Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1991 Gulf War - The Prelude

I ran across my copies of the Tennessean from Jan. 17 & 18, 1991; the first two days of the first gulf war. They were still in plastic sleeves, unopened since those days. I scanned the article from the 18th and the 'liberation begins' graphic from the 17th. Open up the scans in a new tab for easier reading.

The propaganda was well set up for this war. The photo below from CNN reminds me of the fake broadcast that was leaked this year.

This war was just the beginning of much more to come.

From Jan. 17, 1991 to today this 'liberation' of Iraq has included over 1 million liberated from life and several million more liberated from their homes. The vast majority of the population has been liberated from a sane existence.

See: Was 1991 Gulf War a prelude to the 2003 Iraq debacle?

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  1. Excellent post above. How the hell can the sheep of this country keep buying these chicken-hawks BS properganda for war? There is another group of veterans who got the shaft from this government and its people. They came into the VAMC'S with complaints of a bad illness (Gulf War Syndrome) and were treated like sh_t and told to hit the bricks. Yet you got veterans who been in Uncle Sam BS wars that glorify his actions for power and greed. Go over to http://burnpit.legion.org/2009/11/the-legal-issues-involved-in-the-fort-hood-purple-heart-medal-discussions/comment-page-2/#comment-840 - a American Legion site and look at these Red, White, and Blue clones argue over whether those injured and killed at Fort Hood should get a purple heart.