    So as u may know, I think the two basic sides for this great cultural conflict will ultimately be analyzable as Christian vs. Jew, those who are dedicated to TRUTH and Western objectivity vs. those who are dedicated to Jew lies, hence then "moralism," "good-evil" delusion/fallacy/heresy (Pelagianism), and the perfectly "FREE" human will, etc.

    CONCLUSION: And the "racism" theme is most excellent shibboleth, theme, and marker. Honest people acknowledge we're naturally all racist--AND SHOULD BE, as it is a genuine virtue--one only needs be rational about it. Dis-honest people insist all the races need to be raped in order to produce one homogenous race which then is supposed to solve some problem, that of pride and distinction, evidently--and note, it's still "racism"--only racism in favor of the mixed-race. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian