Monday, October 5, 2009

Leaving Afghanistan Is Not An Option...White House

Did anyone really think otherwise? At least the question was asked and by none other than Helen Thomas who also a while back asked about Israel's nukes but didn't get an answer.

We are never going to leave Afghanistan unless there is a complete fall of the U.S. government. Pipelines, opium, access to Pakistan and in general, war profiteering is much more important than mere lives.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs was unequivocal today when asked by press corps veteran Helen Thomas whether pulling all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan is among the options being considered by President Barack Obama as he reviews U.S. policy toward that country and discusses what should be done with top commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal and others.

Absolutely not, Gibbs said.

"That's not something that's ever been entertained," he said.

"I don't think we have the option to leave, that's quite clear," Gibbs added.{NPR}

Here's an idea from Greg Bacon.....
If the "Global War on Terror" is so important, here's what we need to do

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  1. We won't be leaving those EurAsian pipelines aren't up yet. We can't let Russia and China get the upper hand. So no matter what the cost in manpower and resources we'll be staying the course until mission accomplished.

  2. McChrystal will get all the money and troops he's requesting, Obama's just playing a game to keep his shrinking base still kissing his backsides.

    A couple more 'al Qaeda' recordings and we'll be shipping some more of our kids to die in Afghanistan.

    If AQ has been eliminated from Afghanistan, then hasn't the USA's "Authorization to use Military Force" against Afghanistan been completed and what in the hell are we still doing there?

    What about international law....? Sorry, had to throw that in for a laugh to keep from crying.