Sunday, October 11, 2009

4 Suspects in World Trade Center Before 9/11 Doing Construction?

See commentary and more links here. More videos at Core of Corruption.

Jonathan Elinoff calls into Kevin Barrett’s radio program to reveal a story he is breaking about art students who lived in tents on the 90th floor of the World Trade Center. He claims they lived there illegally for months before the attack and that they were later arrested after 9/11 and detained as part of an Israel spy ring although they are Austrian and German. Elinoff claims that he has photos and that the “art students” had 3 or 4 tons of boxes, blue prints and maps of security check points.


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  3. No need Kenny, I'm a carpetlayer, steps are cool.There are 8 or nine steps involved in installing one step. Sometimes I'm stuck parking two blocks away, wheeling carpet and tools up the sidewalk with traffic ripping by. Can you imagine 110 stories of stairs? OMG

    I'm still curious about those WTC rooms with banks of batteries...

  4. They are apparently an art group called Gelitin. They list on their website, aside from pictures of them standing around with semi-hardons, multiple "performances" and art openings in New York around that time, one of which in 2000 was listed at the World Trade Centers.

  5. more insight into this story here.

    apparently the idea was to get pictures of them all standing outside the 91st floor of the trade center. That's why they had all the boxes and that is why they kept tract of the security passes... didn't want security people seeing them removing the window cladding and the windows.

    These guys have been doing their "art" for decades together. Many years since 911 and prior to 911. And aside from the fact that this took place in early 2000, these guys are clowns, not demolitions experts.

    I am surprized that Core of Corruption fell for this.

    But then again, the Core of Corruption "evidence" page seems to be dedicated to Jon Gold, a well known LIHOPer and hangout limiter over at 911 Blogger, so, this is not all that surprizing.

  6. Jeff Rense covered this in 2003... odd that Core of Corruption just now catches onto it...

  7. That's why I put the ? on the title willy.

    Thanks for the JG heads up. I hadn't gone that far into their website. Also for the rense article.

    C of C has a number of MSM videos with the 'prior knowledge' angle. Sometimes that focus may be a tip off to LIHOPers and disinfo agents.

    So is C of C 'poisoning the well,' with this artist story that may be easily debunked and so trying to cast doubt on the other Mossad activities of 9/11 that are often talked about?

    Anyway, their MSM videos are important historical evidence of planted stories, they do contain some truth, to turn opinion to the 'incompetence' side. A lot of money has been spent to 'upgrade' homeland security because of that 'incompetence.' And it diverts attention away from the more core issues.

    C of C.....controlled opposition?

    I hope not but the 9/11 truth and anti-war movements are so often getting their hearts broken.

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  10. "So is C of C 'poisoning the well,' with this artist story that may be easily debunked and so trying to cast doubt on the other Mossad activities of 9/11 that are often talked about?"

    Well, I would have to say, based on two things, that YES... C of C is poisoning the well on purpose.

    1. It took me all of 60 seconds to find all the info about Gelitin... which clearly points to them having nothing to do with 911. So of course, why is it that C of C put together this entire video and during their process, they didn't come to the same conclusion? They would have to have come to the same conclusion. And you can see that they include and then dance around some of the same facts that I bring up.

    So therefore, when they tie these guys into the "Israeli art students" or the "Mossad" agents who ADMITTED that they were there to "document the attack", what is C of C REALLY doing? They are exonerating the others by association.

    2. The inclusion of Jon Gold's ridiculous LIHOP "LIST" that takes up the entirety of C of C's "evidence' page is remarkable. As if the ONLY evidence is that "evidence" that an obvious controlled opposition agent like Gold presents.

    That is remarkable.

    So I have to say, even though when their first video came out, I too posted it on my site, these guys are clearly controlled opposition. Without a doubt.

    And lets face it. that is what "controlled opposition" does; they start out with something that gets people's attention and earns them credibility in the movement, then they "steer" the opposition in a direction that is counter productive.

    I was once told by a regional leader of the Truth Movement, right after she sold us out for a FEMA reconstruction contract, that I shouldn't trust ANYONE in the Truth Movement once they gain even a LITTLE national attention. At the time I was deeply into exposing Steven Jones' "thermite/thermate/superthermite/nanothermate" misdirection campaign.

    Her point was very simple: if the power behind this globalist agenda can corrupt and twist the hearts of senators, congressmen, generals, and presidents... exactly what do you think it can do to "activists"? What strength do you think they have that presidents and senators don't?

