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Voices Against War and Lies

Bullets of Measureless Love - art by Victor Safonkin

What are US troop dying for in Afghanistan?
The American military is fighting in Afghanistan as part of a 21st century version of the “Great Game,” in which US imperialism is seeking to dominate Central Asia and its energy resources at the expense of its strategic rivals.
The ties between the Karzai brothers and the CIA are a further demonstration that “America’s war strategy” is a criminal enterprise pursued by criminal methods.

The interests of the working class in the US and internationally stand opposed to those being pursued through the killing and dying in the so-called AfPak war. Working people must demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all American and foreign troops from the region and an end to the drive for imperialist domination in Central Asia. {more - Bill Van Auken}

Obama and the "Predator Left"
Actually, Obama's constituency -- call it the "Predator Left" -- is delighted that its Dear Leader controls the machinery of arbitrary mass murder. After all, there are "reactionary" eggs to be cracked and progressive omelets to be made, and how can that be done unless the world's largest egg-beater is firmly held by politically correct hands? {more - Will Grigg}

Annals of Continuity: The Bush Regime's Arbitrary Power Over Life and Liberty Still in Force - and Still in Use
The president of the United States now claims the right and power to arbitrarily designate anyone on earth an "enemy" and have them seized without charges, held indefinitely without trial -- or simply killed outright. As we've often reported here, George W. Bush asserted these dread powers by executive order -- and as Ted Rall notes, Barack Obama has not only not rescinded them, he has made energetic use of them, particularly in his death-by-drone assassination program in Pakistan.
{more - Chris Floyd}

My Problem with J Street
It is one more voice pushing the same old agenda with slightly different window dressing.

J Street calls continued massive US military aid to Israel "an absolutely essential aspect of Israel’s security." If it is difficult to perceive any pro-American element to the J Street program it is because it is not about the United States at all – it is about Israel. J Street believes Washington should continue indefinitely in its role as Israel’s patron, security guarantor, and financial supporter.

Since its founding, J Street has been drifting closer to the Israeli government positions that it once seemed to criticize and, since I am naturally cynical, I might wonder if that was the intention right from the beginning. One might well question in any event why there should exist a lobby operating in Washington consisting of American citizens promoting the interests of a foreign country
{more - Philip Giraldi}

Nuke Gaza
Small in numbers but large in ambition, this extremist enclave {Israel} had no choice but to wage war by way of deception. The most insidious deceit was targeted, from within, at its purported ally to induce the U.S. military to lead an invasion of Iraq for its Greater Israel strategy. Absent an Israeli strategy able to sustain serial crises, a long-deceived public will awaken to the common source of the fixed intelligence that led us into the last war-and now seeks to induce the next.

As Americans awaken to how this duplicity proceeds in plain sight, they will see for themselves who and why. That knowledge is the threat that Tel Aviv most fears. As the facts become known, Israeli legitimacy will no longer be an issue. The only issue will be how best to dis-arm these extremists and how to hold accountable those lawmakers who enable this ongoing treason.
{more Jeff Gates via The Peoples Voice}

The poster shows widow Hester Wright, 22, and her son Josh.

Josh is holding a portrait of his dead soldier dad.

The poster originally read: "For their sake, wear a poppy".

Someone changed one version of it outside Gillingham railway station, in Kent, in England.
A number of other Poppy Appeal posters have been changed to make the original message read "For their sake, bring them home".
{source - aangirfan}

AfPak: Immoral, Illegal, Fattening
The only legal basis of our AfPak war is the Authorization for Use of Military Force passed by Congress on Sept. 18, 2001. Viewed by many as a “blank check,” it was condemned as an abnegation by Congress of its constitutional responsibilities to dictate when and where a president can wage foreign wars. In the Obama era, these concerns have vanished. If Obama, or any other president, can create any loose connection between terror and whatever aggressive military action he wants to take, he can take it.

