Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1400 Vehicles burnt/melted near WTC on 9/11

The 9/11 Diane Sawyer interview with an eyewitness to the WTC7 collapse and the burnt vehicles.
Aired 6:50pm 9/11/01
Thanks to Facts not Fairies for the link. Youtube has removed this video.

Photos of the burnt/toasted/melted vehicles. Another unanswered question. Why would this happen?

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  1. An old saying; Destroying the Barn Swallow's nest brings about an ancient curse: Fire, Lightning, and Death.
    I have lived it and believe it to be true. Had some nesting just outside my window in the eaves.
    First the Crow's ate the baby Swallows. The mom and dad bred another batch and the little red Spiders got to them... Next year the birds did not come back so I knocked down the nest while cleaning the house exterior.
    One year later: Big fire...Have seen big Lightning... Waiting to poke my finger in Death's eye. Boy do those images of burnt cars bring back bad Deja Vu.

  2. Yet More Inductive Evidence Continuing To Build-Up For Obvious Conclusion(s)
    (Apollonian, 10 Nov 09)

    Incredible photos those are, truly. So there was a stupendous heat-wave produced by the conflagration of thermate explosives and incendiary material which achieved a tremendous "critical mass"--it sure couldn't have been mere jet fuel which leaked down fm original impact area.

    Judeo-conspiratorial perpetrators (MOSSAD, zionists, and "neo-cons") always considered they'd be able to suppress and "treat" all this info by means (a) of their mass-corporate "Jews-media" instrument, and (b) the continuing train of disasters and crises they would steadily produce to keep goyim and suckers ever-distracted and -diverted all along the way (Iraq war, Katrina disaster, and latest Pakistan incursions, etc.).

    There's no shortage of diversions--latest is Carrie Prejean's "sex-tape" production, I understand (no wonder they thought she'd be such excellent "representative").

    Meantime, as we see, the US Congress is totally bribed, bought, and paid-for by means of COUNTERFEIT machine (see RealityZone.com, TheMoneyMasters.com, and JudenFrei.org for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud), and anyone who gets out-of-line will be assassinated if necessary.

    CONCLUSION: Thank goodness for internet bloggers for the ONLY hope to collecting thought and evidence against ZOG-Mammon monster. Keep up ur good work, comrade Ken. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  3. Christ on a Bike, You tube removed that video? utter madness, but then again the ADL have total control of what gets censored on youtube. And if ti paints Israel in a bad light, then to the bin it goes......


  4. Great Photos. And in the midst of it all... a passport and a copy of the Koran.... fluttered down out of the sky, and landed un-harmed, in pristine condition.. to be discovered by the FBI.

  5. Yes, a huge fire and explosion that could melt steel, but not burn paper.

    Amazing, isn't it?

  6. only the things that came in contact with the massive amount of fuel from the two jets was severely burned, there were plenty of things from both buildings and all around the area that were not burned...and to the genius that made the comment about the passport and koran there were plenty of things that fluttered down unharmed from the sky...ask anyone that was there or better yet look closer at the pictures...seriously like yeah what really happened was me and a bunch of my american army buddies got drunk and decided to fly a few planes into some buildings and kill some people because we were bored...that is why someone else stepped forward and took credit for it...get a clue!

    1. You are either a seething idiot or a government troll/shill. You seriously believe that jet fuel did this? Good God, you/re dumb!

  7. Ah, the half burned vehicles or the scorched cars with pristine interiors. The laws of physics were truly suspended that day.

  8. The undamaged, unburned, passport. I think of it as the Magic Bullet from the JFK assassination. The Towers were some of the strongest structures ever built. Just to handle the massive weight, they were overbuilt. And here it is, a puny little jet hits one and it goes down. It just now reminds me of David and Goliath. A giant brought down by a little rock. Gee, who could have come up with a similar scenario? Oh, Israel, of course. Jet fuel burns at a low temperature and is considered safe to use, but it is rather oily and smoky. I have used it to burn weeds when I worked in agriculture.

    As for the burned and melted cars almost a mile away, that is evidence of a super weapon. It had to have come from the sky or space. I wonder what happened to Dr. Judy Wood? She explains a phenomenon she termed, Dustification. You can see evidence of that when the steel television tower disintegrates before your very eyes. Perhaps it was some kind of advanced Tesla weapon? John Hutchison, a self taught research scientist, has melted steel without heat in his lab. It is called The Hutchison Effect.