Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Middle Tennessee Taser Death

Tasered multiple times after being handcuffed according to witnesses.

Old Hickory man dies in Gallatin police custody

GALLATIN, Tenn. - An Old Hickory man arrested for filing a false police report died in police custody in Gallatin Tuesday night after being stunned with a taser.

Gallatin police are still investigating the incident and a cause of death has not been determined.

Tuesday night, at about 10 p.m., Gallatin police responded to a home on Trousdale Avenue in regards to a reported home invasion.

Upon arrival, officers encountered 33-year-old Jeffrey Woodward walking down the street carrying the knife.

Woodward told the officers he had placed the call to police and after surrendering the knife, returned to the home where he said someone was holding his mother against her will.

After officers determined his mother was safe and there was no emergency, they attempted to take Woodward into custody for filing a false police report.

A struggle ensued, forcing officers to deploy a taser.

Gallatin police said a taser device was used, but it didn't fire property and the struggle continued until officers were able to secure Woodward

Amanda Campbell witnessed the incident.

"They had the gentleman in handcuffs and they started tasering him about over four times," she told News 2. "All of a sudden, I see the dog attack him, he dropped down on the ground and the dog was on top of him."

Carrie Campbell also saw what happened.

"I almost was in tears, and actually right now, in my head, I can still hear him say, ‘Help me, help me, help me'," she recalled.

Once in custody, officers said it looked like Woodward needed medical attention.

He was taken to Sumner Regional Hospital where he died a short time later.

Sgt. Bill Storment, public information officer for Gallatin police said Woodward "did not immediately die as a result of being tased." He said he died a "short time later."

The incident remains under investigation.
source: WKRN Nashville
{see comments from those who knew him}

The Tennessean report
Neighbor saw fight

Shawn Hill, 22, of Gallatin, said he witnessed the struggle between Woodward and police.

Hill said he watched as Woodward ran from the police and dove onto the hood of a police car.

"All I could hear was tick, tick, tick, tick, tick (the sound made by the Taser). That was when he was on the ground."

Hill said Woodward's mother pleaded with officers not to kill him. He said Woodward was calling for help.

"He was yelling, 'Help me, help me,' " Hill said. "I won't ever forget that."

Hill said a police dog kept Woodard on the ground.

Storment said no charges are likely against the officers, and investigators have no reason to believe excessive force was used.

Hill disagrees.

"For somebody to die, you did too much," he said. {more with over 100 comments}


  1. 'FORCING officers to deploy a Taser...
    Another innocent executed so the Pig Scuzz Nazis can abuse anyone beneath them at their leisure.
    The tough-guy hair pulling head and body slam of the 15 year old girl caught on camera comes to mind. Elegant dinner tonite.
    Dead Pig.

  2. Kenny I want to ask if it is O.K. with you as I archived the whole article on soldier revolt on my site with full credits and links to you. My links to it disappear from time to time and that story is one I don't want to get away along with a couple of Rixon's pieces.

    Let me know if it is O.K. if not I will remove it.

  3. Mick, no need to ask. Use anything you want, anytime. Much here is 'borrowed' from other places anyway.

  4. I hope that your blog will participate in the Day of Blogging for Justice: Stop Taser Torture set to take place on December 4th.

    peace, Villager

  5. "... the tazering MAY have caused his death." newscaster

    Really? You think?

    "... dashcam video suggests something went wrong with the tazer FORCING the officer to keep tazering him..." newscaster

    Honestly, it's not my fault... the tazer MADE me do it...