Monday, October 26, 2009

The Daily Dead: Copter crashes kill 14 Americans in Afghanistan

10/26/09 - KABUL — Fourteen Americans were killed in Afghanistan on Monday in two separate incidents involving helicopters.

Seven American soldiers and three civilians were killed in a helicopter crash in western Afghanistan, military officials said, and in southern Afghanistan, the midair collision of two coalition helicopters resulted in the deaths of four U.S. soldiers. A spokeswoman said gunfire from insurgents was not to blame for the collision.

The spokeswoman, Capt. Elizabeth Mathias, would not specify an exact location for the deadly crash in the west, although she said the craft was a large Chinook helicopter and the military was “98 percent sure that insurgent activity was not involved.”

A reported 26 people were injured in the crash — 14 Afghan Army soldiers, 11 U.S. troops and an American civilian.

Before the crash, a team from the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force was searching a compound suspected of harboring insurgents involved in the narcotics trade, according to an ISAF statement. A firefight then broke out and “more than a dozen enemy fighters” were killed.

“As the joint force was departing the area, one helicopter went down due to unconfirmed reasons,” the statement said, adding that a recovery operation was sent to the scene to deal with coalition casualties.
Both helicopter incidents, Captain Mathias said, were being investigated.

“These separate tragedies today underscore the risks our forces and our partners face every day,"
said Col. Wayne Shanks, an ISAF spokesman. “Each and every death is a tremendous loss for the family and friends of each service member and civilian. Our grief is compounded when we have such a significant loss on one day. “I can never truly express in mere words our condolences for the families for their loss and sacrifice.”

ISAF also said it conducted four operations in eastern and southern Afghanistan on Sunday, killing several insurgents and detaining six suspected militants.

The coalition said in a brief statement Monday that two other American soldiers had been killed in separate incidents over the weekend in eastern Afghanistan. One died when struck by an improvised explosive device, the other from wounds suffered during an insurgent attack.{source NYTimes}

It's time to bring all the troops home. Dying in vain is not patriotic.

See: Chris Floyd's Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs: An Emotional Response
And as for judgments "clouded with emotion," let me say, in all candor, that I honestly don't give one good goddamn whether someone thinks my writing on this issue is "clouded by emotion" or not. I mean, Jesus Herbert Walker Christ, we are talking about arms and legs and heads being ripped from the bodies of women and children -- actual human beings, being slaughtered in our names, day after day. And for what purpose? Every ill and evil that the war purports to address is actually made worse by our violent occupation. Eight years down, and the Taliban is stronger, Pakistan is far more unstable, thousands more civilians have been killed, religious extremism in the region is stronger than ever, the opium trade is more virulent and more devastating, brutal warlords rule with impunity … the list goes on and on. And all we are being offered by our new "progressive" administration is more of the same.

I hope to God that I never write about atrocity, murder, corruption and brutality without a judgment deep-dyed with emotion for the vast suffering they cause. I hope my soul never becomes deadened to these horrors. {more}



    Kenny this was on Veterans Today and the former marine combat officer is beginning to sound like the rest of us.

  2. Worn out parts.. no maintenace.. war is expensive.

    Any mechanic will tell you... that even a little sand in critical parts.. is disastorous.

    There is a LOT of sand in Afghanistan. And there is little money left in the the United States.

    This war will break the back of the U.S. Military. IF Obama keeps on listening to his Neo-Con advisers he has surrounded himself with, both Obama and the entire U.S. are going to go down the tubes.

    Burgess Meridith to Rocky: Lights.. Camera... "C'mon kid.. what are you waiting for? This guy will kill you inside a three rounds... get up.. get up off the canvass... get up Rocky.. what the hell are you doing?"

  3. To die for an idea is unquestionably noble, but how much more nobler it would be if men died for an ideas that were true....H.L. Mencken