Monday, October 5, 2009

H1N1 jabs a big success... next we have..."Cocaine Vaccine Is the Real Thing"

The goal of 'what the market will bear' vaccines per person, per lifetime, ever how short that may be, moves a step closer with another proposed one...the cocaine vaccine. They are only talking about it now for those already addicted but hey, babies may need it too...just in case.

A vaccine against cocaine was effective in nearly 40 percent of users of the drug, researchers said.

In a randomized, placebo-controlled study, volunteers who reached a high level of antibodies after vaccination used less cocaine than those whose response was lower, according to Dr. Thomas Kosten of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and colleagues.

But as the effect of the vaccine wore off, antibody levels fell and many volunteers returned to abusing the drug, Kosten and colleagues said in the October issue of Archives of General Psychiatry.
"We didn't expect to cure them in six months," Kosten said, "and we didn't."

But he said that other studies have shown that a booster shot every two months can keep antibody levels high enough to block the euphoric effects of cocaine.

"In clinical practice, you'd probably give people a booster shot every two months," he said, which, compared with some long-term treatments, is "pretty easy to provide."{read the rest of this bullshit MSM take of this bullshit study here}

If what the media is saying about people everywhere anxious to get the H1N1 vaccine, and if not too many die from it, the psyops of the 'vaccines for everything' is off and running.


  1. Will that cook down into rock form for smoking?

  2. The FDA and NIMH hav shown NO interest in researching ibogaine as a cure for addictions. It has shown a very strong propensity for curing addictions to heroin, cocaine, and alcohol. Unfortunately we only have anecdotal evidence until real studies are done - and they're blocking those studies. One person who cured their own addiction has been campaigning for years to get the NIMH to investigate but they keep turning it down.

    There are ibogaine clinics in other countries where you can get the treatment. It's a kind of hallucinogenic drug, but it's not really a "fun" experience. Users report being emotionally wrung-out by the experience as it shows them psychologically how they got to where they are now. Then, when it's over, many have reported that they have no interest in resuming the use of the drug they'd been addicted to.

    But, no profits for Big Pharma, so...

  3. I've read about the ibogaine 'treatment.' It should be an option.

    My good friend's brother od'ed and died after years of addiction at age 38. He would have been a perfect subject for ibogaine, willing to try it with an open mind.

    The stupid methadone plan he went through was worthless except to the pharma companies who supply it and the supporting cast of 'therapists' and system enablers.

  4. All those druggies are communists.