Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fox News shill says vaccine caused neurological disorders may be "Psychogenic"

Take your shot, take your chances.

Complications may not get much sympathy or help from the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies set to make a ton of money.

Any problems you have from vaccines are most likely 'psychosomatic.'

So say some 'doctors.'


  1. I was about to post a link to that here. This one will do however.

    German army says nein!

  2. Wrong link sorry

  3. I got my first government sanctioned 'vaccine' one day back on November 22, 1963.

    The side effects were a Mother Fucker.

    They gave me a booster on June 6, 1968 that came from Los Angeles...

    Another shot to back up the 2nd to make sure I got it and got it good and hard was on June 8, 1967...

    Must of been a lot of nasty stuff floating around in June 1967 since I needed TWO shots that month.

    They told me on September 9, 2001 that I needed a really BIG vaccine to protect me, but they wanted to give to me suppository style.

    Does that hurt and will it keep me from being attacked by Bin Laden and his posse, the Taliban?

  4. Avoid doctors like the plague. One will never become sick when using this attitude.
    ;Ancient 20th century whispered proverb.
    Author unknown
    Their coming,,
    Quick! this way!

  5. hmm one second please,
    nnyes you've got industrial disease.


    I know Sorcha/David Booth can incur the wrong conclusions at times but take a look at this. Apparently under Czar Alexander, V. Markovnikov discovered the bad effects of thimersol in 1928. He considered it so dangerous he refused to put the formulas to paper. It was smuggled out however and the rest is history. History nobody seems to hear about.

  7. That is some funny shit GB,best laugh I've had all day.

  8. Even my 92 year old mother who invariably obeys her doctor has announced, no flu shot for me this year.

    I listen to my elders.

    We have/are being played only if we let them play us. I am taking my toys and going home.

  9. 'pig flu vaccine psyops news for today'

    Noor, I think I have convinced my 83 year old mother not to take the jab but it hasn't been easy. Even my sister, a nurse, is not getting it despite pressure from the hospital where she works.

    Greg, those shots you mentioned that we took worked for awhile but I think they are wearing off. Is there a 'booster' coming soon?