    This is what explains your last statement...

    "... the 9/11 truth and anti-war movements are so often getting their hearts broken."

    The ones they can't corrupt (read as William Rodrequez), they will kill (read as Barry Jenkins).

    I am glad you put this video up. We need to call out these C.O. ops whenever we can.

  11. That's a little misleading... Rodrequez is meant as an example of one they CAN corrupt(now he says he doesn't support "controlled demolition"), Jenkins as one they couldn't(they killed him (or just vanished him) 2 days before the NIST report on Building 7 came out, Building 7 of course was the building Jenkins was in just prior to it's "collapse")....

  12. Dick Eastman at rense posted on this story today but without anything new.

  13. This is what I just LUV about the 9/11 'Truth' movement.

    There are many who are convinced that they've unraveled the 9/11 mystery and that their interpetation and their's alone is the correct one and everyone else's is just bunk.

    While all this catfighting is going on, the real 9/11 perps are living large in Zionist think tanks and prowling the DC cocktail circuit, laughing and slapping each other on the back for being so clever at manipulating people.

    If we don't come together and learn to fight like one being, we're fucked.

    P.S. Even the biggest lie usually has some truth in it to make it sound realistic and that's the kernels that need to be found and used.

  14. I agree Greg,

    Infighting is exactly what the cover up wants.

    Now, how do we come together? That's a question that I certainly don't have an answer to.

    Maybe you or Scott could put together something to address that?

  15. Greg:

    I would have to agree. If you go back over the history of this movement you will find that the most vicious attacks on fellow Truth Advocates come from those who profess to want to control what topics are "safe" to discuss.

    In the past these controlled opposition elements have gone after those of us who focus on the controlled demolition investigation, Building 7, as well as the question of what hit the Pentagon.

    Take a look at Hoffman's site, Arabesques site, Truth Action, Jenny spark's site, and of course, Jon Gold and his people (many mentioned above) and they have exerted control over what is discussed at 911 Blogger.

    More and more, real Truth Advocates are rejecting the trollish behavior of these individuals. They are rejecting them because up until now, we are losing. And I mean that, though it is certainl not a popular thing to say, but it is still, none-the-less, a fact we had better address.

    When you say that even the biggest lie has some truth in it, I suppose you are suggesting that Muslim terrorists did in fact take over planes and attack us on 911? Is that a fair guess?

    Let me address this in this way:

    The Twin Towers could not have fallen the way they did without explosives. They were demoed, they didn't jsut "fall down".

    Building 7 could not have fallen at speeds that reach free-fall velosity (as NIST finally admitted) without the use of explosives to move structural material out of the way... it is physically impossible...

    Whatever hit the Pentagon was NOT a 757 flown by a Muslim extremist. There is no possible way that whatever was shown in the released Pentagon security video was a 757 flying level over the Pentagon lawn at over 500mph just a few off the ground. Impossible, didn't happen.

    These are facts, that cannot be dismissed. They are not circumstantial evidence of patsies running around in the U.S., they are not someone's hearsay evidence that someone SAYS they heard...

    they are, scientific, provable facts, not hearsay, not circumstantial evidence.

    And THEY are the very things that the kinds of people I am talking about have been telling us for years "WE SHOULDN'T TALK ABOUT".

    Do I think we have had enough of people like this? Absolutely.

    Do I think they have done enough damage to our cause by convincing well meaning advocates like yourself to look the other way? Absolutely.

    I mean, these people I have just listed have come out against people like David Ray Griffin simply because he makes reference to types of investigations that they don't like.

    David Ray Griffin? Come on now. It's pretty obvious what they are when they start to slight David Ray Griffin.

  16. When you say that even the biggest lie has some truth in it, I suppose you are suggesting that Muslim terrorists did in fact take over planes and attack us on 911? Is that a fair guess?

    No, it wouldn't be a fair guess and in fact, it's way off.

    Some 'terrorists' were in those planes and someone helped them crash into the WTC and the Pentagon (I'm not getting into what crashed into the Pentagon, that's just another convenient distraction that could be used to prove the 9/11 truth movement as frauds)

    Were Muslims 'jihadists' on those flights? Maybe but if they were, they were being used as pawns in a much larger scheme.

  17. Greg:

    "(I'm not getting into what crashed into the Pentagon, that's just another convenient distraction that could be used to prove the 9/11 truth movement as frauds)" Greg Bacon

    Ahhh, right... again the notion that the evidence or lack thereof at the Pentagon is all just an elaborate ruse designed to "suck us in' so that "they" can drop the bomb on us.

