Monday, October 5, 2009

Stolen money for false security

The 'event' of 9/11 created DHS through lies and deceptions. DHS is attempting to create as complete a surveillance state as our stolen money can buy.

"We can’t just say everybody can go everyplace and do anything they want.”

New York's Ring of Steel Gets Wider
The city will use the $24 million provided by a grant from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to blanket the streets between 30th St. and 60th St., from the East River to the Hudson River.

Bloomberg, according to the New York Daily News, called the project the city's " No. 1 priority, and it comes before all fiscal concerns."

The original Lower Manhattan Security Initiative, modeled off of London's "Ring of Steel," allows police to watch over some of the most valuable real estate in the world, reports MyFox New York, from "Canal Street to Battery Park from river to river, a 1.7 square mile area in which the New York Stock Exchange, Federal Reserve, Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, World Financial Centers, World Trade Center memorial site, PATH train and numerous major financial institutions."

The Lower Manhattan Security Coordination Center, established last year in the Financial District, will operate as the brain of both security initiatives, processing the perpetual flow of images and data relayed by the technology networks. The command center relies on cameras provided by private companies and allows representatives from major corporations to work alongside police.
Despite the $24 million grant from DHS, Bloomberg remains irritated that more security assistance isn't forthcoming, according to the Daily News.

The mayor is also lobbying Congress for $40 million to complete a massive screening system for radiation-spewing "dirty bombs," but says the money is being held up by "politics as usual."

He contended that the money belongs where the biggest threats are, not where politicians hope to earn votes.

"They're trying to spread Homeland Security money around the country," he said. "They've turned it into pork barrel." {more}

Bloomberg is right about one thing. Homeland Security is a pork barrel. Even my town of 300 people has DHS money cameras. The money is being spread all around the country to condition a great number of folks into believing this is the future. For those that depend on DHS spending, it is. It's a big industry of fear with a number of mega corporations making the profits while trickling down a little to keep the scam going right to the local level.

We do have a security problem in this country.

There is a big lapse in protection from our own government and their schemes. The false flag of 9/11 was just a beginning.


  1. Luckily the third world service economy is running out of money.

  2. What about those London cameras that 'failed' on 7/7?

    And those CCTV in the Boston Airport that failed to detect the 9/11 hijackers?

    Next they'll want to put cameras in your bedroom to make sure you're not violating any sodomy laws by getting a BJ from your wife or girlfriend.

  3. Yeah, the cameras fail when it's convenient for a cover up.

    Last week our library's outside camera caught someone stealing a few bails of hay from a trailer parked across from it. No arrests yet. All the cameras in the world won't do a thing when there is no one to follow up.

  4. Satanic communist jews lurk around every corner!