Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We want an HR 1207 vote now...what's going on?

The Federal Reserve Transparency Act...

This bill is in the first step in the legislative process. Introduced bills and resolutions first go to committees that deliberate, investigate, and revise them before they go to general debate. The majority of bills and resolutions never make it out of committee.

Committees hearings have been held. When is there going to be a house vote? There are 300 co-sponsors. The vote should be now. Auditing the federal reserve is a necessary step towards eliminating it entirely and taking back the control of our currency.

There's a problem. Too many in Congress, including many of the 1207 co-sponsors, are bought, blackmailed and afraid.

It appears the bill is going to be stalled and castrated. At least this is what the Fed wants and it's hard to bet against them...they have an almost 100 year track record of control.

At least with a house vote on the bill as is, we will be be able to identify the traitors. We already know that the Obama administration, by its backing of the bankers, are traitors.

I'm pessimistic on ever getting real legislation passed to audit and abolish the fed. If we don't get it now, will we ever? Sometimes the traitors win but only when we allow it.

Cliff Adams has some ideas. I'm not sure about all of them, I would rather see prison terms for all involved, but it may be worth some thought.
How to get HR. 1207 to the House Floor
At the time of this writing (Oct 5, 2009), the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009, HR1207, has 300 co-sponsors. That is 10 votes more than required for a veto-proof majority. So what’s going on? Why hasn’t the bill come up for a vote? When 300 out of 435 members of the House of Representatives support a bill you would think it would be a no-brainer. But still it sits.

One could go through all of the mechanical details of how a bill goes through and gets out of committees, but they are only visible mechanics and not the engine that’s driving the machine. This bill is a very, very hot topic, as we can see from listening to Chairman B. and other cheerleaders for the Fed making speeches about dire consequences to the economy if the Fed’s "privacy is compromised". Foxes, you understand, need privacy in the matter of the administration of chicken coops; otherwise chicken coops would become frightfully disorganized, and might even descend into anarchy. Foxes also have very sharp teeth, and do not look with favor upon having the privacy of their chicken coops disturbed, especially when it might mean a transition from being a very fat and happy keeper of chickens to being a fur coat. A few trillion dollars buys a lot of influence even in today’s economy, and it would not be surprising if that influence is being very intensively focused on the defeat of HR 1207. So how do we break through that barrier?

Here is what I would propose as an amendment to Congressman Paul’s bill: Offer total immunity and amnesty to anyone and everyone that might be found to be involved in any type of embezzling, misdirecting, or anything that is illegal or inappropriate with all of the trillions of dollars that they have been jockeying around for the past almost 100 years. This would apply only to the first audit, for obvious reasons, and only with full cooperation from those who might need such immunity. I would even include immunity from forfeiture. What we would feel like doing if we discover that our friendly bankers at the Fed have been siphoning off hundreds of billions, or trillions, of dollars for private purposes or questionable projects is not necessarily what will get us the best result.

We cannot fix the past, even though we are looking at the potential discovery of the largest swindle in the history of the world, one that has lasted almost 100 years and involves trillions. The cost is too staggering even to contemplate. It is not just a matter of the money that may have been siphoned off of the productive economy into the pockets of big moneymen and into dubious coffers – the cost must be reckoned in terms of the spiraling, compounding productivity that this money privately invested would have caused, but didn’t. There is simply no way of recovering it – and no need to. What we do need is to re-start the upward spiral, by extracting the information that we have been lacking, and then acting upon it. This is the ball we need to keep our eye on, and to try to fix the past through recrimination and prosecution would be, besides futile, simply a distraction from a future that we owe it to our children and grandchildren to build.

Let us consider three main aspects of the proposal.
  1. We have nothing to gain, either tangible or intangible, from vindictiveness and "righteous indignation". It is the electorate (you and me) that was asleep at the wheel, and we cannot let ourselves off the hook by directing the blame at the foxes that ate the chickens. Foxes always do what foxes always do. Getting into a grandiose drama of moral outrage and indignation is pointless, futile and self-defeating. There is no restitution possible – chickens have been eaten and foxes are licking their lips, and we will find little meat on old chicken bones. What will make a difference is if the public gets an insight into how foxes manage to get themselves appointed as the guardians and administrators of chicken coops - and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Then there will likely be more chickens in our future.

  2. Here is the kicker – adding an amendment to ensure immunity/amnesty will call attention in a non-confrontational (some might say sneaky) way that there may in fact be some very, very high level embezzlement, misdirection and fraud; think of Enron with 3 zeroes added. No one speaks of it out loud in those terms, perhaps partly because the magnitude is to horrifying to contemplate, and partly from fear of the reaction. The immunity/amnesty clause would say it out loud in a way that will bring the thought to people’s attention without the backlash.

  3. It is highly plausible that the same heavy machinery that is in action to stop HR 1207/S 604 from passing will stay in action even if the bill is passed, and follow the audit from start to finish, hamstringing, delaying, derailing, sidetracking and obfuscating wherever possible. The immunity/amnesty clause will grease the wheels that will open the floodgates of information that is vital to the future of the Republic.
If this way of proceeding is successful, it will not only lead to the audit and possible dissolution of the Fed – it will also set a precedent for the larger transformation of the US government. One plank that is missing in the Ron Paul platform is the call for a very gentle and very, very thorough housecleaning, in every single agency of government. The very-gentle is the only viable route to the very-thorough. It is consistent with Dr. Paul’s and his constituents’ Christian spirit and follows the Lincoln principle of "malice toward none and charity for all." As I said, this only works one time; forgiving breaks in integrity in the past does not condone it for the future – but the future will be secured more by structures for transparency and by a new awareness of the electorate than by threats of retribution.

Let’s start securing that future now.
Source: Nolan Chart


  1. "...Enron with 3 zeroes added."

    Only 3 zeroes? He is being a bit conservative with his numbers.

    If the Fed Res was ever actually audited, I suspect a few more words with the suffix of illion would become as common as trillion is today. What comes after quadrillion?


  2. I guess it's just another coincidence that at about the same time the Goldstone report on Israeli war crimes came up and the House bill for a Fed audit started getting some traction, all sorts of war mongering about Iran started clogging up the news cycle, keeping people dumb and cowering in fear about some mushroom clouds appearing.

    Yep, it must just be my paranoia, no one in their right mind would connect the two.

  3. Paranoia will destroy ya.