    And this faith based theory is founded on what evidence exactly? I mean I am just curious.

    What is the justification for the idea that if we look at the physical evidence of what did or did not hit the Pentagon,we will be struck down by the sudden release of all of those 80+ videos the FBI siezed right after the attack on the Pentagon?

    Just curious.

    "Some 'terrorists' were in those planes and someone helped them crash into the WTC and the Pentagon..." Greg Bacon

    "in those planes".. like Griffin pointed out recently, I would love to hear your evidence to that one. Since there were no "terrorists" listed on the passenger manifests, and since the videos of them boarding don't seem to be there either, and since the only "evidence" that supports this claim comes from the "20th Hijacker Trial" and therefore... from the Bush/Cheney administration... I would love for you to illustrate exactly how you come to that conclusion.

    For that matter, so would David Ray Griffin.

    Let me give you an idea as to what you are saying actually does for the greater threat to us right now.

    Since you and others claim that "jihadists" attacked us on 911 and were "helped" by some others... what you are actually doing is supporting the idea that the Global War on Terror does in fact have a legitimate foundation (since ultimately you seem convinced that the "jihadists" attacked us on 911).

    Do you see how that SERVES the NWO?

    Rather than having a completely fabricated "war on terror", your suggestion is that we have a REAL WAR ON TERROR and just a few traitors in our midst.

    That really doesn't serve our best interests, in my humble opinion, nor does it take into consideration the relevant facts about what happened on 911.

    My conclusion is based on facts.

    Yours is based on the assumption that someone is "setting us up" with the Pentagon investigation.

    Sorry, but I don't buy it. And you shouldn't either. I have read your work at your site. You are definately smarter than the Golds and Arabesques that promote such "faith based" controlled dissent.

  18. Allow me one more attempt to express what I am most concerned about, Greg. And I will do so with someone's writing that is clearly a little better than my own.

    "There is an astounding ignorance about the nature of propaganda and psychological operations (“Psy-Ops”) in our society today. Those without an education in the matter may wonder aloud how a website that provides “dissident” material could possibly be an agent of the state that it allegedly opposes; "after all," these people will ask, "if GNN is with the state, why would it run anti-Bush headlines? Isn’t "propaganda" something obvious, like the pro-military posters of the Second World War?" Well, yes, it can be; but propaganda – as disinformation – can manifest itself in many different, more complex ways. Recall that, in George Orwell’s magnus opus 1984, there are two notable parties seemingly at war with each other: the tyrannical state, which controls all of the mainstream media in a very obvious, overbearing way, and the “Brotherhood,” a band of anti-government rebels who subvert the state through open resistance and an underground literature trade. By the end of the book, it’s revealed that both the state and the Brotherhood are controlled by the same interests, and the tension between the two is essentially fictional; while the state controls the majority through blatant propaganda and a forceful subversion of human intellectual faculties, the Brotherhood controls the minority who, for whatever reason, see beyond the more obvious propaganda. By creating an anti-government resistance movement, the government of 1984 – the original “Big Brother” – ensures its own complete control of its populace, for even those opposing it are simultaneously fighting for it, albeit unknowingly."

    So you have the propagenda that is meant to control the population at large who will in fact believe anything they hear (the Glenn Beck and the Olberman fan bases)...

    ... you have propaganda working within the opposition that is meant to be discovered and discredited (Wood's "ray beams from space" or Reynolds "tv fakery")...

    ... and you have much more subtle and consistant control measures that are meant to last. These measures covertly distract opposition investigations while they subtly support the general thesis of the "greater war on terror".

  19. Thank you Willy for proving my original post.

  20. What? That if we don't "come together we are fucked"?

    Sorry, but I don't think it does us any good to ignore solid provable facts because someone somewhere suggests they are simply "a set up'.

    That's illogical.

    Especially when the people promoting that line of action are busy RIGHT THIS MOMENT undermining real truth advocates like David Ray Griffin...

    Jon Gold commenting on the greatest mistakes of the Truth movement:
    "You got that right...
    And don't forget the introduction of catch phrases like "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB," "FALSE FLAG ATTACK," "BLACK OPS," "NEW WORLD ORDER," as opposed to "SUPPORT THE 9/11 FAMILIES," "ASK QUESTIONS, DEMAND ANSWERS," "SUPPORT THE 9/11 FIRST RESPONDERS," and "EXPOSE THE 9/11 COVER-UP."

