Friday, October 23, 2009

The 'Pay Czar' scam continues

"I will pinch the life blood from the middle and lower classes"
                                             Kenny Feinberg

The Obama 'pay czar' proclamations about controlling the wall street insiders pay is not about them, it is about us. It's setting the stage for the middle class to become the lower class and to sink into a caste system. This theater production will not harm the bankers, it is aimed at preparing  the rest of us to accept becoming one of the controlled poor through unemployment and the drastic lowing of income.
See: 9/11 Cover Up Arbitrator, Kenneth Feinberg, Named as Latest Obama Czar
Feinberg is saying that we had better be careful. All of those wall street geniuses may leave to a foreign country if their compensation for crimes is cut. 
Pay cuts run risk of talent exodus

Pay czar says limits are to shield taxpayers, not punish executives

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration's pay czar said Thursday that he hoped his move to slash the salaries of the highest-paid employees at the seven largest recipients of federal bailout money would not lead to an exodus of talent that would prevent the taxpayers from being repaid.

President Barack Obama praised the work done by Feinberg, who he said "was faced with the difficult task of striking the proper balance between standing up for taxpayers and returning a measure of stability to our financial system."

Feinberg's and Obama's comments came after the Federal Reserve proposed two initiatives to review incentive programs at hundreds of banks in an attempt to reduce risky practices that helped trigger the financial crisis."Compensation practices at some banking organizations have led to misaligned incentives and excessive risk-taking, contributing to bank losses and financial instability," Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said. "The Federal Reserve is working to ensure that compensation packages appropriately tie rewards to longer-term performance and do not create undue risk for the firm or the financial system." {read the rest of the cover up story}

It seems like the Federal Reserve is giving the talking points to the Obama administration using Feinberg as the front man for this current financial psyops. 


  1. FEINBERG is helping cover up 9/11 while his Yid bud, HELLERSTEIN is doing his part by delaying and obstructing the court cases filed by grieving 9/11 family members who refused to take the payoff and want some answers.

    Pay no attention to the facts that these two are hard-core Zionists and lovers of Apatheid Israel and that HELLERSTEIN has a son stealing land in the West Bank from Palestinians.

    Yep, no conflict of interest there, is there?