Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The thieves, liars, murderers and traitors return to Washington

Congress goes back into session which means the war on the American public is back in full swing.

As Congress returns today after a month long recess, lawmakers face a pileup of pressing legislation, from immigration to energy, that so far has been eclipsed by the all-consuming battle over health care.
This USA Today article doesn't even go into the wars. Not a lot of debate to be seen on the most hideous aspect of US policy.

Men with Guns, in Kabul and Washington
"Last year, while the U.S. government was spending nearly $100 million a day on military efforts in Afghanistan, an Oxfam report put the total amount of humanitarian aid to the country from all sources at just $7 million per day. Not much has changed since then. The supplemental funding measure that the White House pushed through Congress a few months ago devotes 90 percent of the U.S. spending in Afghanistan to military expenditures."{more - Media Monitors Network}
$100 million a day to protect the opium trade, pipelines and general destruction of a country for contractor/corporate profits would go a long way to curing some ills in our country.

Debate heats up as conflict in Afghanistan worsens?
As the Obama administration and Congress begin a heated debate about how many more American troops to send to Afghanistan, military observers, soldiers on the ground there and some top Pentagon officials are warning that dispatching even tens of thousands more troops might not ensure success.
Some fear that deploying more U.S. troops, especially in the wake of a U.S. airstrike last week that killed and wounded scores of Afghan civilians, would convince more Afghans that the Americans are occupiers rather than allies and relieve the pressure on the Afghan government to improve its security forces.

The heart of the problem, soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and some officials in Washington said, is that neither Barack Obama's White House nor the Pentagon has clearly defined America's mission in Afghanistan.{more}
The mission statement for Afghanistan must always include the same old Bush administration mantra;
al Qaeda, terrorists, bin Laden, nation building, democracy, etc. etc. etc.
It's hard for government  to come up with new lies, repeating the same ones gives continuity to the purpose. 

The 'vacations' in Israel by members of Congress during the recess assures the continued groveling to that criminal state.

"US Knesset Members Visit Apartheid Israel"
What do the following US Congress members have in common? They have foresworn allegiance to the USA and now serve Israel. {more - Greg Bacon}
Is allowing the continued cost of Israel to the U.S. treason?
Is Zionism a sophisticated Hegelian Dialectic?

The Wall Street Journal is a shill for the Afghanistan war and always has to perpetuate the lie that it all goes back to 9/11. Congress members probably read this crap and although they all can't be so stupid as to believe it, they will reaffirm the lies.....

The Afghan Stakes
But Afghanistan matters not because that's where 9/11 was conceived. It matters because that's where it was imagined.
Put simply, it was the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan that laid much of the imaginative groundwork for 9/11. So imagine the sorts of notions that would take root in the minds of jihadists—and the possibilities that would open up to them—if the U.S. was to withdraw from Afghanistan in its own turn.

The alternative is a winding and bloody struggle to defend and improve a hapless and often corrupt government in a godforsaken land of often (though by no means pervasively) ungrateful people. This is not the noblest fight, and no sane nation would wage it by choice. But we did not choose it and, if we keep our nerve, we can win it. Otherwise, the consequence will be ashes flying again in our own streets, something to remember on the eve of another 9/11 anniversary. {more BS}

All of this money for wars and killing and destruction while here at home an increasing number of Americans can not afford to bury their own family members.

Overload of bodies fills Tennessee morgues - Families can't afford burials
People who had next to nothing in life are facing even more hardship in death.

There are more unclaimed bodies at the Davidson County medical examiner's office this year, as families found themselves unable to cover the expense of a funeral and burial. So many bodies have been donated to science in Tennessee this year that the Vanderbilt School of Medicine and the University of Tennessee Body Farm have stopped accepting cadaver donations.{more}
The MSM is reporting at this moment (10:AM) that 4 more Americans have been killed in Afghanistan.  
I guess they will get a free burial.

Things are going deadly wrong in this country. The Congress and the Obama administration are filled with traitors whose masters are money and power.

But let's forget all about that and watch Obama speak to the school kids. They are the future you know. Future bodies for the war machine.


  1. Murdoch owns the Wall Street Journal and like his other media outlets, it spins stories constantly to keep these 'jolly good' wars going.

  2. 'Men' with guns? lol hardly
    Real men are unimpressed watching these chimplike zombie psychopath dangerous unreliable strombolian arrogant dismissive unemployable gutter class feral assholes.