    Sourcing holocaust deniers, racists, and bigots, and allowing them to speak at conferences, and represent 9/11 Truth.

    Putting all of our eggs into one basket. A basket that still sounds crazy to a lot of people.

    People promoting debunked theories.

    I could go on."

    With Mr. Gold constantly making the false equation of Truth advocates as "holacaust deniers", who needs Rumsfeld and Cheney?

    So actually, no Greg, I did not prove your original point. Nor did I prove your point that the Muslim terrorists attacked us on 911.

    We DO NEED to extricate the fake truth advocates from this movement and we do need to UNDO the damage that they have done, which is to further the notion that Muslim extremists attacked us on 911. The simple fact of the matter is, that just did not happen.

  21. Patriots Have To Get Serious Grip: We Know All We Need To Know About 9-11
    (Apollonian, 12 Oct 09)

    Hello Kenny: looks like u have lively discussion, this blog, on interesting new item, the "art students"--does this last detail change things or really add anything? I'd say it adds at most merely a slight new wrinkle, if that. All u really need do is place 9-11 in perspective of over-view and large history.

    And note again the scientific method which looks at things (all details), then by induction proposes an overall theory, and finally cks everything to see if ALL the evidence fits that theory, and that it's best theory compared to any other theory.

    Of course then it remains theory as time passes, and it has to stand up against any more evidence that's un-covered, and against any new theory. Such is science and inductive logic.

    And note this (theorizing) isn't rocket-science, but rather the same old study and appreciation of history in general (also then socio-biology or sociology). And of course, remember I always feature CYCLIC theory, as of the "genius of the twentieth cent.," Oswald Spengler, and his monumental "Decline of the West."

    Presently now I'm reading Griffin's book, "9-11 Contradictions," quite a devastating work. The great story of course, for Griffin is the INCREDIBLE effort of COVER-UP and mis-direction that's been done by 9-11 "commission"--and that's definitively revealing right there. Of course there's mass-corporate "Jews-media" too, which everyone knows about. So what more is really needed?

    And just lately, note we had the G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh, Pa., these NWO vultures planning the demise of USA, specifically US Dollar, scheduled to collapse soon. Don't doubt when Dollar collapses, huge, horrific change will take place in USA--this is regardless of 9-11, which however is significant detail thereof. For 9-11 played great part in things which is leading to this demise of USA and its currency, 9-11 the excuse for horrific genocide in Iraq where over a million now have been mass-murdered by our Judaic and neo-con overlords.

    So I submit to u, when u look at all things in historic over-view, u can see 9-11 episode best in perspective. Thus USA and its Constitution must be destroyed, finally and irrevocably.

    And there are two main factions comprising topmost Judeo-conspirators, (a) the CFR-Bilderberg (see and for expo/ref.) bankers and COUNTERFEITERS (see,, and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve [Fed] fraud) behind the United Nations (UN), these playing "leftists," behind Obama/Soetoro, and then (b) the Zionist/Israelis who, along with "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalist morons, play the "rightists," these then comprising the large charade for "Jews-media," "good-cops vs. bad-cops," for so many TV-addicts in USA.

    [--------see below for part two to above entry----------A.]

  22. [-------here's part two to above entry----------A.]

    * * * * *

    Another slight "wrinkle" is that lots of top "zionists" play a double game, as so many of them are also members of CFR-Bilderberg, like the "neo-cons." Thus one understand Zbignief Brzezinski's recent statement about denying Israeli air force jets to over-flying Iraq to bomb Iran.

    Thus there's basically only one more stage we have to go through--and it's very crucial for these topmost conspirators--that stage being up-coming HYPER-INFLATION, which will finally, definitively destroy US Dollar, rendering USA literally a third-world country. Note we have practically no heavy industry or significant manufacturing left in USA, literally.

    Obvious problem w. Greg Bacon is he's just another one of those who pretends there are "good Jews," like there are "good" Talmudists, like there are "good" psychopaths. Bacon isn't "anti-semitic," as he pretends so righteously--he's just anti-zionist--these people just fool themselves, thus playing Jews' game.

    Kenny, I submit to u, ENTIRE 9-11 "truth movement" is a joke and farce, for everything u need to know is entailed in Ed Steele's (see motto, "it was Jews, stupid." There's no such thing as "good Jew." What USA needs is Jew-Expulsion, for only that will achieve a real cultural revolution which is what USA so desperately needs.

