Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Daily Dead: Just a few more civilians in Afghanistan

The "heartfelt condolences" and “highly regrettable” words of the military for the killing of woman and children is not how you 'nation build.' It's how you pass off war crimes and what is an insane policy to maintain the dope crops, to keep the country divided and to have a launching pad for further mayhem.

NATO Airstrike in Afghanistan Kills Civilians
01 Oct. 2009
NATO forces in western Afghanistan are meeting with village elders after receiving reports that an airstrike killed at least nine civilians, including women and children.

An Afghan soldier (2nd R) talks with a NATO solider to set a checkpoint in Nad Ali district, Helmand province (File)
An Afghan soldier (2nd R) talks with a NATO solider to set a checkpoint in Nad Ali district, Helmand province (File)

Local residents said the attack also left several Taliban militants dead.

NATO said one of its aircraft dropped a single precision-guided bomb overnight in Helmand province's Nad Ali district after an extensive battle with insurgents.

Officials from the international military force are in the area to determine the extent of the casualties. ISAF spokesman, Colonel Wayne Shanks, extended "heartfelt condolences" to relatives of the civilian victims.{more}

Perhaps the most insane death of a child for these wars of profit and for Israel is that of what is being reported as a killing from propaganda paper.....

A young Afghan girl suffered fatal injuries after a box of public information leaflets, dropped from an RAF transport aircraft over Helmand province, landed on top of her.

The accident, which the Ministry of Defence said yesterday was “highly regrettable”, is being investigated.{more}


  1. This must be the new "protect the Afghan civilians" campaign the general was talking about earlier on Fux news. I was at someone else's house and had to suffer a few minutes of Fux. When I got home I took a shower.

  2. Gosh, didn't the Afghans watch that "60 Minutes" interview with the head war monger in that area, Gen. McChrystal?

    He said the old days of blowing up people using Predator drones was over that the USA was going to be their bestest buddy!

    Who they going to believe, the general or their lying eyes?