Friday, October 9, 2009

Peace problems require solutions - Divination of the Continuum

The psyops against the American people and the world continues...

Divination of the Continuum
art by Chris Sedgwick

A peace president won't increase troop levels. He would negotiate with Iran and Israel. He would end wars.

This would considerably slow down using up the inventory of the war machine and the need to procure more.

But you don't want the peace president to look like a warmonger.

So maybe you need some kind of 'catalyzing event' to get back in the money?

Or are you willing to back off the war thing for awhile in order to focus on some of the other items on the agenda; cap and trade, police state, some kind of corporate health care system 'upgrade,' hate/thought crimes, immigration/amnesty and on and on? The 'catalyst' can come later.

There are too many questions.Those pulling the strings also have questions. They too are unsure as to what will work.

Sometimes they are divining in the dark.


  1. War is the answer. Hail SATAN.

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  3. Maybe OBOMBA could fly a B-2 bomber over to Norway to pick up his PIECE prize and drop some bunker busters on Iran on his way to Oslo?

  4. The greatest gift the creator bestows upon us is the hatred of our enemies whom we in turn hate from the bottom of our hearts. Adolf Hitler