Saturday, October 24, 2009

Traitors on Parade

Shoes fly as Bush tells audience, "I did not sell my soul"

A day after an effigy of the Grim Reaper stalked his speech in Edmonton, Canada, former President George W. Bush was on the defensive over his personal salvation.

Speaking to a $400-a-seat crowd in Montreal, Bush told the roughly 1,000 attendees that his presidential decisionmaking was principled and moral. "I am confident that I made decisions based on principle, that I made calls as best I could, and I did not sell my soul," Bush said.

Outside his speech, the scene was anything but calm. A throng of protesters burned a flaming effigy of the former president, who's taken his stump speech on the road across Canada. He'll speak in three Canadian cities over a period of as many days.

Did he have regrets? an audience member asked.

"I spend a lot of time thinking about Katrina, and whether I could have sent in the federal troops right away, even though it was against the law," Bush replied. He added he regretted the "Mission Accomplished" banner that accompanied him during a speech on an aircraft carrier after the early stages of his invasion of Iraq.

Protesters outside had more concrete opinions. A protest organizer encouraged Bush opponents to bring old shoes, in reference to an Iraqi who threw a shoe at the President during a speech late in his presidency.

Speaking to the Vancouver Sun, an immigration lawyer who was among the protesters said Bush was responsible for numerous deaths in the Middle East.

Bush is culpable for "cynically causing a war that is responsible for so many deaths and so much destruction," lawyer William Sloan was quoted as saying.

"He set back international law into the 1700s," Sloan added, "violating every convention possible and seeming to revel in it." {more - John Byrne at Raw Story via uruknet}


When Asked Where the Constitution Authorizes Congress to Order Americans To Buy Health Insurance, Pelosi Says: 'Are You Serious?'

( – When asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday where the Constitution authorized Congress to order Americans to buy health insurance--a mandate included in both the House and Senate versions of the health care bill--Pelosi dismissed the question by saying: “Are you serious? Are you serious?”

Pelosi's press secretary later responded to written follow-up questions from by emailing a press release on the “Constitutionality of Health Insurance Reform,” that argues that Congress derives the authority to mandate that people purchase health insurance from its constitutional power to regulate interstate commerce

Pelosi: “Are you serious? Are you serious?” “Yes, yes I am.”

Pelosi then shook her head before taking a question from another reporter. Her press spokesman, Nadeam Elshami, then told that asking the speaker of the House where the Constitution authorized Congress to mandated that individual Americans buy health insurance as not a "serious question."

“You can put this on the record,” said Elshami. “That is not a serious question. That is not a serious question.”
{more - CNSNews via Daily Paul}


Obama: U.S. - Israel Alliance More Than 'Strategic'

President Obama praised the historic strength of the U.S.-Israel relationship, calling it "a bond that is much more than a strategic alliance," YNet reported. "The American people and the Israeli peoples share a faith in the future and believe that democracies can shape their own destinies," Obama said in a videotaped message to Israeli President Shimon Peres' second annual Facing Tomorrow conference in Jerusalem. Obama also called Peres "a great statesman," noting that he has "contributed to a deep and much abiding friendship between the United States and Israel." The conference, which was attended by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, focuses on policy issues affecting how to create a better future for Israel, the region and the world. {source - illegal foreign lobby group AIPAC}

Also see: Why Our Congress Loves Israel So Much


The above is just a sampling. Traitors are everywhere you turn and they are not just the ones in power. By doing nothing, saying nothing and allowing the status quo to continue, each of us contributes to the traitorous agenda.

What to do? Les Visible today has the answer but it won't be easy.
The logical solution for the people of the world is to march into Goldman Sachs, J. P. Morgan, the Federal Reserve and The Rothschild banks and arrest every single person they can find and throw them in jail. Not much is going to happen until the obvious perpetrators have been stopped in their tracks. This is where the governments and world police; the standing armies of soldiers and lawyers get their marching orders from.

Here’s a simple fact. There’s enough, for everyone on the planet and more, to have whatever food and shelter they require. There is enough work for all the hands and minds that wish employment. There’s free medical for everyone who needs it and money to pay for it without batting an eye. All you’ve got to do is stop the engines of war and the obscene money sucking machines of the vampire bat bankers. The rich could still be rich and the poor could still be poor. You’re always going to have poor people, even Jesus the Christ said as much. Didn’t he say that the “poor ye always have with you”, or something to that effect? I think the same applies to the rich. There’s just not as many of them.

As much as I think the people really should storm Rothschild castle with their pitchforks and though they might well do… I suspect other forces are going to come into play because a statement is going to be made by the invisible about this ugly, ugly behavior that we are all a witness to. From the food fascists at Monsanto to their lobby goblins in the FDA, from the media whores in S&MSM to the industry trolls in the FCC it’s all the same; top to bottom scoundrels with hands the size of truck tires perverting and stealing everything in reach.


  1. The criminal when caught; "I know, I know."
    The traitor when caught; "Are you serious? Are you serious?"

  2. Speaking to a $400-a-seat crowd in Montreal, Bush

    Only $400 a seat to hear Junior? Sounds like Georgie is slumming it these days.

    GW was worried about the Constitution and law and didn't want to break either and send federal troops to help in NO?

    WTF? Since when did Bush worry about that 'goddamn piece of paper?"

    Sounds like Junior is still having those massive hallucinations.

  3. Some alliance.

    I guess if Netanyahu bent over and asked Obama to lick his bum, Obama would oblige in a heartbeat.

  4. Sell his soul? Don't you first have to have one in order to sell it? This is all so confusing.

  5. Totally, Dublin Mick. That`s just what I thought. You have to have one first. Then you say, "This is all so confusing," which is fucking hilarious commentary.