    The only thing to bring folks together is something SENTIMENTAL, as so few people are capable of independent intellect.

    And main problem then for bringing folks together in USA is afore-mentioned JCs, slaves of Israel, who bleat like sheep that Christ was "Jew" (hence Talmudist), confusing poor people for distinction btwn Jew Talmudists and the Judean people, descended fm original Israelites.

    So comrade Ken, the only things left for 9-11 "truth movement" is insignificant DETAILS, that's all. U already know EVERYTHING u really need to know. And if there's ANYTHING u still think u need to know, I challenge u or "Willy Loman" to say what that is. 9-11 "truth movement" is itself just a DIVERSION.

    CONCLUSION: Only thing left to be done is to save USA fm Jews and NWO, this by means of saving US Dollar--which can still be done, don't doubt, though time is running. Interest rates will have to be raised, as under Paul Volker (who is a Jew), and USA will have to pull out of Iraq/Afgan, as well as NATO and UN, and this will require serious anti-semitism--some REAL CHRISTIANITY. "It's Jews, stupid." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  23. and of course, right on time, we have an anti-Semetic rant (ie. "the Jews did it") in perfect timing to prove Jon Gold's point... that we are just a bunch of holocaust deniers and anti-Semites.

    What a coincidence.

  24. "We DO NEED to extricate the fake truth advocates from this movement and we do need to UNDO the damage that they have done, which is to further the notion that Muslim extremists attacked us on 911." -"Willy Loman," October 12, 2009 10:41 AM

    * * * * *

    Perspective, Context Is Entire Key To Things Regarding 9-11
    (Apollonian, 12 Oct 09)

    "Willy," u need to explain what actual "damage" has been allegedly "done"--there's nothing significant, I assure u. A free press accomplishes everything u pretend u need. HONESTY is then the only thing u need fm individual people, along w. a little skill for INDUCTION and then scientific-type analysis.

    "[E]xtricate the fake truth advocates..."?--ck Gosp. JOHN 8:44 on Jews: "Ye are sons of ur father the devil, father of lies...."

    So all u gotta do now is remove (a) Jews and (b) those dumb gentiles who sympathize w Jews.

    "Willy," the main, principle thing u need to do for urself is to simply observe the MAIN, PRIMARY "game," so-to-speak which is going on--as it has throughout history: COUNTERFEITING which mechanism/operation then controls everything else. See, etc.

    Thus u see we've had these ABSOLUTE criminal conspirators in charge of USA empire now since 1913--almost a hundred years.

    CONCLUSION: And u think anything else of criminal nature could or would happen without topmost COUNTERFEIT conspirators' knowledge? It's u, "Willy Loman," wherein the problem lies. Get a clue, comrade. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  25. ZIHOPers, much like LIHOPers, suffer from the same problem; you can't get past the symptom to see the real illness.

    The illness isn't limited to one group ("Muslim jihadists") or the other ("Zionists") though there may be infected parties in both (Bin Laden did serve the CIA's interests in Afghanistan and Silverstein did profit from 911). But these are symptoms of the illness, not it's root cause.

    For that, we have to look much closer to home.

    Explain this to me: what is the difference between Israel's Zionism and our historical plight of "Manifest Destiny"? Is there one? Really?

    The truth is, zionism plays a small part in this, but no more really than christianity, or Islam, or Atheism, in my opinion.

    This isn't about religon.

  26. "Willy" Begs Question, Fails To Address Inductive Evidence
    (Apollonian, 12 Oct 09)

    "Willy," u protesteth too much. Ur fallacy is that of question-begging (presumption)--for what's wrong w. "anti-semitism" which is mere obedience to God?

    And don't forget Christ was anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13).

    Finally "Willy," note u need to address specific pt.s of my orderly detailed argument and theorizing.

    For all inductive evidence pt.s to Jews, esp. the topmost conspirators, as I note, e.g., the "Jews-media," and 9-11 commission whose director was noneother than Zelikov, the Jew neo-con.

    Then there was Silverstein, owner of WTC; the Jew/Israeli "security" companies which controlled all the airports as well as WTC; then there were the "dancing Israelis" who had cameras set-up before first 9-11 hit, Chertoff (Jew) then letting them go back to Israel. And don't forget all Chris Bollyn's material, Jews occupying all the key "gate-keeper" positions.

    Note then, given this evidence, Jews must disprove they should be top suspects--such is necessary inductive/investigative method, no? Talk to us, "Willy."