That’s not what the founders had in mind when they gave Congress, not the executive, the power to declare war.
{more - Jeff Huber}

CIA Drones DO Violate International Law

The highly touted system for executing selected individuals is really no different from any other terror bomb. The fact that American operators use these drones to detonate Hellfire missiles in the middle of mosques, or funerals, or in homes, or in crowded vehicles shows a total lack of concern for killing dozens of innocent people who happen to be friends, relatives, or complete strangers to these targeted "miscreants." Killing a dozen or more for the sake of killing one man is no different than throwing a large pipe-bomb into a crowded theater or church. The use of large bombs to kill one man instead of acting responsibly within the accepted legal norms, doesn't demonstrate American technological prowess, it demonstrates cowardice. America has adopted nearly all of Israel's terror tactics in fighting this war, targeted assassination by drone happens to be one of the worst of them.

But we made even bigger mistakes, we embraced the entire racist Zionist philosophy of oppression that projects the opposition as less than human, mere livestock (goyim). Seeing those potential victims as cattle or vermin justifies using technological overkill to prevent risking the lives of any soldiers while exterminating them. The notion that American or Israeli troops' lives are more valuable than the lives of the innocent people they kill is an ugly racist policy. It must be easier for the little geeks in military uniforms playing with their joysticks in Nevada to murder dozens of Pakistanis if they dehumanize their targets, as cattle, or Hajis, or towelheads.

Pakistanis and Palestinians are humans beings, no different from the racist American and Israeli supremacists who plot their deaths to wage a fake war of terror. Think of the outrage that would be vented across this country if the Taliban or the Iraqis had nearly invisible little robot planes and they were lobbing bombs into military barracks, or into our churches. {Peter Chamberlin}

America's Media? A Colonial Force for Israel's Infallibility
Just recent examples of the Jewish media’s blanket love fest for Israel at the expense of our own national interest:
1. Not reporting on the Goldstone Report condemning Israel for its war crimes, criminal acts, and siege of Gaza, nor on Obama’s AIPAC directed rejection of it.

2. Failure by our networks to report on Israel’s newest Jewish spy who sold sensitive national secrets to Israel. (Only Wolf Blitzer, a former AIPAC employee reported the story briefly, simply to state that Israel is not implicated in any wrongdoing; a way to prepare returning to AIPAC after you’ve left CNN).

3. Not reporting on the embarrassing slap to Obama on its continued building of illegal settlements, demolition of homes in Jerusalem, and its military/police attack on Islam's third holiest site, Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

4. Not reporting on Amnesty International’s Report that Israel is controlling and depriving Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza of water to drink. It reports that the illegal settlers use more than four times the water allocated to the Palestinians. The settlers use that much to fill their swimming pools and water their gardens. This criminal act is deliberately ignored by the west lest it has to issue its usual mild “concern”.

5. Not reporting on the quick AIPAC driven retreat by Obama calling for Israel to freeze all construction of illegal settlements including the outrageous claim of “natural growth”. Obama has now abandoned another of his campaign and policy promises to directly remain involved in the peace process (piece by piece theft of Palestinian land) between the traitor Mahmoud Abbas who should resign if he has any dignity left, or be removed. And Netanyahu, the Nazi from hell.
A USATODAY report states that Obama’s top fundraisers have received the plumb jobs of Cabinet, Agency, and Ambassadorial appointments. (Top Obama Fundraisers Get Posts, October 29, 2009).
The story reports: “More than 40% of President Obama's top-level fundraisers have secured posts in his administration, from key executive branch jobs to diplomatic postings in countries such as France, Spain and the Bahamas, a USA TODAY analysis finds. Twenty of the 47 fundraisers that Obama's campaign identified as collecting more than $500,000 have been named to government positions, the analysis found.”

If you look closely you will find that the vast majority of these donors are Jewish, many from Wall Street, or Pro-Israel activists.

So why is America silent, confused, and supportive of Israel? Why do polls show Americans support Israel? Well, if your only source of information is our Jewish dominated media that inputs Pro-Israel Garbage, you’ll get Garbage out; in addition to the fear Americans feel to opposing Israel, knowing the caller has their phone number and address. They don’t want to hear a knock on their door, Shalom.

Why is our Congress so slavishly a doormat for Israel's Lobby?
{more - Palestine Think Tank}


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