Sunday, October 4, 2009

No 'dum - dums' for you

Depleted uranium armaments are OK for use but you can't let a soldier use hollow point 9mm bullets. They might hurt someone unnecessarily.

I came across this post at The Peoples Voice which tells a story that comes from the depths of absurdity in the criminally insane wars of the middle east.
Soldiers accused of using 'dum - dum' bullets

Illegal ammunition found in possession of Danish soldiers in Afghanistan – accused face severe penalties

Three Danish soldiers have been sent home from Afghanistan and accused of possessing illegal ammunition by the military’s Judge Advocate General (JAG).

Two privates and an officer have been charged with having 20 rounds of hollow point bullets, also known as dum-dums, in their pistols.

Dum-dum bullets expand on impact, causing much more damage than conventional ammunition, and have been banned for use in military operations since the 1899 Hague Convention.

Peter Otken of JAG confirmed three Danes had been charged, but stressed there was no indication any of the soldiers had ever fired the bullets.

The case has led to an examination of all pistols being carried by Danish soldiers serving in Afghanistan, but no further illegal ammunition has been found.

Col Henrik Sommer said that he could not recall any previous violations of a war convention and the Danish branch of aid organisation Doctors without Borders has called the case ‘completely unacceptable’.

The three soldiers have been charged under a military penal code that could see them face life imprisonment. {Source}

Only the media with an agenda to make something sound sinister or unacceptable would even use the archaic term dum - dum bullets. I've never heard anyone use it in regular conversion. They're hollow points...

Most everyone who uses a pistol for self defense uses hollow points. They do the job better. Cops use them. Millions are sold each year, even at Walmart.

So having hollow point bullets can get a soldier life in prison but so far the use of white phosphorus munitions on the civilian population of Gaza has not resulted in any sanctions. Unmanned drones bombing wedding parties seems to be OK. Put a missile into a fuel truck surrounded by a bunch of poor people and their kids trying to get some free petrol killing over a hundred of them is acceptable in war. Tons upon tons of depleted uranium used in shells and bombs creating environmental and human tragedy for years to come is apparently just efficiency of use. The use of nuclear weapons is continually talked about as a possible 'necessity' to prevent Iran's nuke program from continuing.
But no hollow points for you.

Not OK                                                                                                        OK

Illegal                                                                                                        Legal

Potentially acceptable for use?


  1. It's a crazy world we live in.


    "dum dum" vs. "hollow point"

    Dum Dum or Dumdum comes from the Dumdum district in India where Britain first produced these "expanding" bullets during its reign in the region.

    Since then, that term has spread across much of Asia, Africa and Europe.

    Hollow point seems to be strictly north American.

  2. If I was a soldier in a battle zone I would get my hands on hollow points as quickly as possible. The only caliber where full metal jacket would be useful is the .45acp. Nine millimeter hollow points over penetrate and lose all energy in the process. If you have ever shot outdoors and retrieved the slugs .45 fmj actually expand a little bit. Bureaucrats running wars with rules worked so well in Viet Nam let's keep on doing the same thing and hope for different results. Not gonna happen no matter how ivory the tower is.

  3. Actually, I thought a "dum-dum" was a hollow point bullet filled with mercury or something else that would poison the target's sytem...

    That's what I always thought it was. I thought they were different from hollow point bullets in that way... is that wrong?

  4. willy, I think the term dum-dum and poison bullets have sometimes been used interchangeably but the original meaning is as anon above said.

  5. Maybe these Danes would rather risk a court martial than get shot at and blown up for nothing.