    CONCLUSION: And then do Jews disprove?--of course not; rather, they just try to intimidating people with a false religion to effect we cannot be anti-semitic--like u, eh? Does this material and info all confirm the inductive hypothesis, or what?--tell us. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  27. Scientific Theory Needs Logic, But Also Aesthetics, Context, And Proportion
    (Apollonian, 12 Oct 09)

    "Willy," u seem to have huge problem w. fallacy of question-begging (presumption) among other things logical and proportional:

    (a) Note that when u say, " can't get past the symptom," u seem to offer this as a premise which people should just accept on the way to ur subsequent conclusion. But "symptom" is precisely something u MUST PROVE first before u try to use it as premise to conclusion.

    (b) Same question-begging goes for ur "...illness isn't limited to one group"--in addition, it's almost entirely irrelevant except for fact Jews do indeed require the help of significant gentile faction, esp. afore-mentioned "Judeo-Christian" (JC) accomplices.

    (c) Similarly, ur pretended and false analogy of zionism w. "manifest destiny" is not only gross anachronism, but it also is rather irrelevant.

    (d) Similarly regarding "religion," ur statement is just more question-begging. For Jew Talmudism (see,, and for best Talmudic expo) is indubitably something to be examined and considered as it is used by Jews to excuse lying, cheating, and murdering gentiles throughout history as numerous respectable people have pt'd out, including many Jews too.

    CONCLUSION: So "Willy," u've got a huge problem w. basic logic itself, aside fm ur more aesthetic inability to seeing things in perspective and historical context, e.g., the USS Liberty incident (see 9-11 must be seen in context w. larger Jew COUNTERFEIT conspiracy, for example, again. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  28. Do you think it's really a good idea Kenny to have someone spouting this kind of stuff on your website? Especially when his name links to his site, where he says, on the front page...

    "Yes, once the jews have been destroyed we will have traitors galore to deal with but we will once again have the opportunity to restore this country to it's foundations."

    "... once the jews have been destroyed..."?

  29. "Willy," Wiggles And Squirms--Confirms For His Lack Of Logic, Honesty
    (Apollonian, 12 Oct 09)

    "Willy": why not just address the relevant, pertinent issues which have been brought--rather than introducing "red-herrings"--just like a Jew, eh? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  30. OK, A....

    We have had this conversation before. I don't want to go to moderation of comments or delete them. Just a few guidelines. Anything that can be perceived as hate speech or inciting violence is not acceptable. Civility is a good attribute. I don't want to have to go back to google to try and get this very minor blog reinstated as I did a couple of months ago. You know where that line is, no one has to tell you. Fair enough?

    willy obviously is not familiar with you or he would have just left it alone. You love these debates or what some may call pissing contests that accomplish nothing. You notice that Greg did not respond to you.

    And thanks to willy's last comment, I guess I found in a search where you have a forum at GA. If we want to read your latest we can go there. No need to repeat them here and no need to stir something up that we've heard over and over. It doesn't change peoples' minds about anything.

  31. "Trolls" Are Often Heroes
    (Apollonian, 12 Oct 09)

    Okay Ken: but note how "Willy" talks about the "subverters" in the "truth movement"--and then what does he do?--just like Jews and trolls--though trolls do provide a certain service as if there's a weakness in ur argument, they probe for it, the best of them finding it, even if only out of luck, making recipient then to complain so pathetically.

    And note "Willy" really doesn't have even the slightest sense of logic--do u think he's really a female?

    "Greg Bacon"?--don't forget there's yet another possibility for ur observation on his not replying--he simply knows what I say about him is the plain truth. Another thing is Bacon really and truly is the hysterical Pharisaic type who really does pretend to that pathetic self-righteousness--I can just see him sulking and pouting--my heart bleeds, as u can imagine.

    And how, comrade Ken, do u pretend to knowing what affects or "changes" people's minds?--it could be anything, u never can be too sure. For what is it that actually happens to "change minds"?--it's called INDUCTIVE LOGIC, comrade--like when that apple fell to the ground near Newton when he was out reading his book.

    CONCLUSION: Consider most honestly, comrade Ken--confirmed anti-semite as I am, do u think I'd very much lament ur losing ur Jew-overseen site on a Jew over-seen and -sensitive network? My heart sure would bleed for u, wouldn't it? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  32. Israel and US intelligence planned this for decades . . . who cares bc the USA is dead stupid no chance of justice ever congress a bunch of bought off thieves whatever just wait for their next "event"

  33. Update...